24 Hour Servitude…

24 Hour Servitude...

By MistressLolaRuin April 28, 2017

As promised in My previous blog, a recent slave of Mine who came for a full 24 hour session has written something for Me to share with you all. More than just simply a 'testimonial', this reads like an erotic story reflecting on his experiences as My submissive. Of course, I have included some eye candy I snapped during O/our session. I hope you enjoy reading it...


Mistress enters the room, she is pure perfection. Dressed to kill, her every curve amplified by the clinging and yet elegant outfit. Her glowing hair cascades over her shoulders. Her heels are loud and commanding as she strides towards your naked, exposed being.


She’s aware of your heated gaze, reprimands and blindfolds you. Mistress glides around you instructing you to raise a hand or spread a leg to be cuffed. The brush of her hair or touch of a hand to your skin is electrifying. The aura of her sexuality encompasses her. You are already hers, ready to melt into the ground at her feet.

Some Dommes exude a certain malevolence that’s intoxicating to a hardened masochist. Mistress does not exude evil. However, as in the 1965 movie “She” Ursula Andress has total control of all around her without raising a finger. If you could see you would observe the aura of mischievous sexuality glowing from her eyes, through her enigmatic smile, to her entire being.


She confirms this with a twist of a nipple that roars down your nerves directly to your genitalia.

Following what can only be described as a warm up, standing, arms raised, legs spread wide and vulnerable, Mistress releases you. After stretching your limbs, you are hooded or gagged and blindfolded. She commands you to lie prone on her bench and with cuffs, mitts, rope, straps, spreaders and chain making sure that you are totally exposed, ready to become the object that she chooses to torment, arouse, hurt and control as she pleases.


The heavy leather hood blocks even the smallest light. You have some hearing, but nothing is clear and Mistress restricts or allows muffled speech as she chooses. Your very breath can be taken away by her hand laid over the hood. As you contemplate your predicament and breathe deep every other sense comes alive in your being.

The slightest touch or breath as Mistress works to make sure you are one hundred percent exposed and helpless arouses you even further. The odd chuckle or word makes it clear that she’s thoroughly enjoying every moment and builds the scene for what’s to follow.


Once satisfied with her preparation, the torment builds as she alternates between a gloved hand caressing a nipple and a nail or sharp object abusing the reddened swelling protrusion. Between the light touch of a hand, brush of her hair and or a soft scarf the tension heightens as clamps are applied to delicate parts of your anatomy. While you breathe deeply and savour the endorphins rushing through the highways within your body she’s attaching you don’t know what to your cock and balls. Straps or cord tighten around them as your penis twitches constantly loving the attention and begging for more.


Gradually you become aware of a pulsing sensation from behind your testicles to the tip of your penis. Now you know what she was up to the last few minutes. Tormenting you between your legs, on your genitalia, nipples and elsewhere with spiky objects intensifies your arousal tenfold. Your Goddess is clearly enjoying herself, every time your tormented body parts are becoming used to the pulsing, throbbing sensations.

She increases the power, sometimes a little, sometimes in leaps that make your back arch as far as the bonds allow and every muscle in your body holds taught as a guitar string. She’s aware you’re close, so she backs off the electric just a little. However, she increases the delicious torment with other items and small devices that pulse and vibrate. While you smell the leather of the hood you also smell her delicious aroma. You feel her presence to the left, to the right, a brush of your foot.


Without warning the e-stim laps high, you can tell she’s enjoying every minute. Your body tenses again, your cock feels it must explode as by now you are lying in a pool of perspiration. Between the multiple series of intense arousal your desire to leave your skin, leap from the table, throw your Mistress on her back and make mad passionate love to her enters your mind. Yet: The deep felt feeling that you entirely restricted and are hers to do with as she pleases, while she torments your entire being, is so intoxicating that you would never so much as touch her without permission.

As the torment increases to a crescendo and time is of no consequence your desire for release is overwhelming and yet, within, you wish for this intoxicating torment to last for hours, days, weeks.


Until next time…

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