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I am often asked with regards to My sessions. Click to see the relevant answers.

Once you arrive at My chambers, I will lead you into My personal playspace. I will offer you a drink and W/we will have an informal chat to establish your likes/dislikes and hard limits. The more information you can give Me during this consultation chat the better. This allows U/us to both fully enjoy the session from start to finish without any stop-starts. 

I will then give you further instructions and leave you alone for around 5 minutes to prepare. Once I re-enter the room your 'play' begins, and lasts for however long you have booked for (when planning your day, I would recommend adding 30 minutes to however many hours you have booked for. This gives U/us ample time to chat and refresh, and ensures W/we are not rushed).

After your session has finished, you will be offered the chance to have another drink and a shower if you wish. W/we will also have another informal chat, where you are welcome to give Me any feedback you have about how the session went for you. Both positive and negative feedback is appreciated, and helps Me learn more about your likes/dislikes. As with your consultation, the more information you can give Me the better any future sessions with Me will be!

I prefer to keep all communication in one place over email, as it helps Me to organise your session. However, I do provide My phone number once a session has been arranged and happy to have a brief chat with you prior to your session if you so wish. 

I prefer to feel completely prepared for every slave who comes to serve Me, and it takes time to arrange details, pick a suitable date and transfer of deposit. As a result I request a minimum of 3 working days notice, but ideally I would advise applying for your session at least one week in advance of your preferred date. 

I am happy to consider offers from generous slaves whom wish to arrange for Me to visit their city or specifically to session with them. You can find further details of My outcalls on the 'Sessions' page. 

I will also consider offers to travel internationally. Send Me the details through the 'Apply' page to discuss. 

If you book an hour long session with Me, you will get one hour of 1-on-1 play time. This does not include your consultation chat beforehand or any time spent chatting afterwards.

As such, I would recommend adding 30 minutes to however many hours you have booked for so that W/we are not rushed before or after your session. This gives U/us ample time to discuss your fantasies in full prior to playing, and allows you time to shower and refresh afterwards.

I will also consider offers to travel internationally. Send Me the details through the 'Apply' page to discuss. 

I love to session with novice slaves, however I understand that your very first session with a Professional Dominatrix can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting.

I believe that My sensual form of Domination is well suited to the more timorous first timers amongst you. Whether you are looking for a traditional, unrelenting Domme, or a sophisticated, kinky lady who is always in control, I am adept at altering the intensity and formality of your session to better suit your fantasies and needs.

My aim is not only to introduce you to My world of Domination gently, but also to give you a memorable and enjoyable first session. I hope that afterwards, you can't wait to experience a session again!

I tailor every session to My submissives' favourite fetishes. Rest assured I will not spring something on you that you have not previously expressed an interest in exploring.

More than accept, I encourage them! My previous sessions with both female slaves and couples have been amongst My all time favourites. I identify as bisexual and also practice polyamory, and as such welcome people of all genders, persuasions and relationship styles into My playspace. 

Should you be travelling via public transport, My playspace is only a 5-10 minute walk from Ashton-Under-Lyne Metrolink Stop, Railway Station and Bus Station. There is always plenty of free parking close by. 

My playspace is incredibly discreet. Nestled away in a small industrial area, the entrance is set back from the road, and there are no nosy curtain twitchers to speak of! 

Unfortunately the entrance to My playspace is up a short flight of stairs, and as such does not allow for wheelchair access.

However, I am more than happy to travel to submissives who use wheelchairs, and will waive My outcall surcharge. For further details, see the outcalls section on the 'Sessions' page. 

My playspace is well stocked with all the usual sundries, and My collection of kinky toys is ever growing! 

Whips, crops, canes, hoods, gags, dildos, strap-ons, sounds, clamps, trample board, rope, cuffs, collars, humblers, pegs, wax play, chastity devices, various electrics and of course My Venus 2000 milking machine are all available, plus much more. 

Should you have something specific in mind do not listed above, let Me know so that I can double check for you.

Unfortunately I generally find the wearing, packing and sending of items to be too tedious and time consuming to be worth My while. However, I will consider selling used items as part of a larger 'package', such as alongside a session or custom clip. 

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