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and experiences of their servitude to Me.

A return to be under the complete control of Mistress Lola had been a long time coming. After a warm welcome, and a chat about our session, I was where I should be, naked, on my knees, with my head bowed, awaiting Mistress to return. I could soon hear the breathtaking tapping of high heels approaching, my excitement at fever pitch as the door opened. I knew where my eyes should be, firmly fixed on the floor, unfortunately, my brain and my eyes had a small miss communication, and I glanced upwards to see the stunning Mistress Lola in a latex dress. I’m not sure why I thought I could get away with this, as I was immediately put in place and swiftly returned my gaze to the floor. However, despite this major faux pas, Mistress must have been in a forgiving mood, as I was soon allowed to worship her perfect feet. At first with shoes on, happy times, then with shoes off, even happier times. The worship of Mistress didn’t stop there, through her latex dress, I was allowed to kiss and caress her perfect bottom. On my knees, worshipping both Mistress’ feet and bottom, I was in heaven, and Mistress was correct, I could, and would, have done this all day, but I knew this couldn’t last forever, and it was time to pay for this act of kindness.Now bent over at Mistress’ mercy, I had a debt of kindness to repay and I was determined to do so, although with both hands and feet handcuffed to a bench, my options were pretty limited. With cane in hand, Mistress proceeded to bring some balance back with every stroke of her cane. Just to hear Mistress say “Good boy”, was worth every bit of pain and more. As were the occasional glimpses of Mistress’ legs and bottom as she walked on by to change striking implements.As I had clearly, and seamlessly, become Mistress’ toy to be played with, it was time for Mistress to completely put me in my place with some anal play. Still bent over, restrained on the bench, Mistress started off slow and gentle, but with every thrust the intensity increased as I writhed in ecstasy. A combination of the pleasure, the teasing, the tormenting, and knowing Mistress had complete control over me, was simply mind blowing. I wished it would never end, but alas, all good things must come to an end. And having regained my composure, and more importantly, my clothes, I was on my way back to normality. Boo hiss.

My partner (m) and I (f) are both naturally submissive when practising BDSM and have talked about seeing a professional mistress for a long time. As a New Year’s resolution we decided to stop just talking about it and applied for a Couples Session with Mistress Lola Ruin.
Before securing a date we had a video call with her to ensure that all parties consented and to discuss our ideas for the session. At this point she also suggested that I co-top with her for some of the session to play around with D/s hierarchies. I hadn’t thought about this idea before and was really excited to try it.
We were both nervous on the day, but once we had arrived, the casual pre-session chat melted away any nerves. We talked about how the session would run, our likes and limits, and then were left to get ready and start playing.
The two hour session flew by. For the first half I co-topped with Mistress Lola. We feminised my partner and played with him - she allowed me to use some of her toys and she paid attention to how I teased him, which she picked up on to dominate him even more. I learnt a lot about effective domination during that first hour and she helped me to feel incredibly confident and seductive.
We were allowed a short break between halves which helped me move from the Dominant to sub headspace.
The second half of our time with Mistress Lola was sensual and meditative. She blindfolded us both and used a number of teasing tools and toys on us. She instructed us to touch and play with each other while being subjected to tight rope bondage.

When we were finished we had a relaxed chat with Mistress Lola about what we had enjoyed (which was everything). We are looking forward to booking another session - she made us feel so welcome and able to explore our sexualities and desires in a beautiful safe space. Thank you for having us, we can’t wait to come back!

'I had visited a small number of Domme's in the years prior to visiting Mistress Lola and while those session were enjoyable; I had never quite found that any of those previous experiences had ticked off the things I wanted to do. When I found Mistress Lola's website and her twitter feed, I decided that it was worth trying again even if she wasn't local to me.
Prior to our session I followed Mistress' guidelines regarding to confirming my COVID vaccine status, and tested on the morning of the session. I actually found that Mistress having these kinds of process in place ahead our session really put my mind at ease. It's always a nervous experience when seeing a Domme for the first time, and knowing she was so serious about COVID safety helped ease my mind about how genuinely and considerately Mistress would handle our session.
After the long drive I was pleased to arrive on time for our session, and after entering the premises was offered a chance to refresh and have a drink before sitting with Mistress to discuss our session. Mistress really impressed me as she was able to recall all of the details we had discussed in our email exchanges prior to our session. Previously I had found that even when discussing likes and desires with a Domme before a session, any previous contact seemed to have been totally forgotten and I had to try and explain everything from scratch while nervous on the day. Mistress' eye for detail here really made me feel that we wouldn't just be going through the motions, but would be enjoying a bespoke session around our mutual likes and desires.
I had explained that I wanted a bondage focused session, and whereas previously that has always meant the idea of lying on my back and being tied down, I wished to try something different that would allow me to try different positions and also test my bondage to find out if I was truly helpless. Mistress quickly devised a game where we would try different rope bondage positions and I would do my best to escape while she watched... and I'm sure judged my performance. Very quickly I realized this was exactly what I'd been looking for and that Mistress is very good with rope! The opportunity to struggle against her ties really helped me experience the helplessness I'd been striving for and it wasn't long before Mistress and I were both laughing and joking about my mostly failed attempts to escape. I think the final score was 3 - 1 to Mistress... with me only being able to escape from one tie.
Following our game I was able to spend some time in Mistress' cage while she prepared her tools for some of her famous/infamous orgasm control. I had mentioned a potential interest in an extended session, as again it is rare during a session to have time to really feel how helpless you are. So being left in Mistress' cage while she prepared and moved in and out room while she knew I was safely locked away was a wonderful taster of what could be a future experience.
I won't go into too much detail about Mistress' orgasm control, as it is something to be experienced rather than written about, but it was something I had never tried before and Mistress was an expert at pushing me further than I ever expected.
Overall, it was a wonderful experience, easily the most enjoyable and fulfilling session I've had. I felt at ease in Mistress' presence the entire session and also really enjoyed talking with her as we cooled down at the end of the session. I would highly recommend and will absolutely be looking to visit Mistress again soon. Thank you again for such a wonderful time Mistress.'

“I arranged my latest session with Mistress some weeks ago. I know that she is extremely popular and wanted to make sure we had a date in our diaries. I also love the anticipation of counting down the days to the sessions.As ever I received a warm welcome and we had a chat about what I would like out of the session. We agreed on sounding, electrics and milking. Mistress left and I got ready. When she returned she looked absolutely stunning. I was chained down and we started with the electrics - pain followed by pleasure but not too much pleasure. Mistress Lola made sure of that! The intensity of some of the shocks and throbbing was incredible.Mistress decided when to move onto to sounding and she used some newer and bigger sounds on me. I could hardly contain myself. Finally Mistress let me have the pleasure of her milking machine - but not too much as she was in charge! Eventually I was allowed to cum - I cannot describe how intense this was.After a lovely post session chat I left in very contented mood - looking forward to booking my next session. I cannot recommend Mistress Lola Ruin highly enough.”

"Thank you, Mistress, for the most wonderful of experiences. The two glorious hours I was able to spend under your control were some of the best times I've ever had. In our chat before the session, we discussed what I was hoping to experience and what both You and I would be comfortable with. You explained the traffic light system to me which immediately started to settle my nerves. I am not the most confident of people so the idea of being in a vulnerable position had made me feel a bit nervous and even hesitant about going ahead with the session as this is not something I typically do. However, having the knowledge that my limits would not be broken (although they could be pushed in a safe, professional manner and I loved that they were) really started to make me feel at ease. With that discussion over, our wonderful session began.
Right from the off, you put me in my place and made sure I knew who was in charge (You, of course!) and how I was nothing more than a slave to be used for your pleasure. Your feet were to be revered and the soles of your shoes were to be sparkling by the time you were done with me. Your perfect feet and amazing scent captivated me immediately. I knew right then; I'd made the best decision to come and serve you. We slowly progressed to trampling followed by ballbusting. Both of which were fantastic experiences that just leaves me wanting more. To be seen as just a carpet for you to walk on is the greatest feeling in the world.
Given my relative inexperience with ballbusting, you eased me into it while simultaneously showing very little mercy. The anticipation of a kick was both terrifying and extremely arousing. There were moments when I thought I had the timing of your kicks worked out only to be caught off guard as you delivered a blow when sitting down/standing up. Even the teases of taking a running start were enough to excite me beyond belief (even though I'd very likely have been unable to stay in position from such a hit). It left me wanting so much more and wanting to push my limits further over time.
We then moved onto what I can only describe as the most wonderful piece of equipment I've ever been strapped to. The smother box really is worth every penny! The notion that I couldn't turn my head away and you could press my face ever deeper whenever you liked is truly wonderful. The time spent beneath your perfect ass was truly special. Being unable to turn away to try to make breathing easier just made it all the more encapsulating. The feeling that I was under your total control is one I long for even now, just 1 day on.
Finally, spending time beneath your beautiful Louboutins was both extremely painful and extremely pleasurable. Whilst I may not have been able to handle the full weight of the heels pressing into my body, I love the marks they have left on my torso and I see them as personal reminders of a session that will live on in my memory for life. I hope to one day be in your service once more and having my limits pushed even further while exploring more aspects of BDSM.
So one final time. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You Mistress Lola Ruin and I hope we will be able to experience many more hours of kink in the future."

I had been thinking of setting up a session with a dominatrix for such a long time, but I kept backing out due to a fear of facing the fantasies I had held for so long, and also a lack of accepting that these feelings are a part of me and have been for a long time. I finally decided to act, and the last words to persuade me were said by Carl Jung - "that which you resist, will persist". Well, I couldn't resist the thoughts and feelings anymore, and didnt want the shame and conflict inside to persist. 
I was drawn to you Miss by your beautiful play space, your very confident sexual energy, retro style of clothes, look and lingerie. Watching your videos, I found your voice to be something very alluring to me - articulate and sophisticated and full of a power and confidence. 
Just prior to the session, I was so close to cancelling and trying to forget the feelings...but, I am so happy to say I went in to your play space and had one of the most intense, mind blowing, and cathartic experiences I have had with anyone. I don't think words can fully convey this enough, but I will try!
As soon as I was ordered to kneel and fix my gaze to the ground, I found so little resistance to it...it felt so natural to do. The mixture of gentle teasing of my look, the laughter at my subservient position, together with swift and stern commands was so thrilling, that within minutes of beginning to kneel at your feet and worship them, I completely forgot myself and felt the sub headspace I had so often read about, but seldom experienced, was a place i was sinking in to.
Moving on to impact play, an area that scares the hell out of me (!) was a surprising delight, and was something i enjoyed more than i expected. As the strength and pace of the impact grew harder and faster, i was close to using the safe word. After a small rest, you gave me breathing techniques to help me take more pain, and the mixture of extra oxygen, endorphins and now being fully immersed in subspace helped me take more pain. I also wanted to please you more and take more of the harder strokes, and this part of the scene was so revelatory. It was so wonderful to be a part of that amazing and nurturing communication from you, and how the intensity of a BDSM scene flows based on this kind of reciprocity and the different forms of communication. 
It was at this point I began to shake with all the emotion, feeling and feel-good chemicals i was experiencing, and it was probably a good thing i was strapped down in bondage at this point to stop the shaking! The feelings of helplessness now added to my overall mindset. Over the course of the session, I had begun to notice just how attuned i was to your voice and how every laugh and degrading remark was something i began to beg to hear. To hear you pick up on some of my deepest desires and play with those ideas was beyond exciting. It felt a bit like a Nirvana song...the quiet/loud; slow/quick dynamic....You would debase me further in this kind of undulating rhythm, acting upon cues from how much i was enjoying clearly enjoying it. 
To be able to finish where we started, which was the worship of your beautiful shoes and feet, and to be utterly helpless from the trampling and then witness your expert shoe dangling was intoxicating. The mentions of me to go away and do some homework for future sessions made me giddy with excitement to go away and do them that I knew that I would really love to have the chance to serve you, to continue the submissive journey, and to explore things which i have felt shame for so long, but that your honed domme skills have helped nurture. The aftercare you provided was very important to me and helped bring me back out of the subspace, and to help me finally stop shaking! I felt incredibly cared for, and able to communicate all I had felt. I reached a point of real calm after this point which was so surprising. It was a place of warmth and acceptance, and that feeling carried with me in the days after the session. 
Thank you so much for the chance to experience this part of me and allow it space to flourish. The whole experience felt therapeutic and healing, and the connection I felt to you and the space we played together was something so beautiful. It was an experience truly mind blowing, life enhancing, unpredictable, scary, and was one of the most intense things i have ever done.  I am so glad my first step was with you Miss Lola, and I hope I can take more of them with you xx 

This was my first experience of being a submissive and meeting a mistress. I was made to feel really comfortable by Mistress Lola and after arriving we went through some of the ideas for the session. I was blown away! 
I have always been into feet from a young age and couldn’t help but drop to my knees in mistress Lola’s presence. She has the most perfect feet! Her voice and stature really do make you feel submissive and do anything she asks. 
The session was an amazing experience and something I would recommend to anyone. 
Thank you mistress I hope to see you soon!

my previous experience of domination was discouraging due to my inability to come out of my shell and while i was stupidly excited to meet You, i had begun to doubt whether going to visit a professional dominant was for me. Those worries melted away within a few minutes of meeting You. i had a goal to express myself more and give my submissive identity room to breathe and i was able to do this with you - i felt empowered to submit.

The impact play was where i felt like i learned the most, like i started to understand how BDSM dances on the tightrope of complex feelings. You hit me harder and pushed me further than i went before without making me feel like i was being pushed and the emotions and sensations i experienced made for a heady cocktail. i dreaded it when you told me how many more blows i was about to get and felt fear as i anticipated being struck. Just as i started to feel like You were being cruel, You counterbalanced it with praise and promises of reward.

On reflection, i have a real sense of Your skill as a dominatrix. At times i thought ‘that’s too much, i’m going to safeword’, but You left enough time in between blows for me to calm down. You built the anticipation to a crescendo, seemingly always hitting me when i least wanted to be hit which conversely was probably exactly the right moment to hit me. Whenever You left me alone for a while i realised how elated i was but i couldn’t quite lose myself in it because i was always sensing for every subtle sign that meant it was about to start again. my fate was in Your hands.

i didn’t expect classical music in a dungeon but it was incredible! The combination of my exhilaration, the music and the lighting made me feel like i was flying and this is a testament to how meticulously You curate a sensual atmosphere for Your submissives. You’re a bit like Gene Wilder in the original Willy Wonka when he sings ‘come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination’, except you have much nicer legs and his cane is only for show. After the impact play, everything W/we did was so much more fun. i became entranced by You and would have giddily done anything You asked.

You may have awakened a massive tease and denial kink within me. Blindfolding me for certain activities was a perfect demonstration of Your authority, and i enjoyed the cruelty of You making my tasks more difficult. i wasn’t that curious about bondage but i enjoyed that as well when combined with the teasing. The sensation of writhing against my restraints was fun, and cathartic in an odd way. The emotion of something being so close yet just out of reach was intoxicating and i loved having to work hard for You. If You had chosen to keep me tied up until now i would still be there struggling away and loving it. i think I have found my new happy place and it is Mistress Lola Ruin’s smother box.

i came into our session apprehensive and unsure about whether or not i could continue to pursue kink and came away from it feeling like i have learned a little bit about how to play, learned about myself and discovered some new kinks. i’m so excited to grow as a submissive and i cannot wait to play again. i must once more express my heartfelt gratitude for allowing me to serve You at this point in my journey. It was a gorgeous experience and i hope i find myself on my knees in your immaculate play space again soon.

Where to start!! I booked a 6 hour extended experience with mistress lola, the initial contact and communication on the day was spot on and very easy. I had a long drive down and I was nervous but also very excited about our session. Once I arrived and I was inside we had a brief chat about what was going to happen in our session and it sounded like everything I had dreamt about and more. Her voice and personality in the chat at the start already started to make me feel less nervous which then allowed me to have so much fun in the session as I was a relatively newbie, not to mention the fact she is absolutely stunning even more so in person than in photos which is hard to believe. As for the session itself it was a truly unforgettable experience, she is a truly amazing domme and from the moment she walked into the room I was already all hers to use me for her pleasure. Her name is very appropriate cause that's what she is, the queen of ruined orgasms, she strapped me down and used me for her pleasure as she used her favourite toy (Milking machine) to rip ruined orgasm after ruined orgasms as I lay there tormented and frustrated she just cruly laughs. She would leave me strapped down wondering when she would return and what she would do to me next. Everything I wanted to happen in the session was met and then some, then after the session the chat and aftercare was really nice, she is such a great domme but also a lovely person. Fair to say I couldn't stop smiling on the drive home.  Can't wait to do it again soon hopefully. 

From start to finish the whole experience with serving Mistress Lola Ruin has been special. When I booked I sent a little email with my feitshes and her communication was comforting and pleasant. Important for a first time with a new domme!
Arriving at the play room we talked in detail about what I wanted from the session. The playroom itself is a wonderful space, darkly lit with a sense of impending servitude!
The session itself was way more than I expected it to be. I told Mistress I loved humiliation and tie and tease. Both were delivered in a huge amount. Mistress really does take domination seriously and utterly takes control in a way that just makes you want to submit further. Be warned: if teasing is your thing, Mistress will break you. She had me a desperate drooling mess at the end. For her amusement she forced me into multiple ruined orgasms. It was a frustrating, torturous heaven for me. The way Mistress takes control and the way she toys with you is nothing sort of amazing. I left feeling desperate,  frustrated, and ready to beg for more of the same. A truly expecting Mistress you'll take you to a depth of subspace that you'll not want to leave!

It had been too long since my last visit to Mistress Lola Ruin, but it certainly was worth the wait. As always she was very welcoming and friendly.

We had a relaxed pre- session chat and discussed a few ideas I had mentioned in my session request. I shied away a little from my forced chastity request but Mistress was very intuitive and understood it was a door I wanted to open. She would incorporate some chastity play in our session. We discussed sensual worship and my interest in electro , and I mentioned I would like to test my limits further with some light marking. Mistress was very pleased to oblige with this request and I noticed a knowing smile at the prospect. As always she was charming, impeccably dressed and eloquent, but her countenance were clearly that of a natural dominatrix. I was instructed to remove my clothing and kneel ready for her return.

Mistress entered and sat down next to me, requiring her customary worship of a light kiss on each foot. I momentarily glanced up without permission and was quickly rebuked. She instructed me to begin worship of her stocking clad legs making it clear that she wanted me to be very thorough. I was required to massage and kiss every inch of her perfectly toned legs. I was permitted to worship the soft flesh above the rim of her stockings and across her beautiful body art. She permitted more pleasure than in my previous sessions, but assured me I would be required to pay with pain in equal measure. She noted my swollen cock dripping cum across the floor and made clear her intention to quickly reduce its excitement

Mistress rose from her chair satisfied my worship was acceptable and mused over exactly how she would take her pleasure. She momentarily hesitated before firmly instructing me to a kneel on a low bench . As she strapped me firmly down I was informed of what to expect. It would be a combination of implements including her wand , cane and a new electro toy that she promised would be an experience. The cane was deployed first with firm painful swipes across my naked arse, followed by the wand stinging my swollen cock and balls. She focused on my throbbing cock as she reached for her new toy, a stick which stung with the power of a small cattle rod. I was submitted to sharp pain just as mistress had promised. I was reduced to a sweating mess totally subservient to her sensual power.

I was released and immediately Mistress decided I would be required to be harnessed into chastity. She tossed me a ring and ordered it placed over my cock and balls but my arousal was still too strong despite my torture. But there would be no escape and mistress quickly ordered me to stand before her whilst she harnessed me into her chastity belt.

I would again be required to worship but a price would again be required for this honour. I was ordered to kneel side on to mistress as she picked up her cane. She toyed with my throbbing cock and balls and gave me a clear choice. Ten hard strokes of the cane would be the price of further worship, and I would be required to count each stroke. This was a small but painful price to pay, to be allowed to worship Mistress. She stood behind me as a knelt ready to take my thrashing. The cane was long and narrow, and despite being petite mistress is very strong and capable of delivering the most powerful of blows. She waited briefly toying with my fully exposed arse and cock before she delivered a soft firm blow across my arse. Each stroke was harder than the last, until she

prepared me for the final hit, delivered hard and fast with sadistic enthusiasm, leaving a stinging red mark across my backside.

I was told to stand whilst mistress climbed on her bench and ordered to unclip the suspenders from each stocking and to peel them from her slender legs. I was instructed to pick up her moisturiser and massage it into each leg from top to bottom. I was into my task when Mistress decided to torture me some more . She ordered me to pass her the stinking rod and wooden paddle and then to recommence my task, whilst adjusting her body legs slightly spread. I thought I would explode as I caressed her toned thighs but was made to pay for my pleasure as mistress applied stinging shocks to my cock and balls, and slapped my naked arse and legs with her paddle. I was not permitted to pause my worship as she tortured me further with pain, and tantalise me with her perfect body.

When she was satisfied she climbed down and ordered me to lie on her bench . She climbed above me and proceeded to secure my wrists and ankles, her hair briefly brushing my naked body. My belt was removed and she smiled at the sight of my twitching cock, still stinging from her blows. She was not alone, she had brought her toys so I knew I was still to be required to submit to more pain for Mistresses amusement.

I lay in anticipation as Mistress slowly put on her gloves and reached for her lube. She firmly took hold of my engorged cock and began to slide her gloved, lubricated hand up and down the shaft. I was in a state of near ecstasy as she proceeded to handle me slow then fast, hard then soft. As I got close I was firmly instructed not to cum and Mistress reached for her wand to quell my urges. She shocked my cock and balls quickly followed by hard strikes from her wooden paddle. I was again and again brought to the edge as mistress mused over whether I would be ruined or allowed to cum. I was completely in her control, and desperate to avoid her displeasure by releasing without permission. She continued to enjoy raining blows and shocks to my cock and balls and slapped my aching cock hard as I again came close.

Mistress gazed down on her possession as she started to quickly and firmly stroke me for what would be the final time. She was in total control as I desperately tried to hold on awaiting her permission to cum, fully aware that at any point she could ruin me. She speeded her strokes faster and faster having already made her decision as I desperately tried to hold on unaware of my fate. She continued on fast and hard and I strained to hold back on the verge of exploding. I finally reached breaking point releasing thick white cum from my swollen cock. Mistress continued wanking me hard, to milk every last drop from me, totally emptying my swollen balls. As I lay spent and soaked in cum she nimbly moved over me releasing my restraints.

Session over Mistress assisted me to clean up providing wipes and we had a chat about the session before I dressed.

Whilst many Mistresses are very good none can match Mistress Lola Ruin!

After a few weeks of building up the courage I finally booked my session with the beautiful MLR! I was a fan of her work for a few months prior to arranging the meeting. I found myself watching her paid content over and over again. It was something confident and serene in her voice that just really interested me. I am a big fan of edging, denial, ruins, post orgasm play; this is MLR's speciality. For an initial meeting I decided that a 2 hour session would be a wonderful introduction, boy it was. The booking process was incredibly easy: send email, arrange time, pay deposit. On the day I had a brief call to confirm final directions to her play space. She then texted clear instructions with a map, very useful. Her private chambers are located a short walk from public transport in a private gated courtyard. Very discrete and easy to find. I arrived very excited. I had not cum for 10 days so I was most definitely full.
As instructed I knocked on her door at 1pm sharp. There are a small set of steps up to her door once the door opened I saw a beautiful lady oozing confidence stood at the door in a simple sophisticated grey dress. I entered. MLR was warm, welcoming but very much in control. Immediately after sorting the paperwork I was shown to the shower. It was well equipped with nice soaps etc. After my shower I was lead to the dungeon room only wearing my towel. We chatted for about 5 minutes, me in a towel sat on a bench and MLR dressed impecibly in her grey dress on here large red leather wing back. Her control was confirmed. My towel was removed she left the room and instructed me to kneel and await her return.
Upon her return I was kneeling as instructed head on the floor, I just saw these red shoes as she entered. She had changed and if I could see he I am sure she looked amazing. After a brief worship of her feet...more to confirm her already well established dominance I was blindfolded and taken to her bench. She secured me with several belts and my body was hers. My edging and torment was about to begin. MLR initially used her hand, Venus2000 and sensory deprivation to bring me to the edge, and ruin me over and over again. In total I was edged 69 times and ruined 6. Each ruin was a solitary dribble nothing more. She knew exactly what to do to enhance frustration and remove pleasure. There was no rest between stimulation and it was phenomenal. (I will not give too many details as it will spoil the surprise for any future guests)
At the end of the session I was allowed a full orgasm into her Venus2000. It was a small dribble followed by merciless post orgasm torture. I was in overload it was hell but wonderful.
I am very much looking forward to see MLR again, for a much longer session, it was FAB? Thank you!

Everything fell into place very easily - applying for a session, agreeing a date and time, finding the location on the day. And then, during the session itself, I also fell into place pretty easily, captured by Mistress Lola's exquisite artistry.

After a brief chat, Mistress Lola quickly took me into a submissive head space. Her searching questions and precise directions made it clear which one of us was in charge, and that person certainly wasn't me.

If I had to choose one word to describe Mistress Lola it would have to be  "professional". She has clearly invested a lot in her practice as a dominatrix, and demonstrates abundant expertise, both technically and psychologically. I felt very safe and also very controlled.

Over the years I've been beaten by quite a few Dommes - some of them specialists in this particular activity - but Mistress Lola's impact play was really exceptional, not only in its accurate & very effective delivery, but also in the way that she picked up on and played with my feelings and reactions. By the last stroke she had definitely turned me into her creature.

Most of my sessions with other Dommes have either culminated in an orgasm, or not involved one at all. Sometimes I've ejaculated prematurely and sometimes this has been followed by a punishment, but the principal focus - explicitly or implicitly - has tended to be on my own pleasure.

In this session with Mistress Lola the focus shifted significantly - it felt like my arousal was simply a weakness to be exploited for her amusement. I was merely a toy at the end of her chain, twitching for her pleasure. It made the encounter feel very authentic and in retrospect even more arousing.

The session left me with a sense of some strong contrasts. Mistress Lola: cool, composed, amused, graceful; me: large, clumsy, vulnerable, trembling on the edge of an orgasm. It was just as it should be. The very next day I was longing to be back at Mistress Lola's perfect feet.

I had followed Mistress Lola on twitter for quite a time before being fortunate enough to be accepted to serve Her in person. If you've seen Her Twitter and Instgram account you'll realise just how beautiful Mistress Lola is. 
Now I've wanted to experience an extended session with Mistress Lola from the very first day I met Her. Courage plucked I fired off an email about having a custom made session. She had a look at what I'd asked for and we agreed on the tribute.
A week before my experience was to begin the anxiety was slowly beginning to build and for about four days before I wasn't sleeping very well. I had all sorts going through my mind. Could I keep Mistress happy during my stay, would I lose my nerve before my visit, what about food, how did we eat, do I take my own food. I needn't have worried, Mistress had all this covered. She would provide breakfast and we would order takeaway for our dinner in the evening. I was told not to worry about Mistress enjoying Herself, she would make sure She did. The day arrived, and no backing out now. I was to meet Mistress at 1pm. I've seen Mistress lots of times but I was shaking before this visit. Time for the fantasy to end and become a reality.
Day one, 13:00. Started with Mistress outlining how the next 24 hours was to proceed. We both agreed we were happy and I was told to enter into Her chamber, strip naked and assume the position on my knees in front of her throne. This was the last time I saw my clothes for over twenty hours. On my knees I heard Mistress approaching. Making sure my nose was on the ground as she entered my heart began to race. The door closed behind Her. This is it I thought, can't back out now. In front of me I saw her feet presented for me to kiss. A kiss to each foot and Mistress sits down and instructs me to worship her legs. Heart rate begins to slow and I start to relax. Mistress has the most beautiful legs. Worship over I am instructed to crawl to her whipping board. I stand and have attached to wrist and ankles leather cuffs. These are used to restrain me up against the board for a whipping. Mistress starts slowly with gentle floggers before increasing the intensity and moving on to her bullwhip. From our previous meets Mistress knows I love her bullwhip across my back. This continues for some time and I'm left in doubt I have had a good whipping. I'm left up against her board as she prepares a bench across the chambers. I am released from my position and told to move over and lie on my back on the bench. Legs are secured and arms shackled to the bench. I'm told to move my arms close to my sides as an extra leather belt is strapped tightly across my chest and arms. Two more straps are used to secure my waist and my thighs. I really was helpless. Mistress told me I was to use this time to relax and reflect on what the next twenty four hours would bring. I was left left me alone.
Now, I'd lost all track of the time I'd been lying there but felt myself going in to a nice relaxed state. After a further length of time I began with feelings of apprehension. I tried to move, sit up, wiggle my arms and legs. I was that tightly bound this was difficult if not impossible. After the feeling of relaxation and apprehension came the feeling of resignation. I began to relax again and accept my fate.
Mistress enters the room again and I am un-strapped and unshackled from Her bench. Mistress walks over to her her chaise lounge and lies down and I'm told to get off the bench and crawl over to Her and massage her feet. Now, those that have never met Mistress Lola may not know that she has tiny size 2 feet that are simply divine. I am loving giving her calf's and feet a massage when Mistress sits up. My pleasure over, I am lead over to her bed and strapped down again. Hands and feet secured, straps fastened across my chest Mistress rolls out her Venus 2000 milking machine. I'm now subjected to more than a few edging and I'm soon begging Mistress to let me cum. "absolutely not" she says and continues with even more edgings. I'm that close to the edge when she attaches and secures Her milking machine under one of the straps securing me to the bed. I advise Mistress I'm so close to cumming. She instruct that I'm not to cum under any circumstance. "I command it" she warms and walks out the room. After several minutes I'm under no illusion that she is not returning anytime soon. The milking machine is set on its slowest speed and on every down stroke it felt like I was edged. Only because it allowed a few seconds before the next stroke I was able to control myself, but only just and I mean only. In an attempt to prevent myself cumming I tried to work out the maths of how many edging I was experiencing. Once every four seconds worked out at fifteen per minute. I was easily left in that position for twenty minutes. By my reckoning that was 300 edgings. I could be well out though as I'm sure I was hooked up longer than that. (much longer). My brain was mashed as the machine would not let me cum. That was all I wanted to do, regardless of Mistress' instruction, I could take no more. When Mistress re entered the chambers I was begging for relief. She found this amusing and turned the machine speed up but stopping just at the right time to prevent release. How does she now when to stop. This must have carried on for another twenty minutes before she gave pity and stopped. I honestly could not feel my legs. I was wasted. Mistress released the my shackles again. 
All sense of time has gone. Although there is a clock in the chambers I do not recall seeing it.  
Next I am roped up. Tightly bound around my cock and around my body was the most intricate of knots. It made kneeling and bending over really uncomfortable. I am taken in to the reception area and made to sit in front of Mistress. She instructs me to get her boots and shoes out of the cupboard and I am made to clean them. Now Mistress has a lot of shoes and boots. Having gone through whipping, isolation and milking this task was a pleasure. Although quite humiliating to be in bondage, naked cleaning shoes and boots at least Mistress and I could talk. It was nice to have human interaction again. It must have been getting on for 7pm as Mistress suggests we order takeaway for dinner. I make my selection and continue my cleaning duties. I'm relaxed, at ease and enjoying my new role as servitude slave. Boots and shoes cleaned and put away I have time to wash my hands and make Mistress a drink before dinner arrives.
Dinner duly arrives and Mistress is on the settee whilst I'm in my place sat on the floor. We both enjoy our food. 
Food eaten, and all tidied away I'm told to get the moisturiser from the other room and to massage Mistress's legs and feet. I was in heaven. Mistress had wanted to give me another whipping but as she was enjoying her leg massage this was put on hold. Although she said my massage was more of a rub than a massage I seemed to have escaped punishment this time. 
Mistress checks on the time and instructs that its time for bed. The time had flown by. It was already 10:30pm. I'm sent with the quilts to make the beds. Mistress sleeping on the mattress on top of Her cage and me on the hard floor beneath the cage. Mistress was to sleep just inches above me. Beds made, the cage door is opened for me by Mistress and I'm told to crawl in. The door is not only closed but padlocked closed once I'm inside. The lights are turned off and I hear Mistress climb onto the cage above me. I saw the flicker of light as she lit her last cigarette before settling down for the next eight hours.
I can't say I slept well but was comforted through the night by hearing the soft sound of Mistress' breath sleeping above me. 
I was woken by Mistress' alarm on her phone, She places this on snooze and I'm allowed an extra ten minutes. Mistress' bare legs appear over the side of the cage, she hops off and disappears off to the office area of her chambers. A short time later she reappears looking like a million dollars. My cage is unlocked, cuffs reattached to my wrists and ankles and I'm invited to join her for breakfast. Barely ten minutes have passed when I'm told its time for punishment. I'm lead back in to the dungeon and told I'm to be whipped. It was only just 8am! Placed up against the wall Mistress proceeds to bullwhip me. I find being whipped by Mistress hugely erotic and this time was no exception. I was whipped until I could feel trickles of blood running down my back. Once the whipping had stopped Mistress cleaned and tenderly dressed my back with a wound dressing. Back on to my knees I'm instructed to crawl over to Her cage where Mistress slept and instructed to lie on top. I could still feel the residual warmth of Mistress' body in the mattress from when she slept. Hooked up to her milking machine and mercilessly edged, the machine is set on its slowest setting. Mistress looks at me and tells me not to cum. I told her I can't guarantee not to, and given a stern warning again not to cum. She turns and walks out the room. I'm left alone to fight the constant edging the machine is giving me. It took all my efforts and self control not to cum. Now the milking machine feels like you are actually being fucked and trying to keep my thoughts away from that it was actually Mistress making love to me was nigh impossible. Relief from the incessant edging was only gained when I accidentally slipped out of the machine. 
A short time later Mistress enters the room and noticed I'd come out of the milking machine. I'm hooked again and subjected again to countless edgings. I'd have done anything to be allowed to cum. However that wasn't going to be happening anytime soon. Whilst still hooked up to the Venus 2000 machine I was marked all over my torso by Mistress' long nails. This felt awesome. I even had the privilege of having the initials MLR etched across my chest. 
Further torment was now inflicted by a lengthy sounding and edging session interspersed with time hooked up to the Venus 2000 milking machine. Total mind fuck. 
Milking, edging and sounding over I am released from Her bed and follow Mistress on my knees over to her throne. I am told to worship Her legs and edge for Her whilst being spat on and into my mouth by Mistress. She has in her hand a small flogger which is used to great effect on me whenever I start to slow down or lose focus on worship due to my edging. Covered in spit and extra whip marks I'm instructed to lie on my back. As I lie on my back I look above me and I see the glorious sight of  Mistress naked from the waist down. I now know what's coming, but She must have been holding on to this for ever. I was totally covered in Mistress' champagne from the waist up. Its in my eyes my nose most importantly in my mouth. It was like being rained on directly from heaven. Then it stops and I'm instructed to cum for Her. As I bring myself to a climax Mistress again stands astride me and releases more of her champagne over me. I cum just as she finishes. 
I lie there wasted, exhausted, covered head to foot in Mistress' champagne and spit and absolutely no idea of the time of day. The session has ended and I'm asked if I'd like a shower. Really didn't want to move, I couldn't move. The full effect of spending over twenty four hours with Mistress Lola had drained me both physically and mentally. Mistress let me lie there for a as long as I needed to compose myself and get my head back in to my space. 
Showered and dressed I can honestly say if I had to live this life I would live it for Mistress Lola. Our time together had way exceeded twenty four hours and to make the experience complete Mistress had the idea we went out for dinner and to look at some plants she needed for home. 
Now I'm no spring chicken and I've been around the block a few times but nothing has or ever will come close to the extended experience I spent with Mistress Lola Ruin. - Thank you Mistress.  

I'd finally decided to follow through with my fantasies and committed to booking my first session with a professional dominatrix, now it was just a matter of finding the right person.

Mistress Lola Ruin stood out to me, not only from her excellent website but her blog posts and past testimonials, which convinced me that she was a good person, one who i could trust with such a private part of my life.

I mustered the courage to ‘Apply to Serve’ Mistress Lola, who got back to me the next day via email where we had a back and forth and discussed a few things and answered any questions I had which helped with reassuring me about our upcoming session, but I was still very nervous leading up to and especially on the day.

I followed the easy instructions of where to go on the day and after knocking on the door was greeted with the sweetest smile, offered a drink and then we discussed my application, since it was my first time we agreed upon a general introduction to her world of domination, I was then instructed on how I should be presented when Mistress came back. I hurriedly stripped off and knelt where instructed eagerly awaiting her return.

After what seemed to me like the longest wait ever (in reality I was probably only a few minutes) I heard the unmistakeable sound of Mistress making her approach.  As she entered the room I instantly made the mistake of glancing at her to see her beauty again, I was instantly reprimanded for this.

Mistress then explained how she likes to have her slaves worship her at the start of the session and after asking permission, I was graciously allowed to worship her shoes, then her feet, then her legs.  I was then blindfolded, while mistress teased me and probed my mind, only being allowed to hear her soft yet authoritative voice, only being able to react to every unknown gentle touch was placing me deeper and deeper under her control.

During this I unfortunately forgot the proper way to address Mistress and for this, she punished me, making me bend over her knee and spanking me. The instant change from the gentle blindfolded teasing to the harsh over the knee spanking was a complete change in personalities and unfortunately the intense experience of submitting to a professional dominatrix for the first time and the abrupt change in treatment seemed to overwhelm me.

Mistress Lola recognised this and once again proving how adept she is at her craft had me sit at the foot of her throne in between her legs, my back to her while she gently held me and while speaking to me softly but still with that ‘in charge’ tone instructed my breathing to help calm me. (looking back, the fact that she recognised this and helped me in this way only proves to me that she cares a lot about those who sub for her and that they are comfortable and enjoying themselves in their sessions with her)

Once Mistress sensed I was ready to continue she had me crawl over to her bench and locked my restraints to it so I was hers to play with.  Mistress teased me whilst making me worship her legs, feet and ass, I was in heaven, and then came the smothering, having Mistress use me and toy with me this way was so intense, allowing me just enough air before sitting her perfect bottom back on my face, her laughter echoing through my mind as she did.

After the session for me was just as enjoyable, I was offered a shower and after that she allowed me time, just to talk about things, not necessarily to do with the session, just talking, I never felt rushed or that she just wanted me to leave, I felt very at ease and compared to the experience she had just lead me through, it was an amazing contrast.

Something I didn’t expect to get from the session, was the sense of calm confidence, the serene state my mind I entered afterwards was outstanding, and just for helping me discover that I could reach that state I will be forever thankful.

In Summary, Mistress Lola Ruin both in and out of the sessions is a very impressive person, I admire her a great deal and feel honoured to have met her along my life journey. I am so glad I chose to apply to serve Mistress Lola as my first experience with a Professional Dominatrix.

I’ve been to see Mistress Lola Ruin twice now and experienced new sensations such as being wrapped up to her bench and an introduction to Anal play where she used a variety of toys on me (I had never done any anal play before this and to have her be my guide in this I am extremely grateful)

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the time before and after the sessions in her company just as much as the time during, and I know I’ll be applying again to continue my training and exploration (Mistress permitting of course J ).

My initial instinct of her being a good person has definitely been confirmed, she is someone I can trust and submit to safely but who will still keep me on edge, someone who is happy to guide me yet torment me along the way. 

If any of what I’ve said has resonated with you and you’ve managed to read this far but still have doubts, Trust me, you will not regret applying to serve Mistress Lola Ruin.

I am compelled to document a truly amazing experience visiting Mistress Lola Ruin.

My first ever visit to a Mistress had been with Mistress Lola Ruin some 5 years ago where she had expertly and patiently introduced me to a variety of activities and experiences. This had left me wanting more and determined to venture further into her hypnotic domain. Unfortunately, and for many reasons, it has taken me this long to find a mutually convenient opportunity to once again offer servitude to an amazing lady.

This time my approach to Mistress was less anxiety provoking and I was more knowledgeable about the activities that I would like to explore further. I initially contacted Mistress through her website and received a friendly and welcoming response within a matter of days. From this point we exchanged a number of emails establishing the finer details in respect of the date and time of O/our session and Mistress enquired further as to my aspirations for our activities. My response was detailed and had clearly been read with interest by Mistress, as when we met prior to the session, Mistress was able to clarify with me activities that She may choose to incorporate into the session.

I arrived at Mistresses new chambers on time, having been given clear directions of how to get there. I was greeted at the door by the friendly and welcoming Mistress that I remembered from my initial visit, and the hesitant anxiety that had built over the preceding hour immediately dispersed. I was invited to take a seat in Mistresses dungeon, offered a drink and discussed the session that was about to ensue.

Mistress has opened Her own chambers since my first visit and she has done an amazing job. They are spotlessly clean and smell fresh. She has clearly put a lot of thought, time and hard work to the design and pulled together a space, full of menacing apparatus and equipment, that she is rightly very proud of. It really was a space to feel comfortable in, well, at least when you first arrive and again as you leave.

What transpired over the following 90 minutes was transcendental. Mistress left the room to prepare and I was left to disrobe and assume the reverent position at the foot of Her throne. The passage of time awaiting Mistresses return was unbearable, I could hear the distant echoes of her preparation, followed by the enclosing, unmistakable sounds of her imminent entrance. Mistress entered, positioned herself gracefully on her throne and presented Her boot clad, petite foot, to my downturn head and instructed me to greet Her in the accustomed manner. The sight of her perfectly painted toenails visible through the open toed boots was sublime and from that moment I was spellbound for the rest of O/our time together. Worshipping Her boots and toes whilst edging commenced was just the start and a clear sign of things to come.

Mistress Lola establishes control and demands obedience with a voice that maintains a demure tone throughout. Mistress disabled any concept that I may have

had left of masculinity, She made clear that my desires, wishes and enjoyment was of no consequence and that Her only interest in me was to gain maximum entertainment and servitude for her own gratification. A task that She was certain I would likely fail to fulfil and a failure for which I would certainly be punished.

Throughout O/our session I was edged to the point of frustration far more times than I was able to keep count of. Electrics were attached to my genitals throughout most of the session and Mistress Lola employed them with wicked regularity, coinciding with the many edges I endured, much to Her own hilarity. Mistress truss me to her flogging bench and reintroduced me to an array of her instruments. Mistress took me to my absolute edge of tolerance (but not beyond and at my request), encouraging me throughout and praising me for bravery.

Strapped face up and unable to move I was introduced to several pieces of equipment that Mistress used to tantalise and then torment me to countless edgings. The Tremblr milking machine was attached and I was brought to points of frenzied ecstasy, only for Mistress to suddenly stop, with unbearably frustrating consequences, left to dribble out with repeated Ruined orgasms. Mistress Lola does indeed live up to Her title in this department, She is most ghoulish and delighted in employing these skills. I was edged and ruined so many times that by the end I wasn’t even sure whether I was erect or flaccid.

Mistress Lola Ruin needs no description in Her beauty, this drips from every image that exists. In person Mistress Lola is every bit as beautiful and some. To be in Her presence is to be in awe of Her gorgeousness and to be invited to physically worship any part of Her should be considered the ultimate privilege.

As the session concluded, I accepted the offer of a shower and used this time to try and reclaim some sense of reality. I was then humbled to spend a really chilled and relaxing time chatting with Mistress. Gone was the alter ego (for us both) and we sat chewing over everything from the kink scene to single use plastics, whilst we drank a lovely fruit tea and chomped on lovely oaty biscuits. I left the chambers in the evening rain and my head swam with images that will not wash away any time soon.

Back at my hotel I smirk as I remember the ruthless skill with which Mistress wielded Her cane and I admire with pride the first ever stripes that I have earned, awarded to me by the gorgeous Mistress Lola Ruin and her trusty cane!!

Having visited Mistress on several occasions I am always amazed by how much more intense these session become.  I’m sure the reason for this is that Mistress Lola learns what you like and what you don’t from previous visits and adapts accordingly. 

I have always adored the pain Mistress Lola inflicts especially when She uses her floggers and whips across my back. However, on this occasion I wanted the session to be of a less painful experience and more of a sensual one. 

Following a pre session discussion, Mistress planned my session expertly, even suggesting I take a bull whipping for Her at the start of the session as I might regret it after the session finishes. Turns out She was correct. Again. 

I absolutely adore the build up to a punishment as much and possibly more than the punishment itself. The sensation of being restrained to Her whipping board is just wonderful. Hands cuffed and secured above my head, ankles cuffed and secured to a spreader, then Mistress’ hand placed on my back and pushing me up as close as possible to the board as a She buckles a leather restraining strap across the middle of my back. Now punishment can commence. This time I was to take just 10 lashes from the bull whip. Each stroke hurt like crazy and were interspersed with light touches and cracks of the whip just inches away so I never knew when the whip was actually going to strike. As ever, simply awesome. 

Whipping over I was asked to lie on my back on Her bench. Hands and ankles still cuffed and secured to the bench. I was then blindfolded. Excellent I thought. Time for the sensual side to start. How wrong I was. Mistress proceeded to wrap my entire body and head in what felt like a very strong cling film. I was totally immobile. I could not move a muscle. I then felt the heel of Mistress’  boot probing for my nipples. Once identified these were exposed and pegs attached. I’m amazed just painful a plastic peg can be. What followed was a painful trampling and heel stamps over my torso and legs. Next my blindfold and the cling film that was securing my head was removed and a pillow placed for my head to rest on. Mistress then produced a pair of surgical scissors and proceeded to use these to expose the area around my groin. Now the sensual side was to start, wrong again. Mistress produced a wallet of ‘sounds’ and encouraged me to watch as these were inserted in to my penis. This was a totally new experience for me and they were used in increasing diameter until they would no longer fit. Even oddly shaped ones were used. I definitely want to experience that again. 
Next, Mistress expertly took me through several edging before allowing me to cum. At last the sensual part, wrong. The release should have been bliss, but Mistress continued with the stimulation on my already over sensitive cock. What should have been fantastic end turned in to my first post orgasm torture. I was helpless to do anything to stop this. Mistress making me beg for her to stop. I begged and begged and begged but She continued. It was literally driving me crazy and still I was unable to move an inch or do anything to make this stop. Mistress clearly enjoys this, evident by her laughs at my requests to stop. Eventually She took pity on me and stopped. It is without exaggeration that I say I was a wreck. Both psychological and physical. Mistress cut me out of what I could now see was a strong black cling film and I was saturated in sweat. I had to remain on the bench for a moment or two to get my composure back.
As is always the case with my visits to Mistress Lola Ruin, She pushes me further and further every time. Having said that, I have never felt in a more safe pair of hands.  I say this every time, but this was probably my finest visit to Mistress Lola Ruin. She knows my boundaries better than I do. I can’t wait to continue my journey in to kink with Her...

”This was my first visit to Mistress Lola Ruin, and I was both excited and nervous. Mistress quickly put me at ease by her charming and disarming smile, and her calm approach to sitting me down to discuss the session.
I was impressed by Mistress being able to recall my interests and she checked out what I enjoy. I was told to kneel in front of Mistress and I was put into a subjugated mind space by worshipping Mistresses boots. 
I loved how Mistress took control without raising her voice and she has a strong powerful feminine presence. She is intoxicating.
As the session progressed Mistress kept me guessing and surprised me several times, which was exhilarating! She covered all my interests and more, and gave me such pleasure (mixed with pain throughout), especially when edging me and using sounds. As I recall it, I am smiling from the pleasure!
Mistress is attentive but firmly in control, which was just how I like it. Mistress is masterful at teasing and the anal play section was also amazing, as Mistress played with my mind, mixing up pain and pleasure, creating powerful associations in my mind. Wow, just terrific.
All I can say is that this was a wonderful session and I will be returning. I would recommend Mistress without hesitation. Mistress Lola Ruin is accomplished, highly skilled and understands how to manipulate me, and I loved it!”

Mistress Lola,

It was a pleasure to meet you on Friday, I had been looking forward to
visiting a Mistress for a long time, since December 2017, and I had
missed it.  Another achievement, I managed my mobility OK.  Visiting a
Mistress is my thing, something no one else knows about.

Thank you for the session, it was very enjoyable in the way only a
submissive would understand.  As someone tweeted to you yesterday, it
was ‘pleasurably uncomfortable’, which is a nice way of putting it.

First of all, I noticed your red nails, fingers and toes, which is
just a little interest of mine, as I mentioned.  Those boots are
fabulous, open toed, so I was able to kiss your toes, nice deep
platform to lick and a nice rounded stiletto heel to suck.

There is a feeling of calm as I am strapped down on the flogging bench
and you stride around in your boots, and I am unable to touch your
legs or boots, even if I was allowed to.  I don’t know how many
floggers you used, some thuddy and some narrow and stingy, but all
good.  And when I was strapped to the bed, sensation overload, tease
and denial, three dribbles of ruined orgasm and I was drained, nipple
torture, tugging the chain on the clamps with the heels of your boots,
more boot worship at the same time, and then the pain when the clamps
were removed and the blood rushed back into my nipples !

It was great to be at your feet where I belong, and under your
control.  I smiled all the way home and afterwards.

I will be back, thank you Mistress.


I can't thank You enough for yesterdays session. Each visit to You gets more and more intense. The same goes for our last session yesterday. Quite simply, incredible.
The bullwhipping was a sensation overload. From the very start of securing me against your whipping board to the very last stroke. If You need anyone to practice on or someone to release your angers and stresses of the day upon, please choose me. (there goes another statement I should've thought about before mentioning)!! Seriously though, You were so caring, Checking after every couple of strokes that the whip was hitting me where You had intended. That, along with Your hands on my back inspecting Your work made me quiver. I still quiver just thinking about.  I absolutely adored it. 
Lying prostrate in front you, hands bound and above my head and feet bound together is something I'll never forget. We must do that again. I felt and indeed was, helpless to resist anything you did to me. From the trampling in your Louboutin heels to the needle play and everything in-between, I was on such a high at the end of the session I was buzzing! 
My endorphin levels must have been through the roof as I suffered from a short bout of 'sub drop'. You had previously warned me of this so I knew what it was and You also gave me advice on how best to deal with this. It only lasted a couple of hours but being forewarned is as good as being forearmed. I cannot wait to session with You again Mistress.

A second visit to see Mistress Lola:
I had a wonderful first session with Mistress Lola and knew it would not be long before I returned. The feelings of nervousness were still there but mixed with anticipation and excitement. I had another lovely warm welcome from Mistress Lola and was shown into the playspace which immediately rekindled happy memories of my first visit.
I had asked for a session similar to my first but also wanted to experience facesitting and milking. This time Mistress told me I was to put on the latex catsuit myself but I ended up failing and had to be helped again. I was once more strapped face down on the kneeling bench (although not blindfolded) but still unable to see which anal toys Mistress was choosing from the shelf. I was told that I would have to take whatever she chose, and she stroked my hair as she remembered that she had taken my anal virginity on my previous visit. The first two plugs stretched me nicely and when vibrated with her wand sent wonderful ripples of excitement through me. Then Mistress said she was going to use a different type of toy - a stretching toy - which she didn’t think I could take completely. I desperately wanted to please Mistress and take more and more, and despite increasing feelings of discomfort I said I wanted to take it all of it, and she told me I already had. After it had been taken out she showed me that it was a long red ribbed toy - much longer than I thought. There was no respite as she then inserted an inflatable plug that I found to be a real turn on, especially when vibrated - it sent shivers all over my body which I had not experienced before.
I was then released from the bench and told to kneel as Mistress Lola lay face down. I was allowed the honour of worshiping her gorgeous bottom through the wonderful latex dress she was wearing. I enjoyed just using my tongue to worship her for what seemed like a blissful eternity. My arms and back started to ache but I was determined to continue for as long as I was allowed.
After a while Mistress Lola decided I had had enough fun and it was time for me to be put into the wonderful smothering box. I was lain on my back, securely strapped down with my head in the cramped confines of the box. Mistress then used the milking machine on me but unfortunately I could not maintain enough of an erection which was a shame - hopefully I can experience this again another time. I was teased with a view of Mistress Lola’s legs but totally trapped with my head in the box as she slowly began pressing her bottom on me more and more, then smothering me and fully sitting on me. I loving being crushed by her bottom with no escape - completely in my place being used as her chair. My right hand was untied and I was allowed me to try to bring myself to orgasm but I was unable to do no more than frustrate myself. She dismissed me by playfully bobbing her bottom on my face a few times.
I left blissfully happy after a wonderful session. Thank you so much Mistress Lola!

Mistress Lola educated me in an extended session. I was allowed to serve her as a bootlicker before she fixed me and covered me extensively with colorful wax. In between she pampered my body with different devices. Finally I was allowed to cream the feet of the mistress and to be available to her as a foot slave.
After a wonderful NS shower and subsequent cleaning I was locked in the cage for the night. The wonderful Mistress slept over me, in the sure knowledge that the slave is safely locked up.
Then in the morning I was allowed to lick as the first in the cage locked up the heels of the lady. It was beautiful to be allowed to serve in such a way in a humble position in the cage of the lady. Afterwards I was fixed again, and treated with wax and whip as well as a milking machine. Finally I was allowed to feel and drink the urine of the mistress before I was relieved with the milking machine.
I thank Mistress Lola that I was allowed to experience an overnight session with this wonderful mistress. I look forward to a future session.

I went to Mistress Lola Ruins today. 

The experience was amazing. From the off, I was welcome into a warm, friendly, comfortable environment and was offer refreshments. She then sat me down and we talked about my interests. She was very nice. But don’t let this fool you. Once we were ready to start the session she was a completely different woman. From the get go it was clear she was in charge and of you though otherwise well let’s just say she’ll quickly prove you wrong. The feeling of being strapped down, gagged and at her disposal for any pleasure she wanted was absolute ecstasy. Easily the best dominatrix iv ever been to. Afterwards I was offered a shower and more refreshments. I then left but deep down knowing I had just been used and abused by one of the most beautiful mistresses ever....

Mistress Lola Ruin is remarkable: my experiences to date have discovered a unique Lady, highly professional in Her approach, dominant yet willing to help others.
Mistress Lola Ruin demonstrates intense dominance at times. However She is able to balance intensity with quieter control, serene passages of time. Her effect upon me has been to overwhelm gradually, not drowning Her subject but easing into control. From day one it felt natural for me to serve Mistress: She took care to learn about Her slave and then She used Her knowledge and experience to begin developing me, whilst ensuring that both parties enjoyed and benefited from the experience. 
I feel safe with Mistress Lola Ruin. She balances dominance with reliability, care and positivity. She is a pleasure to be with and I deem it an honour to be associated with Her

On my way over to Ashton there was certainly a lot of apprehension. My mind was racing about would it live up to my expectations and my mouth was dry. Anxiety was through the roof. 

I arrived in Ashton in good time so whilst sat in the car thought I’d jot down a few experiences I would like to try so I didn’t forget anything. As it happened I did forget things I’d mentioned in my request but when you saw my note you knew I’d missed things off and happily included them for me. 

When I made my way to your location I was early and wandered around the streets for what felt like ages waiting for 4pm. It must have only been 10 minutes I had to wait but it felt like an age. Checking my phone every 30 seconds wishing 4 o’clock to come.

4pm came and I made my way up to your door. I felt like I was shaking. However when you opened the door and greeted me the anxieties eased. Invited into the dungeon we discussed limits and expectations. You then stood up, told me to undress, kneel where indicated and said you’d be back in a few minutes. 

Kneeling waiting for you to return was like a legal high. I didn’t know what to expect but when I heard your heels approaching I felt my heart rate increase. 

Where did that nice girl that met me at the door go? You sat in front of me, I looked up to see what you were wearing and was straight away put in my place. However I’d seen enough to know I might enjoy the next hour.

And boy did I just. Some things I wasn’t sure about and enjoyed more than I should’ve were the spitting and pissing. They were highlights. You could’ve have just spat on me for an hour then covered me in your piss and I’d have walked away blissfully happy. 

The whip did leave its mark on my back as requested and hopefully will be there as a reminder of my time with you for a few days more. Marks on my bottom will be there much longer. It’s bruises and marks will certainly see the week out. The cane you used on me has left several welts and it was a pleasure to take the pain for you. My bum is still stinging and the feeling is great. 

You also helped out with my prostrate issue helping get an erection and having an orgasm. Something that hasn’t happened in 18 months. And now just the thought of me standing naked and restrained in front of you is helping to get the blood flowing in to that region!! Something that didn’t happen until yesterday.

You have the most amazing body and legs that I will worship until the day I die.

It would be an honour if you could see me again. Thanks again for everything. An absolute pleasure to meet such a beautiful Mistress.

My visit to see the awesome Mistress Lola was an amazing day that I never thought would come, having fantasied for years about seeing a pro domme but have never had the courage to do anything about it. 

Somehow I plucked up the nerves firstly to fill in her online form, and then to actually submit the form when I thought I had no intention of actually doing so! I think it was because her blog shows a caring, real side to her, that seems so approachable and different to many other pro dommes (it was also partly because I have a massive weakness for redheads!)

I got a huge thrill when my application to serve was accepted, and I spent most of the week before in a state of total distraction and anticipation. When the day finally arrived it felt a little unreal but amazing all the same. I arrived at the play space (which is very discrete) and was greeted by Mistress Lola who was even more stunning in real life.

I did not know whether I would really enjoy it or be totally out of my depth - but I need not have worried. Mistress Lola will put you totally at ease, and in the conversation before the session you feel you can tell her exactly what areas you want to explore. Mistress likes to you to communicate with her during the session as well, so you can tell her how things are going. You have no respite and have to answer, even if your answers seem inadequate babbling, rather than how you are really feeling! You feel an immediate trust in her which is very comforting.

I was told to remove my clothes and be on my knees and head down when she returned. I foolishly failed to realise how I should have greeted her until she waved her shoe in front of my face and I had to be told to kiss each shoe. I was allowed to kiss and worship her beautiful latex clad legs, and I was still rather dazed and confused, but I enjoyed being made to shine her legs.

I wondered how I would cope with submission, but over the course of the session I found I wanted to please Mistress and loved it when she told me I was a good boy, or that she liked my moaning. It was also wonderful to hear her laughing at me when I was in a helpless and vulnerable position, or writhing worshiping her.

Mistress helped me clumsily get into a latex suit. I was allowed to feel the tight smooth latex all around me. I could not quite fit properly into the suit but it left me suitably exposed for the main part of the session. I was strapped face down onto the kneeling bench and then blindfolded. I then lost all sense of time and as I was first lubed up with two toys - one which seemed small - the second much less so. Mistress then used the vibrating wand thing to stimulate the plug inside me which was amazing.

Then came the moment I had really wanted - to be taken with a strapon for the first time. I still don’t know which strapon was used, but I knew I didn’t want anything too small. I could feel Mistress’s latex legs brush against mine and I desperately wanted to squirm backwards onto it. I begged her to take me harder and harder with it and she did. I trusted her totally.

There was no respite as Mistress asked if I wanted to be put on the machine - and I did. She released my blindfold but only so I could see her sat in the chair laughing as I moaned while she adjusted the speed up and down, up and down. I wanted more - but suddenly I had had enough. She sounded surprised but showed me mercy and said I could have my treat - which she had mentioned earlier but I had totally forgotten about!

My treat was to be allowed to worship Mistress’s gorgeous latex clad bottom as she perched on a low stool just above my head. This went on for what seemed like a blissful eternity, and I finally lost all of my inhibitions. 

Then the session was over, and I was offered a shower and a cup of tea and we chatted a little more about how things went. Mistress Lola is a lovely person who understands what you are looking for, and I feel incredibly lucky to have had this experience with her. I can’t wait to return!

It was my second time submitting, and even though there was a level of familiarity with the experience I was once more about to delve into, I was still taken aback by Mistress Lola's Presence and Beauty as She greeted me into Her playspace.
After the usual briefing/reminder of safe play and discussion of what the session would faintly explore I was left to undress. It felt longer, waiting to observe Mistress in Her chosen outfit for O/our time together. Wondering when that door would swing open, when those footsteps wouldn't be a distant echo.
What felt like an eternity passed, suddenly I was rewarded by Mistress Lola stepping into the room towards me, making sure to keep my head bowed as I didn't want a repeat of gazing upon Mistress' elegance without permission. However this caused me to let slip how I should be greeting Mistress once She had gracefully sauntered through the door.. Something NOT to be forgotten next time. And there WILL be a next time(Mistress permitting of course)
W/we both had a shared desire to have me leave with Mistress' marks adorning my backside once again, with an added ambition toward having them last longer than their predecessors. Such when it came to the Spanking Bench I was left stripy, red, sore and shaking in pain, remarkably so that Mistress employed a massage technique to help ease and calm me down from the pain I had taken for Her. This was a very comforting, caring touch that Mistress adds to Her sessions which shows just how much She cares about the D/s relationship W/we are building.
Having taken pain for Mistress Lola, She decided She would allow me some pleasure in the form of worshipping Her amazing feet. Her petite cute feet which deserve all the love and care I have to give them after strutting around in magnificent heels. As well as this there were other areas Mistress granted me access to worship before sending me home wearing Her very own stockings which I had been requested to strip from Her heavenly legs.
I am VERY excited to continue my journey with Mistress Lola Ruin into the kinky world She rules so well!
Especially with the added task of what I am to be wearing when I do travel to see Her next..
These sessions are some of the most memorable experiences I have had that won't be forgotten(notably so because the second one was filmed) and it's ALL thanks to Mistress Lola Ruin.

As someone who has previously seen one dominatrix a little over a year ago, and who was very keen to get back into the scene, Mistress Lola seemed, based on he OnlyFans to be totally, totally  perfect, and OH MY, She sure was. As the time of our session got nearer and nearer my nerves began to grow to the point where I almost turned around but from the moment I pressed the door bell and she welcomed me with a warm smile, and looking incredible and genuine interest and affection I knew that I made the right decision. 
When the opening pleasantries were done and Mistress seemed genuinely looking forward our session, she exited the room and instructed me to kneel naked and wait for her. From thereon in she oozed confidence and authority without it ever turning into arrogance. As the session started I was very nervous but Mistress stopped and helped me with breathing and totally put my mind at ease about what I was worried or nervous about.
The session flew by as Mistress pushed me to the edge (both of my limits and literally) 
She was every bit as beautiful in person as in her photos, and with those piercing eyes and cheeky smile she is impossible not to be obsessed with. A wonderful session and I will be back again very soon! Thanks SOO much Mistress Lola

Still being someone relatively new to exploring my submissive side in kink, you would imagine visiting a Pro Dominatrix would be incredibly nerve wracking and you would be right, but don’t let the nerves hold you back from an other worldly experience to come.

Although I have previously visited a Pro Dominatrix, after some time out of the scene, diving back into it with serving the beautiful, stunning, elegant Mistress Lola the nerves were felt even more this time.

As the door opened and I stepped into Her lair there was no going back and once She welcomed me with Her approachable friendly manner, coinciding with a natural radiant catching smile, I didn’t want to turn back.

Mistress Lola exuded an air of confidence and calmness and the way She managed to make my unrelenting nerves disappear with a just a warm welcome, was clear straight away I was in the right place serving the right Mistress and W/we would have a good session ahead.

After the pleasantries of talking about and respecting my likes, limits and interests, Mistress Lola exited the room and told me to undress and wait in the correct knelt position prepared to serve.

Being a keen author I could happily write a book about the amazing experience I felt in this session with Mistress Lola detailing each section, but I’ll keep the session description out of this and let your imagination run wild as Mistress Lola’s clearly did.

The session was fun, intense and another positive learning curve for me learning about kink and my role as a sub in it.

This time I felt I let go more than ever before as control was passed over to Mistress Lola towards submission. Working hard to please Her was the priority and at one point in the session, I even felt my head fain to rest onto her boot in acceptance as her property now.

Throughout the session I felt slightly nervous still (as most subs should when serving a true Domme), happy (as one would be serving an amazing Domme such as Mistress Lola), but mainly obedient and willing to serve to please Her. That’s what it’s about at the end of the day, pleasing the Mistress.

Mistress Lola is naturally beautiful with those piercing drawing eyes. Though Her evil mischievous smile that coaxed me into Her web as she laughed away edging me for the duration of the session, that is a memory I won’t forget and don’t want to forget.

After just one session, I can’t recommend Mistress Lola enough. 

For any sub experienced or not, definitely get yourself booked in to serve Her, you won’t regret it! 

I’ll be back to session with her. The sooner the better.

Thanks again Mistress Lola

Dear Mistress Lola Ruin

Two weeks after 27 hours in Your "keeping" I'm still looking for words to describe my feelings and impressions.

I'm so thankful that it was possible for You to fix our arrangement with nearly four month lead time because I need this time to organize my flight from Germany and the off time at my work

And also after this time to prepare myself for our meeting I was so unbelievable excited and nervous as You opened Your door.

You was so kind but also keeping always the shape in accordance to Your dominant aura.

The combination of the different styles of "Extended Experiences" that followed from now on seems also in the retrospective perfect.

Without sharing to many (personal) details I can say that it were completely different challenges on the first an the second day.

The first day as Your toilet slave it was for me primarily a mentional challenge. That means not, that it was not also physically challenging to drink Your divine champagne every 30 minutes or so and that for hours. But for me it was the hardest to accept to lie there, wet from the parts that I can't swallow, to accept that I began to smell, to become really a toilet for You. And also for second Lady, that invited to use Your personal toilet slave.

The second part as Your servitude slave was a perfect "come down". I enjoyed it so much so to be allowed to massages Your feet. And I will not forget, that You like it more softly...

The night - without words, caged beneath You was one of the best nights in my life...

And finally: hours and hours of orgasm control... 30 times of edging, without permission to come and to have the discipline to give You a sign to stop. And between that the Venus milking machine always still working in a slow mode, without a break. That was such an physically experience. I couldn't imagine before that something like this is possible... You brought me to the highest points of erection and frustration...!

After lhe last visit from You and before my "release" into the reality it was so good to have the time to come down again, to speak with You. And a especially "Thank You" for the coffee, it was perfect in this moment to hold a cup in my hands, so You didn't see my trembling, a sign of excitement an to be near to You.

What You give me in the 27 hours before was really a "Extended Experience" that I will never forget in my life. 

Thank You for that, Mistress Lola Ruin!

I was privileged enough to be granted an opportunity to serve Mistress Lola Ruin during her recent trip to London. To say the session was good would be an understatement - it was as if Mistress Lola knew me (and my limits) better than myself, and took me on an experience that surpassed my own imaginations.

All the obvious superlatives about MLR are undoubtedly true - She was mesmerisingly beautiful and a complete professional. But for me, the thing that set Her apart was her intellect and the ability to get into your mind. I was lucky to have my first ruined orgasm experience with MLR. Not knowing what to expect, MLR was gentle and cruel at the same time, guiding me patiently throughout. MLR has this amazing ability to somehow keep the tension high throughout the entire time I was there; and instead of the usual “peak and trough” of a plain vanilla orgasm, MLR seemed to be able to build on each ruined orgasm to make the next even more intense, satisfying and frustrating at the same time.

The only negative I could find from the experience was that MLR is based in Manchester - and I would have to wait frustratingly for Her next visit to London!

My journey to Mistress was a long one, weeks of website browsing and steadying my nerve all before I’d even applied for an appointment. Although I managed to distract myself, when the day finally came any delusions of steeliness quickly evaporated as I approached the dungeon. Failure to execute some basic pre-session tasks was a tragic inevitability.

With my foot fetish interests already declared, Mistress put me straight to work. Having carefully read Mistress’s relevant blog posts on a number of occasions, I’d done my homework. I must have had good idea of correct procedures, what I should do, how I should do it right? So I thought at least.

On my knees at Mistress’s feet, basking in her aura of dominance, my cock was at full attention and dripping before I had even laid a first kiss on Mistress’s perfect little feet. Beautiful high arches and delightfully proportioned toes, the very definition of flawless. Such was my distraction, in moments it was almost easy to forget how gorgeous the rest of Mistress is. I sheepishly fumbled undoing the straps on Mistress’s pretty heels. Touching them, massaging them, right there was everything I’d fantasised about for so long. By now my cock was making quite the mess and with nowhere to hide.
After I eventually met the standard with my introductory groundwork, I was led over to a bench where Mistress blindfolded me. Trying to imagine what was happening around me and focused on what was in front of me, it felt like my brain was working overtime. It was as if the loss of sight overloaded all my other senses. From here on I lost all perception of time. As we carried on I couldn't say if I had been blindfolded for ten or thirty minutes.
Satisfied I'd anxiously waited long enough, Mistress granted me the pleasure of removing her stockings. Now able to feel Mistress's soft skin, my pleasure rose again. After applying baby oil to Mistress's legs I could sense Mistress enjoying this more too. As my frustration and anxiety grew and grew, I was so relieved when Mistress allowed me to remove the blindfold. A huge release of endorphins rushed over me, coupled with the exquisite view of Mistress from my place on the floor, I was in ecstasy.

For what felt like an hour, I continued to worship Mistress's feet and legs in this way. I couldn't believe how much and for how long my heart had been racing for. Mistress told me to jerk until edging but this was a matter of seconds at a time. I was very much on and off edge for longer than I had ever thought imaginable. As we went on I Mistress has my face more and more immersed in her feet. All the while Mistress's vibrator continued to be work, Mistress's intermittent heavier breathing spiked my pleasure each time. With my mouth straining to suck on Mistress's toes, Mistress treated me to her kneeling nearer by, facing away. Burying me face in Mistress's arches, moving across her sculpted bottom while alternating feet, I am in heaven. 

As Mistress steps up my edging, she has me rate my discomfort. Not wanting to end things quickly, I continue this for as long as possible. My final release was so big and for so long I felt like I was having an out of body experience. I take a deep breath and soak up my divine experience.
I hadn't realised until the session was over how hard I had actually been worked. I'm pleased I didn't try stand until Mistress had left the room post session, my legs so tired from kneeling I could barely straighten them. Needless to say I can't wait to be back again.

This was my third ever visit to dominatrix , lets just say i was unprepared for Lola. I arrived it was just like before but subtly different in small ways i can only realize now.
You sit lower, Lola just looks at you for a while in that quiet appraising  manner and then we chatted , she had obviously memorized our emails and a twitter exchange, this was detail, it was unexpected.
As we chatted she just made me feel good about letting her know what i dreamt of, what i liked , what i loved, what i feared (but desired) she put me at ease.. She left me alone to ponder my thoughts (and remove my clothes) .
It felt like forever but when she came back in it was the same person but the control had shifted  away and i was prey to those secrets i had just revealed. She used them and that elegance and sheer beauty  to help me control my 
reactions , i had asked for choices. She overwhelmed me i chose badly i chose even worse, she laughed i chose without thinking. I was in "that space" she used this to get more and more from me, and im certain she won't forget those reveals,  its that attention to the finite detail that literally blew me away. Her long (beautiful hair) just lightly touches you as she moves around you, her fingernails just clip you occasionally ans she tormented me . I left fulfilled but knowing for certain id be back for much more.

Last week I was lucky enough to have my first (amazing) session with Mistress Lola Ruin. I was very nervous but, from the first contact through Her website, Mistress put me at ease and the arrangements were perfect.

When the day and time finally arrived, I knocked on Her door and was greeted by the beautiful Mistress. I had taken some red and white roses which i hoped She liked.

Mistress spent a few minutes calming my nerves and exploring my thoughts about the session. I crossdress from time to time, and taken some of my own clothes, and forced fem was central to the session, with humiliation, restraint, pics and whatever Mistress felt appropriate!

I was then left for a few minutes to strip and kneel in readiness.......

When Mistress returned, i got a glimpse of Her amazing legs and latex before being ordered to stare at the floor. As She sat on the leather bench I was ordered to lick Her lovely black leather high heels and then kiss and worship Her wonderful legs. I got carried away at one point and was told to wipe up my spit....

I needed to look more girly and slutty and Mistress forced me into a girly outfit; black tights with suspenders, black panties, a padded bra (which was tightened up really tightly so I would feel what is was really like to be a girl), girly jewellery and strappy high heels. Then, make up, with the honour of Mistress's own lovely red lipstick, foundation and mascara. Then topped off with a long blond and pink curly wig. Mistress took some photos as I got to look at my reflection in the mirror - girly, with loads of thick red lipstick "perfect for sucking cock"....!

Mistress than made me pose, and dance for Her, which She streamed live, humiliating me with the comments She got. I felt so humiliated but so excited! Mistress then pointed out Her brand new "f-machine" ( I'm sure anyone can guess what the 'f' stands for....). I was strapped face-down onto a kneeling bench and then couldn't see but could only hear as the machine was set uo behind me. Mistress teased me with what would come next....

I felt something nudging against my "pussy", which was unlike anything I've felt before....but so frustrating! I couldn't help but push back.... It then moved forwards and pushed into me - girly, degrading and incredible all at the same time. Mistress tooks some pictures and filmed it happening, which made it even more exciting. Mistress then turned the speed up so i was being fucked hard and fast, and then varied it up and down so i didn't know what was coming next. 

The next thing i saw, as Mistress moved round in front of me, was her big red strapon! I was ordered to open my mouth wide and suck it. I had my mouth and pussy filled at the same time! Mistress asked me which i preferred, but i had to say both! 

Then, on trembling legs, i was ordered across to be restrained, face up, on a leather bench. Teased by a vibrator, i was teased further with Mistress dangling her strapon just out of reach over my face, making me squirm and reach up to take it in my mouth. As She then filled my mouth with the strapon, She wiped it over my face, to smear the lipstick all over! 

It was an amazing end to an amazing session, and i needed the shower to calm down and relax!  So much done, but no doubt so much more for next time, if Mistress will spare me some more of her precious time. I promised to get some more, sluttier clothes for next time.  I can't wait to see the pics and clips, and i can't wait for next time.

First off I feel as a First Timer I should share why I chose to apply to Mistress Lola.

I've been exploring my sexuality for years and have fantasised seeing a Dom to try out the more physical side of my Kinks with someone but have always pushed it off because I couldn't find someone I wanted to session with nearby. When I saw a retweet of Mistress Lola I was immediately taken in by her beauty and began looking at more, I watched a short Christmas Message from her where I witnessed her sensual, caring, and real side which deeply resonated with me. Briefly reading her site I found myself not only fantasising about sessioning with her, also doing something I've pushed off so many times, filling out an application to have a chance at such an experience.

Application accepted and a very long journey later I was at the doorstep of Mistress' very discrete Chambers(I walked straight past it at first), once very politely greeted and invited in I was directed to the playroom and offered a drink. Even before starting O/our session Mistress sat herself in position where she was talking downward to me, already asserting her dominant role as W/we discussed what we were going to explore/which kinks I wanted involved but mostly I gave her free reign over the session, how we would play safe and that I was comfortable. I was then left alone instructed to strip and be waiting on my knees for when Mistress would next grace me with her presence. As I knelt in front of the door I could hear Mistress' footsteps in the next room, excited for when they would come towards me,  as the door opened I gazed upon the stunning Latex outfit she was donning only to be told "Eyes to the floor!" quickly correcting myself. This was the start of getting me into a submissive state of mind. To further get me into the right mindset Mistress had me worship her amazingly soft legs, I was allowed to rub moisturiser up and down every inch of them, feeling the fullness of her thighs down to those cute little feet. Whilst worshipping Mistress' legs I was asked questions which lead to asking whether when I dressed up was I more slutty or a girly sissy at which point I was ordered to my knees, nose to the ground and left alone once more. Mistress returned with some clothes for me to wear, told me to stand and had me step into a thong, she pulled it up my legs and tucked away my clitty behind a cute bow. Then she pulled a tight little piece of lingerie over my head and tightened it up which made me feel very slutty indeed as it had a short short frilly skirt, just short enough to show my thong, then finishing off the outfit with some pink fishnet stockings securing them with a garter belt. It was only now when Mistress was completing her work with a wig that I was granted permission to look at her. I was met by a beautiful smile gazing at me very happy with my sissification so far and then cracking a slight laugh at my expense. One last thing was needed, a pair of heels. I slipped them on and was instructed to come look at myself in the mirror and display just how much I liked what I was wearing by doing some poses and then play with my clitty whilst looking at my sissy self. Mistress pulled out her wand vibrator and applied it to my clitty, the sensations from this were intense as she moved it around pressing it harder against me then lifting away and pressing in again and again. She would lean in, her head against mine, whispering into my ear then into the other as she teased me requesting me to moan for her like the slut I was. Suddenly she stopped and pulled away the wand leaving me frustrated. I was now guided over to Mistress' spanking bench where I needed to receive some punishment for an earlier mistake, strapped down and reminded of the rules of safe play, Mistress caressed my cheeks before very swiftly switching to hard spanks. As she worked up the heat in my bottom new tools were used in place of her hand to be struck across my backside leading up to the cane. By the end of all the strokes with different tools I was tremoring in pain which Mistress seemed pleased with and allowed me to get up from the bench in my own time. As I got to my feet I briefly forgot I was wearing heels and stumbled over to Mistress, where she pointed to another bench that she would have me lay down on and strap me down tightly once more so I couldn't move. This is where she would use her Venus 2000, ranging through all the speeds of the device sending my whole body into a convulsion of pleasure, toes curling, my hips thrusting, biting down on my lip clutching the sides of the bench. I could see her smiling in-between those soft thighs looking down at me as she braced my head with her calves, I rubbed my face against them as they moved away to place her feet upon my chest, Mistress slowly lowered herself down towards my face almost touching before raising back up. Another time just grazing my noes, I was teased by her lowering and raising a couple times before she fully sat down and shook my head side to side with the softest plump cheeks, then lifting away re-positioning herself above. 

It took me years to find the right Mistress to go and take part in a session with and no longer being just a fantasy, Mistress Lola was the perfect choice. Shes very beautiful, sensual, and calming I could feel how much she enjoyed the session as did I. The Chambers is well equipped and has many many tools to be used on willing subs for their fantasies, which Mistress will surely put her own twist on during the session. This was a great First experience and hopefully the first of many.

My first session with Mistress Lola Ruin was incredible (and I say that having sessioned with literally dozens of different Mistresses over the 20 years that I’ve been playing). If you’re reading this, then you must already know how beautiful Mistress Lola is: she is extraordinarily beautiful in the flesh. Everything about Mistress Lola pushed my buttons: her amazing voice, the way she moves, the powerful aura of Dominance that seems to surround her, and her exceptional role-playing skills...I could go on. It was obvious that Mistress Lola had put a great deal of thought into the session: she had listened to all of my requests and suggestions, but added her own unique twists which made the session the best I have ever had. From the moment Mistress Lola entered the room, to the moment the session finished, i was happily lost deep in my submissive sissy fantasies. Mistress Lola is a consummate professional who clearly loves her work and is a genuine expert in her field. The session was incredible, and I can’t wait for the next one. I can’t recommend Mistress Lola highly enough: book now! 

When planning my trip to Manchester, I browsed the websites of several Mistresses, but when I came across the website of Mistress Lola Ruin, I knew immediately that I had found my perfect Mistress. To me, BDSM is mainly about the mental play, and it was clear from Mistress' website that she has the same approach to the game. I got the impression that she genuinely enjoys to torment her slaves, and fuck with their minds, so I booked a session right away.
Mistress looks stunning in the photos online, but I was very happy when we finally met, and she turned out to be even more gorgeous! I had given her a wish list for the session, but I also wanted her to put her own twist to it. And she did! I was told to keep track of how many edgings I got, but there were so many, and they came so close, I didn't have a chance! It must have been about 20, but I don't know for sure. However, what I managed to keep track of was the number of ruined orgasms: 3! Three times she got me so close to a proper orgasm that a few drops dribbled out! It's impossible to explain how frustrating this feels, but on the other hand, it was very clear that Mistress enjoyed this very much!
I always thought that heaven and hell were two very different places. But I was wrong. Both places can be found, seamlessly interwoven, inside the chambers of Mistress Lola Ruin.

I became aware of Mistress on Twitter. Her excellent web site had some very insightful blogs and I identified with her philosophy on BDSM. The emphasis was on exchange of power and her areas of interest matched what I wanted to experience. I requested a session and was delighted when she accepted. I have been aware of my kinky side from an early age but had not experienced anything more than mild play. I was therefore unsure how I would handle visiting the chambers of a professional dominatrix.

There was nothing at all intimidating as I made my way to our meeting. I found the chambers to be discretely located with a very private entrance. Upon entering I was quickly introduced to Mistress. She is a petite beautiful lady, friendly and obviously well educated. I was invited to sit down, and Mistress asked me to discuss I wanted from the session. It was very relaxed and she took a genuine interest in my fantasies and fetish needs. I realised that I had already taken a small step to submission as I was seated below Mistress looking up at her. She already had an aura of control and domination. Mistress guided me on the rules of how to play safely and consensually. My doubts about crossing into the fetish world quickly disappeared.

I was instructed to remove my clothing and kneel in preparation for Mistress entering the room. This order for obedience was itself arousing. It ticked the exchange of power box that I craved. As Mistress entered she walked behind me, her heels tapping on the hard floor. I momentarily raised my head to see a glimpse of her beautiful stocking clad legs at which time I was chastised and ordered to direct my gaze to the floor. I quickly obeyed and was rewarded with an instruction to kiss each of her feet. I was then ordered to worship each stocking clad foot as Mistress sat and directed me. This was my first chance to see all of Mistress in her tight latex outfit and she looked beyond perfection.

Mistress then proceeded to break me in like her new toy. She teased and controlled me demanding my obedience and respect. I was punished sadistically and sensually as Mistress probed my limits. Her eyes sparkled as she applied her toys expertly edging me. As the session progressed Mistress calmly asserted her ownership of me and I gladly submitted. I was ordered to her bench. I was restrained and lube applied. Pain was accompanied by reward as she administered an expert milking. As a toy was inserted, I embraced the pain and pressed myself back, onto it. Mistress was pleased and declared me to be her slut. I was then ordered to come. It took a few seconds for my brain to understand that I had been given permission. Mistress milked me vigorously and I released on to the hard stone floor. My balls were drained of every last drop.

The session was more than I hoped for. It was a cathartic experience which was the realisation of a long suppressed fantasy. Mistress is a fantastic dominatrix. Her body is strong, flexible and athletic which she uses to full effect in her sessions. It was a very intense experience where Mistress asserted complete control. All that happens is fully consensual, and Mistress ensures this by employing simple but effective verbal codes. I hardly needed to use this as Mistress is very intuitive and reads your reactions as the session progresses. Visually she is simply stunning and her outfits accentuate her dominant beauty.

I have now had two sessions and eagerly await a third!

I've so far been blessed with everything I could reasonably ask for in life, but since my teens I've craved something more than the vanilla. I've always been "kinky" and travelled to see Mistress Lola Ruin with a desire to find new experiences, push boundaries and explore a more submissive side, which I've long suspected was there.

With some apprehension I arrived at Mistress Lola's discrete chambers where She greeted me warmly at the door and showed me inside. My first impressions? I thought She was beautiful. I adore petite Women and Mistress Lola is stunning. She also exudes a classy sensuality that is mesmerising and disarming in equal measure. I'm usually confident, but in those first minutes, with Her almond eyes piercing mine, I unravelled and clumsily sat where She would sit, rather than the lower bench below. Mistress promptly corrected my error and flashed a beguiling smile which engaged me instantly. Within seconds She had eased my nerves and asserted Her dominance. It's fair to say that I warmed to her from the start and knew that I would ask to see Her again.

So, two sessions into my journey and W/we've only begun to scratch the surface. Mistress instills in me complete trust, as she patiently initiates me into Her world. I've been teased, edged, sounded and frustrated. A mixture of new experiences and some I've enjoyed or experimented with before. But they're so much better with Her in control. At Her hand I've felt deference and pleasure, but also something unexpected. A sweet inner sigh of acceptance, that my mind and body belong to my Mistress. In O/our recent session Mistress introduced me to latex and worship and did so in such a way that I experienced something so overpowering and frustrating it left me speechless, on my hands and knees. I've never felt such intense desire. She fascinates and impassions me. My respect for Her is absolute and the trust She instils makes it easy to submit my body and mind for Her pleasure without a thought.

I realised, quite quickly, that I'm extremely fortunate to be allowed to spend time with Mistress Lola. O/our interests seem to align and although I know Her experience vastly outstrips mine, I'm very happy to have taken my first steps with Her. I'm Her blank canvas and such is my desire to please Her that I will be shaped into whatever She desires me to become.

I enjoy existing solely for Her entertainment and pleasure, which is quite a turnaround from my mindset of just a few months ago. Usually quite assertive, I can let go and serve and that's proving to be a beautiful thing to do. The plan W/we have for O/our next session is in my mind the next logical step on the journey. She will take from me something no one will be able to take again. I'm excited and apprehensive, but I already know I will never look back. She has changed me already.

For 5 years, I have served and worshipped Mistress Lola. During this time, she has become so important to me and helped me so much. She is so beautiful and the perfect Mistress. She knows exactly what I want, need and deserve. If I listed my top ten experiences in life, they would all feature Mistress Lola. Thank you. xxx

I think it says it all that what Mistress did to me and had me experience on that Saturday evening has eclipsed any other experience I've had before and it's shocked me that She did it with such apparent ease. I feel an early trust in Her and genuinely want to be led by Her into Her world. Mistress treated me to an onslaught of such pleasurably uncomfortable experiences and surprised me right from the start when She instructed me to kiss Your feet. Not because She did so, but because I felt a surge of excitement as I did it. I've never considered myself a foot person. Maybe it was being on the floor at Her feet, the closeness of Her beautiful legs, or just the feeling of subservience if gave me. 
I adored frustrating myself while She watched over my shoulder; a long held fantasy of mine. Her words in my ears, Her hair on my neck and shoulders, feeling Her body press against my back and Her nails tracing over me. It was mind blowing. Mistress also said "good boy" a lot, which is a huge trigger for me and can easily bring me to an edge (and over it). I get a rush of excitement when I think back to Her saying it. 
I was surprised at how different edging was with Mistress, compared to edging myself at home. I found it harder to maintain it, less sure of where the edge was and was surprised when I tipped over and orgasmed. I'd like to try to edge more for Mistress next time, hopefully without ruining my own orgasm. Although looking back at it (and remembering how She laughed) it excites me that She was too much for me to handle. I really hope that I can control myself better next time and please Her sufficiently that She will allow me to enjoy an unspoiled orgasm in O/our next session.

I had followed Mistress Lola Ruin on Twitter for a while, and had frequently visited her website. I greatly admired her natural beauty and athletic physique, something that could be seen clearly in the photos. I finally plucked up the courage to take my pursuits one step further, and arranged a real life session. I organised a meeting at her chambers, which are discretely situated in south east Manchester. On arrival, I was greeted by a extremely beautiful and articulate young lady, dressed in smart casual clothes. This lady, was indeed out of role Mistress Lola. She took me up to one of the many varied play rooms at the establishment.

Mistress Lola began explaining the basics of the sessions, and asked if I had any particular activities in mind. This informal and relaxing chat was accompanied by the offer of a drink. On this occasion I asked for some water, whereupon she left the room briefly, only to return with a glass of refreshingly cool water. Once the pre-session conversation had finished, she instructed me to undress, and prepare for the beginning of our session. When she left the room, I began wondering what was in store for me, a complete novice in this area. However, I felt reassured, as we had talked about this before she had left the room.

I knelt on the floor anticipating her entrance. Suddenly, I heard the tapping of heels coming down the corridor adjacent to the playroom. Gradually, the noise got louder, then stopped just outside the playroom door. By now my heart was thumping hard inside my chest with excited anticipation. When the door slowly opened, the pleasant state of shock on my face must have been a picture. In front of my completely naked and vulnerable body, was a vision one could only dream about. Mistress Lola stood there in a tight, figure hugging black latex body, with black tights and shiny knee length leather boots.

She was unrecognisable from the young lady who had left the room moments earlier, for now I was at the feet of a Goddess. During the next hour and a half I was completely at her mercy, and yet felt strangely relaxed. Yes, I experienced moments of pain, but they were accompanied by heightened moments of pleasure. Mistress Lola was in total control of both my body and mind. I was teased whilst in tight bondage, while she smothered my face with her perfectly formed bottom. I writhed helplessly, against the leather cuffs, as she introduced me to the pleasures of the strapon entering my person.

The session ended with an exercise in self control as my manhood was brought to the edge of climax, only to be denied several times by this sensually cruel mistress. Once it had been mutually agreed that our play session was over, Mistress Lola disappeared out of the room. The young lady that returned was the one who had let me in hours before. However, I did recognise the eyes of a Goddess in her gaze. We discussed the previous session at length, and Mistress Lola was particularly keen to warn me of the ‘sub drop’ that might occur as a result of our session. This client centred attention was yet another feature of Mistress Lola that I found reassuring. Not only is Mistress Lola a truly beautiful and highly skilled professional, but she genuinely cares about the welfare of her clients.

Mistress Lola is rapidly becoming known as a leading and high profile Dominatrix, not only in Manchester where she is based but further afield, thanks to visits to London and even occasional forays to North Wales. Naturally dominant and a true fetishist, Mistress Lola has formidable gifts to bring to her vocation as a Dominatrix. Intellect, (University educated ) allied with a fertile and deliciously kinky imagination in combination with an intuitive and fundamentally caring approach result in a fusion yield of perverted play in the megaton range. Her warmth, approach-ability and empathy make it easy for anyone, no matter how uncertain and timorous to confide their most secret, shameful and deeply suppressed needs and - I speak from experience, - when Mistress Lola smiles her special wicked smile, rest assured, those secret needs will be turned into a wild rollercoaster ride of incandescent and intense reality.


It's obvious that Mistress Lola truly loves her work, whether your preference is for simple and traditional "restraint and flagellation" style BDSM or, you hanker for complex psychological "power exchange" scenes or elaborate role plays, you can be certain your needs will be more than satisfied and your expectations exceeded...

Mistress Lola is a true goddess and delightfully evil. She looks so sweet and innocent but dare to look into Her enchanting eyes and you will be forever under Her spell. She looks straight into your soul and knows instantly what you need, despite what you might think you want! This really is a true talent and not one that many other Mistresses posses (with the exception of her partner in punishment Miss Foxx who was kind enough to briefly join my session to dish out the further punishment that I deserved). I had been searching for a Mistress that I could visit regularly and know that I have found that with Mistress Lola. 


I asked for a good old spanking and CP session and that's what I got and also more - what I needed without even knowing it. She turned my ass crimson with ease before binding me tightly and giving me a cock whipping - each flinch of mine punished by a harder stroke.  Some incredible Face Slapping followed before our session ended well over time and with me on a natural high that I have not experienced before. I could feel the sting for days and each time I did I was right back in Mistress's lair awaiting the next stroke...

Mistress Lola is an expert in getting into the mental psyche of Her slaves and creates the most absolutely extraordinary role-play scenarios. Mistress Lola is exceptionally beautiful, tremendously intelligent and marvellously inventive and continually thinks of new ideas and activities to explore during sessions, Mistress Lola is a truly World Class dominatrix! The time since my first session honestly has been the happiest and most joyful period of my life I just can’t stop smiling. My slave training has been thorough and immensely enjoyable, I have learnt so very much, Mistress Lola continuously continues to stretch my limits and boundaries and has vastly developed me to new levels like no Mistress has ever done before.


Mistress Lola has nurtured and helped me to find my inner slave, I feel like I have finally found myself, found peace, found happiness and found my purpose and for this I honestly am eternally grateful. I know that I have found someone so incredibly special the perfect Mistress in every way possible, Mistress Lola is a wonderful person, an absolute joy and so much fun to serve. Mistress Lola totally loves what She does, this shines through and is clearly evident in every single session. You will immediately come realise all of the above if you are ever lucky enough to serve this absolutely divine Goddess, even by just talking to Mistress you will instantly realise just how very special She is.

I have long been trying to bring a fantasy of mine to life. For many reasons, it was very difficult to find the right Mistress to help me with this. Lack of interest, trust issues, reliability, you name it. But I am now delighted to say that after contacting Mistress Lola, this has become reality…and better than I could ever imagine. I always wanted to appear in my own little fetish-themed movie, a fantasy script brought to life. As I am a very private person, I had no desire to make this available for the public, but wanted it to get done for my own personal use only. Well, as Mistress Lola states on her website, she now offers this kind of service and it is indeed exactly what I was looking for.


Mistress Lola already has a lot of experience, doing custom clips on request for many of her clients - you can get a glimpse of that on her clips4sale store - and now she gives you the chance to produce your very own video, based on your ideas, in which she will appear with you. Not only has she a deep understanding of every fetish / BDSM themed scenario you can think of, she also has the technical know-how to get the best results regarding camera angles and lighting and she is great at editing the footage, creating a coherent storyline, exactly as per your ideas. She also is very helpful, bringing in her own ideas and suggestions, that without a doubt will improve the final result. 


Above all, what made this a hugely rewarding experience is that Mistress Lola seemed to enjoy this every bit as much as I did. It was great fun for both of us and despite being a little different from your usual sessions - due to the camerawork and revisiting the scenarios - it was always light-hearted and although we never strayed far from the actual script, there was always time for a few laughs and good conversation along the way. 


While Mistress Lola is exceptionally beautiful in real life, it has to be said that she looks absolutely stunning on camera, you just can't take your eyes off her, almost makes you forget that you are in the video, too… Last, but by no means least, you can be 100 % assured, that if you wish, this video will only be between you and her, for nobody else to see. You will have a very personal souvenir of a great experience, that still makes you want to come back for further sessions with Mistress Lola.

I met with Mistress Lola looking to experience a roleplay session for the first time and to be taken completely out of my comfort zone which is something that she most certainly did! Mistress really made the roleplay her own and added plenty of twists to keep me on my toes, gradually manipulating me until I was feminised, bound at her feet and completely at her mercy. During the session I was subjected to plenty of pain and really had my limits pushed however Mistress, while remaining firmly in control, always made sure I was ok. Eventually I was allowed to be smothered by Mistresses perfect, latex clad body in what really was an incredible end to the session.


 In conclusion the session was everything I asked for and more. Mistress took my brief roleplay outline and gave it all her own unique twist. I feel privileged to have been able to serve Mistress Lola and to have been able to share such a fantastic experience with her.

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