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What is Subdrop? BDSM Sessions with Manchester Mistress Lola Ruin

By MistressLolaRuin | September 23, 2023

What is Sub drop? Understanding and Coping with Subdrop Subdrop is a physical and emotional experience that can occur after a period of intense BDSM play. Not too dissimilar to a hangover or a comedown, subdrop is often described as a ‘crash’. It can be characterised by feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, or physical exhaustion. … Read more…


British BDSM Mistress in Manchester – Dominatrix Lola Ruin

By MistressLolaRuin | July 24, 2023

No matter what the motivation may be for entering the realm of kink, whether that means hoping to being an established long term D/s dynamic or simply wanting to experience some incredible Pro Dominatrices talents for yourself, it is vital that you research and approach them correctly. Picking the right Mistress for you is a … Read more…


Manchester Mistress: BDSM is therapuetic, it is not therapy

By MistressLolaRuin | August 3, 2022

For those of you loyal readers who have been following Me for a while, you will remember that I have previously written on the therapeutic value of BDSM. It can be, in many ways, an incredibly healing and valuable experience. However I have and will always maintain that there should be a clear distinction between … Read more…

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My Top Tips For New Dommes

By MistressLolaRuin | July 15, 2022

Among the many changes brought about by recent events, the sudden explosion of new workers entering the world of sex work has been one of the most noticeable. Largely due to the vast number of people who needed a way to make money from their own homes turning to OnlyFans, this expansion has spread out to other areas of sex work.

The world of Domination calls to many, and those of Us who are established in our field will often be inundated with requests for advice on the industry – how to enter it, where to start, and how to be successful. As someone who was once a young beginner, it is now important to Me that I offer the same generosity of spirit that was afforded to Me. Without the guidance of established and wiser Dommes teaching me the ropes, I would not be where I am today. There is a lot to learn for new Dommes, but my top 5 tips for those of you who are brand new to the industry would be as follows;


UK Dominatrix Tips: How A Professional Domme Commands Her Submissive Slaves. A Guide in Kink Domination via Webcam and Virtual Commands to Obey

By MistressLolaRuin | June 1, 2022

COVID has forced most of our kinky lives online, and with that many of us are scratching our naughty itch virtually, even if we have never done so before (personally it has been years since I offered webcam domination in any kind of consistent way). For many of you, this may be a brand new way to play and serve, and whilst new things can be exciting, they can also be daunting.

So… how can you improve your virtual experiences? What can you do as a submissive to make Distance Domination even more thrilling and fulfilling?

Here are my Top 10 Tips for how you can improve your experience…

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By MistressLolaRuin | April 26, 2022

‘A successful Domme is the picture perfect image of success at all times. Steely, traditional, hardcore and relentless…’

When I first slipped on a pair of thigh highs almost 8 years ago, I learned that the men who came to see Me wanted a strong, powerful Woman. They wanted to place you on a pedestal, and use you like a blank screen they could project their fantasies onto. In order to be a successful Domme, you should curate every little glimpse they see to reflect that ideal. Under no circumstances, should you show any weakness or vulnerability.

For a long time, I believed that would be the only possible fantasy men could buy into, and I had to keep up with those smoke and mirrors.

As time went on and I became to question this ‘Dominant Ideal’ more and more. I wondered whether that was something I even bought into Myself. Not only was I the Dominant, but this was My career… could I make My own rules, and still pay My rent?

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Orgasm Control, Edging Tips and Enjoyment

By MistressLolaRuin | December 10, 2021

Just imagine being strapped down tightly in my playspace. Naked on my leather bench, your body pulled taunt by the rope I’ve laced you into. Blindfolded and vulnerable, all you can hear is the gentle tapping of my high heels, circling you like prey. You feel some cold, liquid lubricant slowly drip on your cock. You hear my evil laugh pierce the silence as I watch you squirm from the shock of it. Then, you feel something slide onto you, and rhythmically start stroking you. I tell you its my favourite toy, The Venus 2000.

‘This allows me to control your pleasure with just the touch of a dial…’

I demonstrate by turning it up, and you arch upwards and deeper into it as you’re flooded with the sensation. Then, I begin to toy with you. The Venus fluctuates it speed up and down and I turn the dial. Grindingly, teasingly slow all the way up to furious pumping. You sink deeper into a submissive bliss, losing all control to me as you begin inching ever closer to that incredible explosion of pleasure you crave so much. And then, just as you reach the very edge, right on the cusp of what you know will be a mind blowing orgasm…. I STOP. Your body freezes, suspended in frustration for me…

How Much Does It Cost To Make High Quality FemDom Porn Dominatrix Mistress Manchester

Dominatrix Filming Manchester and UK

By MistressLolaRuin | January 3, 2021

Well… things have changed pretty drastically since my last blog to you all haven’t they? I very much hope you and your loved ones are keeping happy, healthy and safe in amongst this craziness.

I closed my playspace doors back in Mid-March, prior to the official lockdown… and as yet, it pains me to say I have no plans to re-open them.

Truthfully, I would be quite shocked if I will be back to sessions before 2021. Even when my doors do open again, I may begin with only a select few submissives… my regulars, those who had cancelled sessions, and those who have already paid deposits. For those of you who were quietly gathering up the courage to finally take the plunge and serve me, but had yet to contact me to arrange, sadly it seems you will be waiting quite a long time…

So, what is a poor depraved and deprived pervert like you supposed to do?

OBVIOUSLY you should be subscribing to my OnlyFans, AVN stars and binge purchasing my videos, of course! 😉

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How Much Does It Cost To Make High Quality Dominatrix Porn

By MistressLolaRuin | December 20, 2020

Today I want to write you all a blog about what exactly goes into creating FemDom Porn… and why you should be paying for it.

Quite a few of you have probably noticed PornHub hitting the headlines again recently, after an expose into abusive and non-consensual content in The New York Times. This article quickly lead to Visa/Mastercard pulling their payment processing. In response, Pornhub did a sweeping reform of their website. Now, only verified accounts are allowed to upload content (really good!), but as yet Visa and Mastercard have yet to reinstate payment processing (really bad, especially for performers who rely on this income, during a winter pandemic, 2 weeks before Christmas…)

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Tameside Sex Dungeon Dominatrix Playspace Manchester

By MistressLolaRuin | June 16, 2020

I spent many years working in shared Dungeon premises, but opening my own personal playspace was a dream for a long time. To have the freedom to create premises which reflected my own taste and was constructed especially for my own slaves… Finally, that dream became a reality in 2017.

Just a few minutes walk from Ashton Under Lyne centre, my personal playspace is a portal into another world… a gorgeous and bespoke space created entirely to serve as the setting for your deepest and darkest fantasies.

A conversion of an industrial unit, the white brick are adorned with candles and coloured lights, allowing to change the ambience to suit even the most demanding scenes. Filled with heavy steel and black leather furniture, and packed to the brim with every piece of kinky equipment imaginable (more on that below), here your expectations will be exceeded. The walls are embellished with two of my favourite Artists, the delightfully erotic Carolyn Weltman and the incomparable Sardax. Of course, a loud sound system will both fill the room with whatever music I deem best for your scene, and will help to drown out your squeals.