Be sure to take the time to read through all of my Session Etiquette and confirm well in advance of your session, which includes details on all my protocols and advice on how to have the best possible experience!

The Morning of Your Session...

1 : You must contact me via text or Whatsapp on 07494 793 869 to confirm your appointment at the time I have specified to you in emails

If you do not contact me before the agreed time then I will assume you will not be attending your session and make other plans. If it will be difficult for you to get in touch at the time specified, tell Me and advise a different time when you would be able to.

2 : You must bring a lateral flow test to your session to complete on arrival

However, I strongly recommend also taking one the morning of your session before you confirm, to save us both a journey in the event you test positive. 



More Useful Information...

  • Planning Your Journey

I will give you the full address/directions when you confirm your session, however if you wish to plan your journey, the following locations will give you an accurate idea of your travel time.

Manchester Sessions: Ashton-Under-Lyne Railway Station (Postcode OL6 6JP).
The chambers are only a 2 minute drive or a 5 minute walk from there.

London Sessions: Baker Street Underground Station (Postcode NW1 5LJ).
The playspace is only a few minutes walk from there.

  • Parking

There is usually ample free street parking available nearby. If driving, I will give you instructions on how to first locate my playspace, and then instruct you to go park around the corner as keeping cars on the small side street my playspace is on to a minimum will keep the neighbouring businesses happy.

  • Punctuality

Please arrive at the chambers at the agreed time, ideally neither early or late. If you think are going to be late, let Me know as soon as possible. I schedule plenty of time between My submissives, however if you are more than 10 minutes late I may have to cut your session short so as not to impact on any of My subsequent plans that day.

  • Plan An Extra 30 Minutes

Schedule to be at the chambers for an extra 30 minutes on top of the time you have booked for. As an example, if you booked a 1 hour session for 14.00, you will be leaving My chambers around 15.30.

I do not operate a ‘revolving door’ policy, it is paramount to Me that W/we are both able to enjoy your session fully without any rushing. This extra 30 minutes allows U/us ample time to discuss your fantasies prior to play, and time for you to shower and refresh afterwards. If you need to be leaving the chambers by a certain time, advise Me as soon as possible so I can make sure you are getting away on time

  • Discretion

Whilst the entrance is in a courtyard set back from the main road and I am fortunate not to have any nosy neighbours overlooking the entrance, it is incredibly importance that My chambers are treated with respect and discretion.

Do not loudly call Me ‘Mistress’ on My doorstep, or ask neighbours for directions to ‘The Playspace’. Be sure to arrive in vanilla clothes (if you wish to wear fetish clothes for O/our session, you can change into them once you have arrived). Whilst I do love to receive gifts/flowers, it would be appreciated if you could bring these in discreet packaging.

Whilst I am your Mistress in the safe space of My dungeon, I also understand that your servitude to Me may be a secret which requires discretion. Rest assured that should I ever see you out in a public place I would never approach or acknowledge you. I ask that you also observe this should you ever spot Me. However, if you see Me at a fetish party, you are welcome to come say hello!

Any submissive who does not approach me and my playspace with the utmost discretion will have their session cancelled and be blacklisted immediately

  • Don't Come On An Empty Stomach

The experience of seeing a Professional Dominant can be an intense experience, especially for novices. A few times My subs have fainted during their sessions, usually due to not having eaten anything beforehand.This is obviously scary for all involved and really disrupts the flow of a session, so be sure to eat a light meal sometime in the couple of hours preceding your session.

  • Subdrop

Subdrop can be roughly described as "a state of physical, emotional, and psychological withdrawal following an intense interaction". Whilst this usually causes no problems and shouldn't be a concern, it is something to be aware of should you feel a little withdrawn or down following O/our session.

This experience is not dissimilar to a hangover or comedown, so rest assured it will soon pass. You are welcome to get in touch with Me after your session to talk through any subdrop if you wish.

  • Anal Play / Strap On

Douching is a requirement for anal play

In order to include this in O/our session you must clean yourself (douche) around 2 hours before W/we meet. If you have never done this before, click here to see an instructional video. You can order the douche in the video by clicking here, you will see there are many different types, even ones you can attach to your shower hose.

I always begin anal play with smaller toys before working up to larger. If you are not clean at any point, I will end the anal play immediately

Please respect me and yourself by abiding to this rule.

  • Personal Toys and/or Clothes

Feel free to bring along any of your own personal toys you wish to play with.

If you haven't already, do advise Me of any specific equipment you would like Me to have ready. You are also more than welcome to bring your own fetish clothes, for either you or for Me, if you so wish!

  • Temperature

I always heat My dungeon room well, as I much prefer sessioning in heat. However, this can sometimes be difficult to control especially in changeable weather, if at any point during your session you are either too hot or too cold, just let Me know. I do not want you to be distracted by temperature during O/our play time.

  • COVID 19 Safety Information

As you are aware, I am only seeing fully vaccinated submissives who also test negative on the day of their session. However, here is some further information on my COVID 19 policy:

- Hand washing and a temperature check on arrival

On arrival, I will ask that you wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds, and I will also take a temperature check using an infrared no-contact ‘gun’ thermometer. If you return a high temperature indicating a fever (we will double check this by testing a few times if so) then I will ask to immediately postpone your session

- Distancing during your session will obviously not be possible, and we can wear masks according to your preference

When you book, you understand that this is a ‘close personal contact’ service, and therefore distancing is not possible. As we will both be vaccinated and will have also tested negative that same day, I personally believe the risk to be very low. I am aware that masks may not be conducive to many session activities, so I will leave this up to your preference.

I would be happy for either one of us or both of us to wear masks for the entirety of your session, to wear masks for some of the time and remove during more ‘strenuous’ activities, or not at all. Whatever you feel most comfortable with is fine with me, just let me know prior to your session

- Take extra safety precautions prior to your session, especially if coming by public transport

If you will be coming to me via public transport, please try to distance from other passengers if possible and wear a mask during your journey. Please be mindful of your appointment in the 14 days prior and take particular care if you engage in any interactions considered ‘high risk’ (such as large close contact gatherings). If you believe there is a high chance you may have been exposed to COVID, or you are ‘pinged’, then I would prefer you reschedule your session.

My Cancellation Policy...

I understand that sometimes things come up which are outside of your control and you may need to cancel your session with Me. I even understand that sometimes first time submissives may get cold feet.
Regardless of the reason why you wish to cancel, the more notice of a cancellation you can give Me the better.

The first time you cancel, I will transfer your deposit to a future session booked within the next month. However, I will not apply this to any future cancellations.

The sole exception to this will be if you return a positive COVID test result the morning of your session, in which case I will always happily reschedule to a future date if you can provide me with a copy of your test results. If you begin to show any symptoms of COVID in the days leading up to your session, then please let me know as soon as possible and we can simply reschedule. Rest assured I will never penalise you for any cancellations that relate to COVID.

Whilst not mandatory, if you are cancelling with less than 24 hours notice a small Amazon gift card sent to My email is a thoughtful way to show you consider My time valuable, and that you understand I have likely turned down other paid sessions in order to schedule yours.

Thank you for taking the time to familiarise yourself with My session etiquette, which will no doubt contribute to O/our session running smoothly. Rest assured that I adore creating a safe space for you to explore your fantasies and sexuality under My expert guidance!  Should you have any questions regarding any of the points I have listed above, do not hesitate to get in touch either over email at

Please confirm you have read this page in full below (be sure to use the same name and email as you have booked your session through so I can cross reference)