Foot Worship

Both one of My favourite and most popular session requests.
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Foot worship is one of My most popular session activities

Foot worship was My gateway into BDSM. I had been intrigued with foot fetishists after reading a book mentioning it in My early teens. It then became first kinky play I engaged in with a man whom had a foot fetish. It was the only thing W/we did... pure fetishism.

What are your favourite things about foot worship?

Almost every slave who crawls through My dungeon door spends some of his time at My feet. Some will only give each one a small peck to each as a 'Hello', as My protocol dictates. Others may spend hours smothered underneath them.

Foot worship sets the tone

I always like for My slaves to greet Me with a kiss on each foot. However, I usually then spend a little time with them worshipping My feet more thoroughly. This allows Me some time to begin working My way into your mind as I sit above you being worshipped. It also allows My slaves some time to being their journey into a more submissive head space.

Foot worship is symbolic

Having My slaves worship the very lowest part of Me is, in itself, very symbolic. I love seeing My submissive, laid at My feet, eager to please Me.

Foot worship is pleasureable

I have long believed I am wired up incorrectly. The sensory parts of the genitals and feet are right next to each other in the brain. I have a strong suspiscion there is some overlap in My case. Having a slave worship My feet is both mentally and physically arousing to Me.

My feet are gorgeous, and deserve worship!

Since I was very young, I have always thought that I have been blessed with the most beautiful, curvaceous feet possible. They are incredibly petite, barely filling a size 2 shoe. Thanks to many years spent as a professional dancer, I also have high arches and insteps.

Foot worship is a form of servitude

Worshipping My feet is a wonderful way to demonstrate your devotion. Perhaps you can imagine how this would play out over a longer scene...

Running a bath for My feet. Bathing them before carefully washing. Drying them gently with a towel. Massaging them with oils and lotions. All the while, on your knees, subservient to Me. Bliss.

Foot Worship Sessions

As previously mentioned, almost every slave who graces My presence will spend a little time at My feet. However, I love sessions revolving around this fetish. How could I possibly not love having a slave prostrated at My feet?

The different kinds of sessions I offer for foot fetishists are also varied. Perhaps you like the idea of bathing and pampering them? Or you have a particular fondness for smelly, dirty feet using your tongue as a cleaning pad? Maybe you even want to be punished by them in the form of a good, hard trampling?

Just imagine being completely smothered under My soles, worshipping as you breathe through My arches.

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