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Hello all, I wanted to discuss the truth about BDSM communities and The Physiology of Play!

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The acronym B.D.S.M. was first published in a Usenet publication way back in 1991. At the time it was logically interpreted as a combination of the abbreviations B/D (Bondage and Discipline), D/s (Dominance and Submission) and S/M (Sadism and Masochism) which were shortened to the 4 letters we all know so well… BDSM. The term “Femdom” originated in the BDSM community in the late 20th century. It is a shortened form of “Female Domination.” If you’re familiar with my work, you’ve likely come across both these terms before!

What does BDSM mean and what’s the culture like.. and subcultures?

As an umbrella, catch-all phrase, BDSM covers a wide and varied range of activities, many different forms of interpersonal relationships (including those paid and those for pleasure), as well as distinct subcultures. Around the world these subcultures vary from region to region, their popularity dependent on nuances and differences between each language and cultural acceptance. You can even go further down the rabbit hole and find subcultures within subcultures… From leather daddies in the Dyke community, all the way through to TradWives on TikTok (yes, it is clearly a fetish, lol)

Kinky Ballet – Rope Play with Master and submissive and Dominant

In the BDSM world, we’ve used the terms submissive and dominant to distinguish these roles. The dominant partner, or in my case “Domme”, takes on psychological control over the submissive, or “sub”. There are other terms too, like “top” and “bottom”, and activity specific terms such as ‘Rigger’ and ‘bunny’ for rope play. The one at the top instigates an action, while the one at the bottom is the recipient. Think of it like a weird, kinky ballet – everyone has their part to play. But remember, these roles can be fluid and self-identification can be a hot topic of debate among BDSM participants. Although the inferior performs the action and the superior receives it, roles have not necessarily been exchanged.

The abbreviations sub and Dom are often used in place of submissive and Dominant. Sometimes the female-specific terms Mistress, Dominatrix, Domina and Domme are used to describe a Dominant woman, instead of the sometimes gender-neutral term Dominant, with Master and Dom usually referring to Dominant men. Individuals who transition from the superior/dominant role to the inferior/submissive role, either from one relationship to another or within a given relationship, are called switches.

At the heart of all of this, is a Power Play…

Power Inequality Increases the Experience Excitement with Implication.

I’d like to recognise that generally speaking, BDSM communities are super welcoming anyone with a non-normative streak who identifies with the community; it’s accepting to Queer folks, marginalised genders, body modification enthusiasts with tattoos and piercings, role-players, rubber fetishists and everything in between (so long as you’re respectful, understand and practice consent, and crucially, aren’t creepy).

In the BDSM community, the dynamics of activities and relationships often involve willing participants embracing complementary roles and recognising power imbalances. So, as I mentioned above, it’s really important that everyone involved gives ongoing, informed consent. While written agreements might not always be used, chatting about boundaries and building trust are paramount to having a good experience. I personally believe it’s crucial to establish a unique ‘safe word’ or phrase ahead of time for each relationship or casual play session. Whilst this may be forgone once you know and trust each other, it’s essential for first time encounters. This shared safe word should be highly respected, with the promise to never overlook or violate a partner’s trust. Anyone who doesn’t treat safe words with this respect aren’t welcome in the BDSM community very long.

The physiology of BDSM play

In this fun and exciting world of BDSM, the hormone Oxytocin – the chemical often associated with love and affection – plays a big part in bonding and savouring those shared moments between play partners. This special hormone linked to trust and desire can make a grand entrance during physical contact and the thrilling anticipation of BDSM play sessions. This chemical reaction supercharges the unique trust dynamics and respect for boundaries, which are the heart and soul of the BDSM community.

Read more of my articles on subjects close to my heart, and hopefully yours too.

Noradrenaline and Adrenaline – The Arousal Alerts

These hormone and neurotransmitter is linked to arousal and alertness. Increasing both your heart rate and blood pressure, they prepare your body for action and reaction. The excitement, desire, longing and nervousness my submissives may be feeling before their first session with me triggers the release of these. When both norepinephrine and adrenaline is released into the bloodstream, your delicious stress and excitement encourages a surge of the body’s “fight or flight” responses. Your energy levels will be overflowing as the hours countdown to play.

Cognitive Resource Allocation: The brain has a finite amount of cognitive resources at any given time. Excitement and anticipation can consume a significant portion of these resources, leading to a phenomenon known as “cognitive load.” When cognitive resources are focused on an upcoming event, there’s less available for other tasks, potentially impairing performance in work or other activities requiring concentration.

Have you ever considered why you fumble when you first arrive, or why you struggle to follow simple instructions given by your Domme? Now you know why.

The Impact of Excitement and Foreplay on Cognitive Load

This can also have an understandably impact on our emotional world as they do our psychological. Our emotions, such as excitement and anticipation, can significantly consume our thoughts, and even dreams and lucid daydreams. Often referred to as the “feel-good” neurotransmitter, dopamine is associated with pleasure, excitement, and the reward system in the brain. The anticipation of a rewarding experience, such as meeting for an arranged session at My play space, will lead to increased levels of dopamine.

For long distance or sporadic meetups, often the precursor to the event will involve a form of remote power play, your Domme may reward you with role playing over the phone, or via photo messaging. This kind of foreplay is a slow-burning build-up of sexual tension, and a sneak peek of the submission to come…

Cognitive Load: The Positive Rush and the Temporary Denial

Knowing all this as a submissive is interesting, but knowing this as Domme makes for excellent opportunities to tease and torment you further. When someone is deeply consumed by their desire for another person’s company or is eagerly anticipating a significant Dominant and Submissive session, it’s great fun to deliberately create challenging scenarios with the aim to ruin your concentration. For example, in long distance play sessions, perfectly timed my interruptions for your work commute, making you incapable of the most basic of rational decisions, and can inject some excitement into an otherwise boring day. When you hire a professional FemDom, remembering important information will temporarily be a struggle. They call it ‘mind fucking’, but really it’s monopolizing all your brain power, demanding a substantial portion of your focus. Your ability to process other, more boring stimuli or tasks will be overridden by thoughts of me.

Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Until next time,

Manchester Mistress Dominatrix BDSM Ashton Under Lyne Playspace Chambers Dungeon Fetish FemDom Kinky - 484
Manchester Mistress Expert Dominatrix Lola Ruin

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What is Subdrop? BDSM Sessions with Manchester Mistress Lola Ruin

What is Sub drop? Understanding and Coping with Subdrop

Subdrop is a physical and emotional experience that can occur after a period of intense BDSM play. Not too dissimilar to a hangover or a comedown, subdrop is often described as a ‘crash’. It can be characterised by feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, or physical exhaustion. As they say, what goes up must come down, and so after the intense high of a session, you may find yourself experiencing this drop.

In the BDSM community, Subdrop is a common experience and can be a confusing and difficult experience for those who experience it. It’s essential to understand what subdrop is and how to cope with it to maintain a healthy mind and to make the most of any BDSM session.

This experience can last from a few hours to a few days, depending on the individual and the intensity of the BDSM play. Subdrop can be caused by a variety of factors, including the depletion of hormones such as endorphins and adrenaline, the release of stress hormones such as cortisol, and the emotional intensity of BDSM play, not to mention how emotionally intense a scene can be.

Coping with Sub-drop, the Lola Ruin diary advice

If you experience subdrop, it is essential to take care of yourself and manage your emotions. Self-care activities can be a helpful way to manage subdrop. When you engage in activities that make you feel calm and relaxed, you can help your body and mind to recover from the intense experience of BDSM play. Many of the strategies below are self-care routines I personally use to help ease my own ‘Domme drop’ on the rare occasions I experience it. It may be worth experimenting with these, and even researching other self-care suggestions, so that you can hone your own self care routine based on what works best for you.

Online Resources – Podcasts and Video Discussions – Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism

Listening to radio shows and podcasts can be a helpful way to manage subdrop, especially if you enjoy learning new things. There are plenty of shows and podcasts that cover a wide range of topics, from science and history to pop culture and current events. A couple of my personal favourites include “Radiolab,” “99% Invisible” “This American Life,” or “The Blindboy Podcast”. All comforting and very entertaining, curling up with a podcast is a great way to self soothe.

Take Time to Rest and Relax, Self Care

One of the most important things you can do to cope with subdrop is to take the time to rest and relax. It’s important to give yourself a break from your usual routine. You can try making sure your diary is free of social engagements, taking a day off work or school, or simply taking a break from your daily activities. Allow yourself to sleep, rest, and relax, and avoid overexerting yourself physically or emotionally. I highly recommend taking an extra long bath in a dimly lit bathroom with candles and incense after any BDSM sessions, which can help you float back down into reality and really calm your mind and body. Taking time to do nothing except be in the present moment can help your body and mind to recover from the intense experience of BDSM play.

Gentle Exercise

I am a huge fan of yoga (in particular hot yoga), as nothing quite calms my brain like stretching in a room that feels like I’m on a tropical beach. Not only can a gentle exercise like yoga help you physically by improving flexibility, strength and balance, but it can also help relieve physical tension and pain, which is particularly beneficial for those who have experienced intense BDSM play. Mentally, yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, and promote a sense of calm and relaxation, as well as improve focus and concentration, all of which can be helpful in managing emotions and coping with subdrop. Practicing yoga regularly can also improve overall physical and mental well-being, making it a beneficial self-care activity for anyone in the BDSM community.

I especially love the ‘Asana Rebel’ yoga app, and YouTube has a wealth of guided classes, with ‘Yoga With Adriene’ and ‘Kino MacGregor’ being my personal favourite. Having said that, nothing quite beats an in-person hot yoga class!


Generations ago, the Edwardian and Victorian eras in the UK played a significant role in shaping the development and exploration of BDSM practices. Although the specific details and experiences of BDSM during this time may be difficult to prove, it’s obvious that there was a presence of BDSM activities.

In today’s modern and electronic-led society, it’s worth reflecting that hundreds of years ago, subdrop discussions were not commonplace, which contrasts the increased acceptance in modern society today. Reach out to your partner or trusted friends within the BDSM community. Talk about your feelings and experiences to gain support and understanding. Communication is key in navigating the complex emotions that can arise from BDSM activities. Opening up about your subdrop can help you feel heard and validated.

Meditation is a self-care activity that involves training your mind to focus and concentrate. It can be a helpful tool for those coping with subdrop, as it can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, and promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Through regular meditation practice, you can learn to manage your emotions and thoughts more effectively, which can be particularly beneficial after intense BDSM play.

Meditation can take many forms, including guided meditation, mindfulness meditation, and transcendental meditation. It’s essential to find a meditation practice that works for you and to make it a regular part of your self-care routine. You can start by setting aside a few minutes each day to meditate, gradually increasing the amount of time you spend meditating as you become more comfortable with the practice.

I am a fan of the ‘Insight Timer’ app for my meditation practise, which allows you to search for guided sessions or background music by length, and tracks your progress over time (I especially love gong ‘sound baths’). Spotify also has some fantastic meditation playlists if you already have an account there.

Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

Although we already covered setting aside time to rest and relax, it feels important to have a section just on the importance of long term good sleep hygiene. Sleep is crucial for the body to recover and recharge. When you sleep, your body repairs and regenerates tissue, builds bone and muscle, and strengthens the immune system. Sleep also plays a vital role in regulating mood and emotional stability, which can be particularly important for those who experience subdrop.

Lack of sleep can have a significant impact on physical and emotional health. It can lead to fatigue, irritability, decreased cognitive function, and impaired motor skills. It can also contribute to the development of anxiety and depression, which can exacerbate the emotional effects of subdrop.

To get a good night’s sleep, it’s important to prioritize sleep hygiene. This includes establishing a regular sleep schedule, creating a sleep-conducive environment, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, and engaging in relaxation techniques before bed. As a life long sufferer of insomnia, I cannot recommend getting a good night time routine nailed down in order to be your best self, both in and outside of sessions.

Importance of A Balanced Diet

The food that we eat has a direct impact on our physical and emotional health, and it’s important to prioritize healthy eating habits to manage subdrop effectively. The gut and the brain are closely connected, and the food that we eat can have a significant impact on our mood and emotions.

Whilst indulging in comfort junk food may feel good in the moment, but it can contribute to feelings of sluggishness and lethargy, which can exacerbate the emotional effects of subdrop. Whilst it may feel good to treat yourself to comfort food, try to balance that indulgence with more nutritious, ‘greens heavy’ meals that provide the body with the nutrients it needs to recover from intense BDSM play. This includes eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. You may also want to consider adding some multivitamins in your diet. And of course, make sure you are staying extra hydrated!

By prioritising healthy eating habits and balancing indulgent foods with nutritious meals, you can improve your physical and emotional health and recover from intense BDSM play more effectively.

Getting Out in Nature

This is truly one of my favourite and most effective ways I manage my mood after intense BDSM sessions. Whether it’s taking a long walk in the woods, visiting a natural beauty spot, or even just caring for your own garden and houseplants, spending time amongst nature can help ground you and calm your mind. Nature has been shown to have a positive impact on mental health, reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. It can also help improve focus and concentration, which can be helpful in managing emotions and coping with subdrop.

Gardening is another way to connect with nature and yourself. Caring for plants can be a meditative and calming activity and can also provide a sense of accomplishment. Gardening can be done indoors or outdoors, and can be adapted to fit any space or skill level. If there is very little greenery near your home, consider making some by delving into ‘Guerilla Gardening’. This was my own little passion project for 2023, and I am so looking forward to seeing all the native poppies and cornflower seeds I scattered in some nearby wasteland start to appear when next spring rolls around.

Escaping into Media

Escaping into some of your media can be another helpful way to manage subdrop. When you engage with media that makes you feel good, you can help distract yourself from negative feelings and process your emotions in a healthy way. This escapism could include…

Feel Good Films and TV Shows

Watching feel-good films and TV shows can be a helpful way to manage subdrop. These types of media can provide a sense of comfort and familiarity, which can be particularly beneficial when you’re feeling emotionally vulnerable. Some feel-good f TV shows I’m a personal fan of include “Queer Eye”, “Feel Good” “Abbott Elementary”, and for films some of my best comfort watches include “Amelie”, “Mrs Doubtfire” and of course “Back To The Future”. Uplifting and family friendly types of shows can provide a sense of escapism and help you feel better after intense BDSM play.

Favourite Books

Reading your favourite books can be a helpful way to manage subdrop. When you engage with a book that you love, you can immerse yourself in a different world and take your mind off negative feelings. Whether you prefer fiction or non-fiction, there are plenty of books that can provide comfort and entertainment after intense BDSM play. This may also be a good time to delve into ‘self-help’ books, which may also help you feel empowered and lift your spirits. This could include re-reading your all time favourite novel, or you could treat yourself and grab something new from this list.

Journaling as a Self-Care Practice

Journaling is a popular self-care activity that involves writing down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a journal or notebook.

One popular journaling technique which I love is called “morning pages,” which was developed by Julia Cameron in her book “The Artist’s Way.” Morning pages involve writing three pages of longhand, stream-of-consciousness writing first thing in the morning. This technique can help you clear your mind and process your emotions, setting you up for a more productive and focused day.

Journaling can also be a helpful way to track your progress and identify patterns in your thoughts and behaviors. By keeping a record of your experiences, you can gain insight into your emotional responses and develop strategies to manage subdrop more effectively.

Environmental Self-Care

When experiencing an emotional low, it can be helpful to pour some energy into cleaning and tidying your environment. Clutter in your home can lead to clutter in your brain, and taking the time to organize and clean your space can help you feel more in control and calm.Start by identifying one area of your home that could benefit from tidying up. This could be a closet, a kitchen counter, or even just a small corner of a room. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and focus on cleaning up that area. Get rid of any items that you no longer need or use, and find a specific place for everything else.

I recommend that you spend some time tidying and making your home extra welcoming for yourself before any BDSM session, as you may just want to rest afterwards.

If You Subdrop Doesn’t Shift, Consider Seeking Professional Help

It’s very unlikely that a BDSM session alone will cause your mental health to deteriorate significantly (so long as you are cautious about who you are serving), however, if you are experiencing severe or prolonged subdrop, or if you are struggling to cope with your emotions, it’s imperative that you seek professional help and table any future sessions until you feel better. Consider reaching out to a therapist or counsellor who is knowledgeable about BDSM and kink, and who can help you process your emotions and develop coping strategies. I highly recommend Pink Therapy, which allows you to search for kink positive therapists. A therapist can work with you to develop a plan to manage any lows, including subdrop, and improve your mental health. They can also provide you with tools and resources to help you cope with your emotions and improve your overall well-being.

As well as therapy, seeing your doctor for medication can be very helpful in managing long-standing mental health issues as they help regulate brain chemistry and improve symptoms such as anxiety and depression. Most scientific studies point to a combination of both therapy and medication being the best way to improve mental health, so if you find that poor mental health is affecting your ability to enjoy BDSM, it’s well worth considering.

Subdrop can be a challenging experience, but it is a normal and common occurrence in the BDSM community. Just being aware of it, and reminding yourself that this is only temporary whilst your brain and body re-balances itself after an intense BSDM session can help take a lot of the sting out of it.

By taking the time to be extra gentle to yourself, engaging in self-care activities, and reaching out for support when you need it, you can manage your subdrop and emerge stronger and more resilient on the other side. Remember that self-care is essential to your well-being, and that it is okay to take the time you need to recover after BDSM play. By taking care of yourself, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of BDSM while minimizing the risks of subdrop.

Until next time,

Manchester Mistress Dominatrix BDSM Ashton Under Lyne Playspace Chambers Dungeon Fetish FemDom Kinky - 484
Manchester Mistress Expert Dominatrix Lola Ruin

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British BDSM Mistress in Manchester – Dominatrix Lola Ruin

No matter what the motivation may be for entering the realm of kink, whether that means hoping to being an established long term D/s dynamic or simply wanting to experience some incredible Pro Dominatrices talents for yourself, it is vital that you research and approach them correctly. Picking the right Mistress for you is a process which shouldn’t be taken lightly if you want to have the best possible connection.

So, where to begin?

Step 1. Live Out Your Fantasy, Desire and Satisfaction takes Planning

Selecting a Professional Dominatrix involves numerous considerations, from her preferences and equipment to your own budget and desires. It’s crucial that the Mistress you visit has facilities and skills compatible with your fantasies if you want to get the most out of your experience.

But first, let’s get some less exciting logistics out of the way…

Step 2: The Best Mistresses Demand A Big Budget

I have regular submissives who are based 10 minutes from my playspace, and regulars who fly each time they see me, but of course the latter is not feasible for everyone.

Whilst I do not recommend ruling a Dominatrix out solely for budgetary or location reasons, especially someone who is ideal for you in every other way, it is important to consider and may help you narrow your search before you even begin. In my opinion, your PERFECT Dominatrix is worth saving up for and travelling to, but you need to make sure that is a commitment you can make before applying to serve.

Visit Manchester and immerse yourself in the world of sensual domination with the captivating and skilled Mistress Lola Ruin. Your journey into the realm of pleasure and submission awaits in the vibrant city of Manchester.

Experience the thrill of stress-relieving fun in Manchester as you submit to the captivating charm of Lola Ruin, the leading Mistress of Mistresses. From all corners of the world, slaves of diverse backgrounds find themselves devoted to her the moment they set eyes on her. In her custom-built Playspace in Tameside, she masterfully controls and engages in Power Exchange, fulfilling your deepest desires.

Lola Ruin is not just any Dominatrix; she is renowned for her expertise in sensual domination, earning her the title of the most desired Mistress in Manchester. With over 7 years of experience, Lola possesses both professional and lifestyle skills, making her a dominant force in the BDSM scene. She has a deep understanding of kink and acknowledges that for many submissives, their sessions with her are therapeutic and cathartic.

Unlike other harsh and cruel Mistresses, Lola Ruin takes a sensual approach to BDSM. She gently guides her submissives, whispering promises of reward or threats of penalty along the way. Her private Manchester dungeon Playspace is a luxurious haven filled with every kinky accessory imaginable. Here, your desires are not only explored but expanded under the guidance of this stunning Dominatrix.

Lola Ruin offers a range of specialist fetish services, including Ruined Orgasms, Foot Worship, Sensual Domination, and Slave Training. As a well-known filming Manchester Dominatrix, she even provides the option of capturing your session in Full HD, creating a lasting memento of your time with her.

Dungeon Room – Manchester Playspace Aligned Sexual Desires and Interests

Now, something a little more fun. Exactly what is it you hope to explore during your BDSM session? Do you have specific fetish itches you want scratched, such as latex or foot worship? Have you got a preference for a particular roleplay dynamic, for example a Headmistress scenario which would require a more domestic setting as opposed to a dungeon room? And crucially, what about the style of the Mistress… do you pine for someone cruel and unrelenting, or would you prefer a Mistress who is sensual and playful?

The scene is big and varied, and it’s likely you will not only find wonderful Dominatrixes who cater for your particular kinks and style of play, but that specialise in them.

Whilst most Professional Dominatrices have access to an arsenal of equipment, looking at your list of activities, bear in mind what facilities and skills your Mistress would need to have to make those fantasies a reality. If you’re a sissy, then you may want to consider someone with a large wardrobe of feminisation clothes in varying sizes. If you have a penchant for bondage, then consider if you need a Mistress with a vac-bed, suspension rig and/or shibari training. Are you looking for a longer session, such as an extended experience or overnight? Then you will need to approach a Mistress who is able to accommodate that.

Now, look back over your entire plan… your budget and location preferences, your kinks and interests, your preferred style and specialities, and any niche or special requirements. This is a good time to reflect on how much ‘flexibility’ you have for each of these desires, and consider whether is it absolutely imperative, or simply a preference you’d be happy to compromise on for the right Dominatrix.

For example, would you travel further for a Dominatrix who listed your favourite kink as a specialty? Will it make or break your session to experience something specialist like a latex vacbed, or would that just be a bonus? All of this will influence who you approach, and the more clear you are with yourself about your desires, the more likely it is you will find a Dominatrix to match them.

Step 3: Search Terms Online That Match Your Desires and Geographical Location

Now you have a rough idea of location and a better idea of what kind of Dominatrix you’d like to submit to, I advise beginning on Google and jumping straight in. The majority of visitors to my website find me directly by searching organically like this, so it’s a perfect place to start. Let’s say for example you have decided you want to serve a Dominatrix in my own City of Manchester. Here are some popular search terms you can try, simply swapping out my city for yours:

‘Mistress in Manchester’ or ‘Manchester Mistress’
Dominatrix in Manchester’ or ‘Dominatrix Manchester’
Domme in Manchester’ or ‘Manchester Domme’
‘FemDom in Manchester’ or ‘Manchester ‘FemDom’

Or alternatively, you could search for your particular kinks if they are specific enough. For example; ‘Foot Worship Manchester’ or ‘Manchester Foot Worship’ or ‘Foot Worship In Manchester’
‘Orgasm Control Manchester’ or ‘Manchester Orgasm Control’ or ‘Orgasm Control In Manchester’
‘Edging Manchester’ or ‘FemDom Edging Manchester’

Or, if there is a particular activity or specialist equipment you are dying to try, you can search for that too;‘ Venus 2000 Manchester’ or ‘Venus 2000 Mistress Manchester’
‘Chastity Manchester’ or ‘Manchester Chastity’
using related keywords similar to: Manchester, Dominatrix, Mistress, Lola Ruin, Sensual Domination, BDSM, Playspace, Submissive, Kink, Fetish, Ruined Orgasms, Foot Worship, Slave Training, Filmed Sessions, Stress-relieving fun, Power Exchange, Custom-built, Tameside, Expertise, Cathartic, Bespoke Domination, Private Dungeon, Luxury, Submissives, Pleasure, Submission,

Slight variations on your search terms will bring up different results, but generally near the top you will often find ‘Directories’. These are worth delving into, alongside any individual Mistress sites Google throws at you.

Up To Date Adult Directory Contact Information

Once upon a time between the fall of contact magazines and the rise of social media, this was how most submissives found their Domme. Despite falling a little out of favour in recent years as Mistresses have grown more search engine and social media savvy, they are still worth browsing. Often ordered by location, it’s a great overview of who is available in specific areas, and many will also list specialities and even contact details.

However, if you find a Mistress on a directory, then be sure that isn’t where your search ends. I strongly recommend doing much more research than simply stumbling across a photo directory and contacting immediately, if you want to have the best session possible. Many of these directories may be out of date, and none will give you the ‘full picture’ of what a particular Dominatrix can offer you. However, if location is paramount to you, then it’s often a good place to begin. Follow the links listed on these directories to go and read their own websites.

If you find that despite both searching organically on Google and looking through Dominatrix Directories, you still haven’t found your ideal Domme, then unfortunately you may need to search further afield than your chosen location. Consider nearby major cities which are easily accessible to you, as most have a thriving FemDom scene, even if it’s a little more far than you hoped for!

Step 4. Read About Services from a professional dominatrix, equipment, adult toys and custom made accessories

By now, you have probably discovered a few professional Mistress websites, which is the perfect place to research their individual ethos, equipment, and style. Whilst no doubt many of you perverts will jump straight to the gallery page, I recommend taking note of the other available pages and pouring over each one.

Specifically, there will likely be far more revealing information on certain pages. Using my own website as an example, I’d recommend the most important pages for potential submissives to spend time on are About, Fetishes, Sessions, Testimonials and Blog

  1. About (alternatively named ‘Ethos’, ‘Philosophy’, ‘Approach’…)
    This page will give you a good introduction to Mistresses style and interests. As you read… does it speak to you? Do you feel like the two of you would click and have fantastic D/s chemistry? If you’re looking for a cruel, unrelenting Dominatrix, consider whether they have used those words, or similar (stern, foreboding, traditional). Likewise, if you’re hoping to meet a more sensual Mistress, look for words like ‘playful’, ‘seductive’, etc. This will generally give you a good idea of whether you would enjoy submitting to this particular Dominatrix.
  2. Fetishes (alternatively named ‘Sessions’, ‘Services’, ‘Interests’, ‘Kinks’…)
    This page tends to be more focused in exactly what Mistress is comfortable and capable of offering. It’s generally a list, or in my case, is grouped into certain ‘categories’ which captures whole areas of interest/related kinks. Here, you want to make sure that the Dominatrix offers the fantasies you are hoping to fulfil. This page will also generally include ‘off limit’ activities, and it’s always worth scanning this to make sure you are not asking for something which isn’t provided. You may also find details of both equipment and specialities here.
  1. Sessions (alternatively called ‘Rates’, ‘Tribute’…)
    Here is where you will find all the different possibilities in terms of BDSM sessions on offer, alongside their costs. Not all Mistresses publish their tributes, in which case you should contact them directly to ask what tribute they require in order to see you.
  2. Testimonials (alternatively called ‘Reviews’…)
    If a Dominatrix self publishes testimonials from her submissives, then here is where you can start to get a real flavour of what it would be like to submit. Many of my subs said that they loved delving into the stories of my previous subs experiences. If you are a novice and feeling nervous about potentially submitting to a Dominatrix, you may well find it helps to allay any concerns about booking yourself, if you can see how others experiences have been.
  3. Blog (alternatively called ‘News’, ‘Updates’…)
    Once again, this is another great page to a get a flavour for the personality of a Mistress. Whilst more traditional ‘advertising’ copy may be used on her ‘About’ page, here is a chance to see some more long form writing. I am always surprised by how many of my submissives say it was my blog, more so than any other page of my website, which made them know I was the right Mistress for them.

Whilst I believe these tend to be the most informative and revealing pages of a Professional Mistress website, ideally you should spend time going through each and every page, especially if you are thinking of submitting a formal application to serve. Try to glean as much information as possible about your potential Dominatrix before you apply, so as to make the best first impression possible (more on that in a future blog post…). However, browsing through the pages I have listed will give you a really good idea of whether this is the right Professional Dominatrix for you.

Over the years I have spent time helping men understand what’s available, I document personal events and write articles, find more here:

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Once you have spent a good while pursuing a Dommes website, take a look to see if there are links to social media profiles listed. If you find them, then we can move onto the next step…

Step 5. Manchester Social Media Prescence – Submissive Slaves Research Their Perfect Domme

Whilst BDSM sessions can make for a wonderful experience for a submissive, it’s vital that you approach only those who seem to be both professional and serious practitioners. Of course it can be exciting gallery hopping and looking at pretty Dominant ladies… but without fully researching them, it is difficult to gage personality, skill, and experience level from sexy photos alone.

So, after Google, Directories and Websites, where should you look next? I recommend then researching even more by clicking on any social media icons or links listed on a Dominatrix website (for example, you can find icons to my own social media profiles in the top right corner on desktop, and in the footer of each page on mobile)


In particular you should look out for a link to Twitter or a ‘bird’ icon. Twitter is by far the most friendly and popular social media platform for Mistresses, due to it being one of the only one that allows explicit/adult material. Whilst Instagram is also popular, it remains more hostile and Mistresses will often lose their accounts unknowingly, so don’t be disheartened should you stumble across a broken link.

Whilst many Mistresses do not allow messaging or DM function on their social media profiles, viewing or following their accounts will give you a glimpse into both their lives and persona. They’ll likely have not only more photos in general than on their website, but more recent photos too. Take some time to browse their profile, and see if you believe you’d have chemistry. Social media is the perfect place for Professional Mistresses to demonstrate their skills, experience and professionalism, as well as their personality and style. It’s (usually) a window to something a little more relatable and dynamic than a website alone.

A Note On Catfish Accounts

Unfortunately, all social media platforms have become rife with fake accounts posing as Professional Dominatrixes. They will often use stolen photos of established Mistresses, and they post incredibly convincingly. Beware of these fraudulent accounts. They are simply trying to extort money from you when you’re in a moment of horniness by using the names and likeness of established practitioners.

Should you find a Mistress on a social media website, be sure to click through their listed links until you find their website, and verify that the website does indeed lead to the same social media profile. Be cautious if they don’t have a website, or a wider presence across the internet. Take note of the username… is it a unique name, or is it anonymised such as ‘Mist012345’? Be extra cautious and make sure you research every Dominatrix you are considering sending money to.

So, let’s say you have spent some time pouring over a website and then their social media profile, and they seem perfect for you and who you would love to approach. What do I recommend you do next?

Step 6. Online Dominatrix Videos, Order Personalised Videos, Record our Playspace Sessions Together

By now, you should have noticed a pattern. My key piece of advice when you are looking for a Professional Dominatrix to serve, is to DO YOUR RESEARCH. That means putting time, and in this final step maybe even money, towards your search for your perfect Mistress.

My final piece of advice and truthfully my top tip for researching your chosen Mistress is, before you even think about applying, take some time to see if this particular Mistress has either clipstores like Clips4sale or IWantClips, or a fansite like OnlyFans or LoyalFans. They may even post short, free previews to PornHub.

A Small Investment – View and Order Fantasy Play Clips

An hour session with me costs almost 20 times what the majority of my clips cost to purchase, or what it costs for an entire month subscription on my LoyalFans. Pretty much any Mistress who films will have a similar price discrepancy between their in person fantasy play and their content. If you are seriously considering serving a particular Mistress, and paying the large tribute required to do some, a $10 clip to really gage their style is a tiny investment in your own pleasure.

I highly recommend browsing their back catalogues, picking a clip that speaks to your fetishes, and buying it. Even if you don’t usually enjoy watching clips for fun, this will be a good indication of their style of play, which no amount of website copy or social media posts can convey. If they specialise in your personal kinks, then you should have ample content to choose from.

Either you will find that this particular Domme doesn’t gel with your fantasies as well as you thought they may have, and you will have saved yourself 20 times the cost of a session, or they really are as perfect as all your previous research led you to believe (and the clip will get you excited for your upcoming meet!)

A Final Note

It is vital that you take your time to find someone compatible with you, if you want to have the best session possible, regardless of whether you believe this will be a one-off session, or the start of a long-term D/s dynamic. The more information you have researched about a Mistress the more likely it is you know they will be a good chemistry match for you, that they specialise in exactly what you are hoping to explore, and that they have the right skills and experience to honour that for you. By the same logic, the less time you spend researching, the more likely you will submit to a Dominatrix who is incompatible with your desires and the more likely you are to make a bad first impression.

Research is key.

Until next time,

Manchester Mistress Dominatrix BDSM Ashton Under Lyne Playspace Chambers Dungeon Fetish FemDom Kinky - 484
Manchester Mistress Expert Dominatrix Lola Ruin

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Manchester Mistress: BDSM is therapuetic, it is not therapy

For those of you loyal readers who have been following Me for a while, you will remember that I have previously written on the therapeutic value of BDSM. It can be, in many ways, an incredibly healing and valuable experience. However I have and will always maintain that there should be a clear distinction between BDSM as a therapeutic experience and actual therapy. Today's blog is going to delve deep into the reasons why I believe such a distinction is so important.

Dominatrix, Domme and Sub: BDSM is Catharsis, Not Counselling

The emotional and physical catharsis gained from kink is undeniable. Having orgasms, relinquishing your sense of control, being beaten… these are all things which release numerous chemicals in the brain, flooding you with feel good chemicals which can make people feel fantastic. BDSM can be incredibly cathartic as a practice, and can give people both the physical and emotional space to engage in difficult topics or feelings, but it is not the same as undergoing genuine mental health treatment.

For people suffering from mental health problems, especially those stemming from trauma, medical and psychological treatment is vital. Can reframing a traumatic event under the guise of an experienced Dominatrix feel cathartic? Absolutely. Is it a substitute for actually unpacking trauma with a licensed psychotherapist? Absolutely not.

BDSM in Manchester - Tameside Playspace - Kink As A Form Of Self Care

There are many activities that can provide a general sense of wellbeing and calm when undertaken regularly, such as daily exercise, meditation, and yoga, and it is important to carve out time in your life to dedicate solely to pleasure and self care. But most people would rightly scoff at the suggestion that someone dealing with mental health issues should simply go for a run, or do some asanas. Leigh Cowart in Hurts So Good, her book chronicling the human practice of engaging with pain on purpose, considers BDSM as a tool to be exercised for personal growth. And, as kink is such an exhilarating experience, it is much closer to the earlier forms of self care I mentioned above than it is to actual therapy. There is nothing wrong with taking a holistic approach to your own well being, in fact I encourage it! But the very first and most important piece of that puzzle should always be with a professional therapist.

The entire ethos of risk aware consensual kink is that you must think carefully about what types of risks are involved in any activity. There is always risk involved in BDSM, whether physical, emotional, or mental. To treat kink as therapy when you are not a trained therapist means you are choosing treatment for yourself without understanding what impacts it may have on you.

Sub Domination, Masculinity, and the Freedom To Seek Treatment

The wider social stigma around mental health and seeking treatment is lessening thanks to many people speaking out about it so openly and honestly, however that does not negate the fact that people are still generally not socialised to be very open about their mental health. Men in particular are given the message that they should just get on with it, and forego expressing or even feeling their feelings freely. Men are told to ‘man up’ and ‘deal with it’ – a toxic form of masculinity which will often deter them from seeking professional help.

On the flip side to that however, men are massively encouraged to be ‘sexually successful’. To see exploration of sex as a key component of being ‘A Real Man’. Is the coupling of these two messages why so many men instead seek support from professional sex workers than licensed psychotherapists? The message that men can and/or should replace genuine treatment and support from mental health professionals by engaging in BDSM further drives home the idea that they should ignore their emotions and instead focus on their sexual identity. This is incredibly harmful and disrespectful to men as fully formed emotional beings, and trust me when I say it is not a healthy approach to your own mental health, sexuality or relationships.

Manchester Playspace for BDSM: Your Play Is Not Your Therapy from your Domme

For those who play within their intimate relationships, including the ones you pay for, it is imperative to remember that your play partner is not your therapist. If you feel that the kink you engage in helps your well being and brings you a sense of calm, that’s awesome. But, as mentioned above, people without specific mental health training are unequivocally not qualified to prescribe a form of treatment to either themselves or anyone else.

Requiring that your intimate partner be responsible for your mental health via the play you share is not only an unfair burden, but a very unhealthy dynamic for the both of you. By assuming that their participation in your play will mitigate or even resolve your struggles, you are setting them an impossible task, and trust me when I say it will eventually put a huge strain on them and on your relationship.

Your Manchester Mistress Dom/me Is Not Your Therapist

Continuing on from that, BDSM professionals are not therapists (and any one who acts like they are should look like a giant, waving red flag to you). It is perfectly normal to feel very close to the Professional Dom/me you are serving, regardless of whether that’s through long term servitude or within the confines of a single session. It’s also perfectly normal to want to share yourself with them. Opening up emotionally can feel very natural when you have not only shared but also indulged in your sexy secrets together.

However it is also important to remember that a Professional Dom/me is there to provide a specific BDSM experience, and not to act as a surrogate therapist. To ignore this and not respect the boundaries of a BDSM session is unhealthy and toxic for all involved, and has the potential to harm or trigger both of you. I would caution any submissive to be very wary of any Dom/me who advertises their sessions as therapy, unless they can provide specific evidence of credentials. Even then, therapists maintain very clear boundaries between themselves and their clients for the wellbeing of both parties. For a Dom/me to claim their sessions are literally therapy, or an appropriate substitute for it, is to my mind highly unethical.

Lola Ruin Articles - Tips for Dommes, Ruined Oragasm and BDSM Dominatrix in Manchester

Final Thoughts

In Summary, you cannot work through or process mental health struggles or trauma only through engaging in BDSM practices. They can certainly help reframe certain contexts or scenarios as positive by providing people with the chance to form new pathways.  They can help people to feel a greater sense of embodiment or autonomy. They can enable people to develop emotional and mental resilience and flexibility. They can also bring a much needed release from the pressures of life.

However, deciding that you will forego the support and treatment of a doctor or licensed therapist, who has spent years in training to help you, in order to opt for BDSM sessions, is irresponsible. I say this as someone with a degree in psychology (and who once upon a time wanted to become a therapist, before I discovered whips and chains), and as a Dominatrix with over a decade of professional play under my belt. I, like most Dom/mes, am not qualified to help you unpack trauma.

BDSM is a wonderful experience and practice, but when considering approaches to treating mental health your favourite professional BDSM practitioner should be at the very bottom of the list of professionals to seek help from - after properly licensed and accredited mental health professionals, therapists, counsellors, and doctors. 

Until next time,

Manchester Mistress Dominatrix BDSM Ashton Under Lyne Playspace Chambers Dungeon Fetish FemDom Kinky - 484
Manchester Mistress Expert Dominatrix Lola Ruin

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My Top Tips For New Dommes

My Top Tips For New Dommes...

By MistressLolaRuin November 26th, 2021

Among the many changes brought about by recent events, the sudden explosion of new workers entering the world of sex work has been one of the most noticeable. Largely due to the vast number of people who needed a way to make money from their own homes turning to OnlyFans, this expansion has spread out to other areas of sex work.

The world of Domination calls to many, and those of Us who are established in our field will often be inundated with requests for advice on the industry - how to enter it, where to start, and how to be successful. As someone who was once a young beginner, it is now important to Me that I offer the same generosity of spirit that was afforded to Me. Without the guidance of established and wiser Dommes teaching me the ropes, I would not be where I am today. There is a lot to learn for new Dommes, but my top 5 tips for those of you who are brand new to the industry would be as follows;

Choose A Unique Name

First, you need to choose a name. Your Domina name should reflect the essence of the domination you will offer to the world. It should also be unique. Not only so that you stand out and are easily identifiable for the submissives who wish to serve you, but also because choosing a name already belonging to an established Domina is considered extremely poor form in the world of BDSM. There is no need to copy someone more successful than you, and if you try, all that means is that you will struggle to compete online against the very Domme you have copied. After all, she's already there and has her territory is carved out. Better that you choose a name that is entirely your own so that you can forge your own unique brand. This will not only help submissives to recognise you, but will help when it comes to online marketing and search engine optimisation.

I say this as someone who made this very mistake... Lola is common name amongst sex workers, and I wish I had chosen something more original. However, I've worked long and hard and I've made it work for me (with the help of a second name Ruin). Anyone who chooses either the name Lola or Ruin now is going to face an uphill struggle against me and the internet presence I have been slowly building for a decade.

Choose a first and a last name, something which reflects you and your style of Domination, and do some research to make sure no one else is using it! The last thing you want to do is cause friction with other Dommes and create a lot more work for yourself as you try to compete down the line.

Research Kinks

Second, research. There are as many flavours of kink as there are kinky people. You will need to have a strong grounding in a wide variety of kinks and fetishes to begin with. Consider the variety of fetishes there are: ABDL to sounding to whipping to tie and tease. Also consider how each of these may fit better with different archetypes of Domination: Stern Mommy, Teasing Goddess, Evil Nurse, Cruel Dominatrix. Once you are familiar with them, then you can then begin to identify which ones you can cater to, how to do so safely, and which ones you won't be able to offer, either because they don't fit in with your archetype or because you do not have the safety training or equipment.

Even if you are only planning to produce online content, a convincing and skillful video requires a thorough knowledge of the fetish or act being described or portrayed. Producing a 'latex fetish' clip when you are actually wearing PVC will not win you any fans in either the Domination or submissive community. Submissives care deeply about their fetishes, and it is important you portray them accurately.

Read as many blogs and books as you can, attend workshops, pay for content or sessions to educate yourself. Some Dommes may even be happy to mentor you or allow you to shadow them, however you should consider they may well charge for their time. Try to soak up as much information as possible, and don't offer anything you don't yet know how to do safely. Later on you can hone down into your specialities, but to begin with I recommend just being a sponge for knowledge.

Have Clear Boundaries And Stick To Them

Fourth, and it is important you think about this one carefully, boundaries. Your boundaries as a Domme will not spring out fully formed like Athena from the head of Zeus, you need to consider them in detail after the research you did in step two. What are you comfortable doing, what services are you comfortable providing, what avenues of communication are you going to offer submissives? Your boundaries will, over time and with experience, naturally shift and evolve. That's normal, and a regular check in with yourself every so often will help you to keep track of how your internal world is adapting. It is vital however that you remember that the only person who can shift or alter these boundaries is you. Not a submissive or their wallet.

No matter what your boundaries are, there will be submissives who will try to push them. They will ask to sleep with you, they will beg you to offer fetishes you don't, they will contact you at ungodly hours and pour out their hearts and souls as though you are the only person in the world who could help them (apparently therapists don't exist). Be prepared for how you will respond when they do.

And then there will be some who will do all of the above but with an attachment of very tempting cash. You will have to decide what you are comfortable with, but trust me when I say that no amount of money is worth you feeling like you have betrayed yourself. Every single time I've flexed on my boundaries, I've regretted it, mostly because submissives who do not respect your boundaries are not good submissives. Your time, energy and well being is precious and you should protect it, even when a cash injection looks tempting.

Diversify Your Income

Third, diversify how you make your money. While everyone has strengths and preferences, a Domme who only produces content for one specific niche on one specific platform will quickly run into trouble when the payment processors ban that fetish, or the platform is shut down. As we saw when Onlyfans banned explicit adult content, there is no guarantee that a platform will be available to you forever. And as we saw during the pandemic, even relying solely on sessions is not a good idea (although I very much hope another pandemic is not on the horizon!)

If working online, make sure your work across a range of different platforms so that your brand can reach a wider audience and you have options in case a pesky credit card decides to refuse to work with a particular website. And if you work solely offline, consider opening a fan club just to supplement your session income. Being able to turn a side hustle into a main hustle is much easier than suddenly having to learn a brand new way of working under financial pressure. No one wants to be stuck with no income at short notice.

A quick side note about New Girl Money... when you first come onto the scene, you may find yourself inundated and making more money than ever before. Do not rely on this to last forever, because quite often that initial rush will dry up and then it can take years to really hone your hustle. I know it can be tempting to blow all that new cash on a bunch of Louboutins, but do not be frivolous. Until you are more established and the flow of sessions is more predictable, it pays to be frugal and just keep reinvesting in your business. New Girl Money can end abruptly, so plan ahead for those rainy days!

Schedule Both Work And Down Time

Fifth, scheduling. It is a truth universally acknowledged among all self employed people that it is dangerously easy to work non-stop. Id say this is especially true for Dominatrixes, as our work tends not just to be our work, but also our lifestyles. There's always more work to be done, you will find your to do list only ever gets bigger, and that can easily lead to finding yourself working into the early hours after everyone else has gone to bed. The work that we do is intensive and can take a lot of energy, and once burn out has gotten it's claws into you, it can become the most difficult job in the world. Self care is paramount to avoid that, so schedule in your working hours and stick to them. Schedule in full days off, and make them non-negotiable. No submissive and no amount of money is worth your well being, and when you have a schedule, your submissives will learn to work around you.

I know this can be difficult, especially when you see established Dommes doing everything all the time making it look easy. But here is a secret... many established Dommes have hired help. I personally have 3 different people I pay to help me run my business, and once you are making enough money I strongly recommend you do the same. Until then, do what you can and focus on building your brand, and do not compare yourself to those who are 5, 10 or 20 years down the line. You'll get there eventually, as long as you balance your hard work with scheduled self care.

Good Luck!

I very much hope that any new Dommes reading this feel both informed and inspired going forward. Remember that this work allows for all different styles of Domination and all different ways of working, and it'll take a while to find your groove. Until then, stay sharp and have fun exploring and experimenting as you build your own Fempire 🙂

Until next time,

Manchester Mistress Dominatrix BDSM Ashton Under Lyne Playspace Chambers Dungeon Fetish FemDom Kinky - 484
Manchester Mistress Expert Dominatrix Lola Ruin

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