What do you do for a living?

By MistressLolaRuin March 22, 2016

So I thought today I would write a more personal blog post, answering in a little more detail one of the questions I am most often asked by My subs…
‘How do people react you tell them you're a Professional Dominatrix?’


Just another day in the office...

 Firstly let Me say that I am fortunate enough to live My life incredibly openly… My family all know what I do, and even more fortunately, they are accepting of the fact that I have landed in a line of work which makes Me happy... So as I have no one close to Me I need to protect, and no need to lie in order to protect them, when someone asks Me what My job is I have the luxury of honesty and say that I work as a Dominatrix.
(A few exceptions to this… If I am meeting someone in passing then occasionally I will tell a white lie for ease of conversation. Sometimes I just say I am self-employed (true) sometimes I say I work as a PA (My most recent vanilla job, easy to bullshit about and boring enough to not prompt too many questions) or sometimes I say I'm a video editor… but 99% of the time, I just tell the truth).
Generally, My admission leads to a host of other questions…
Do you have sex with your clients?
The most commonly asked and the easiest to answer… no I don’t. However, I class Myself as a sex worker, and have many friends who work as escorts and whose businesses are practically identical to Mine. We all trade in fantasy and sexuality, it just so happens that we trade within different facets of it.
Is it safe?
A legitimate question, and again easy to answer… Very. I usually elaborate, saying that I do a lot of My sessions online and have a video clip store off shoot (which allows Me to be selective about whom I session with in real time, making it even safer).
How did you get into it?
I’ve always been a kinky, open-minded, ‘GGG’ kind of girl. Then in My early 20’s I began playing with an ex-partner whom identified as submissive and who introduced Me to the concept of D/s. We experimented for a while, and it seemed an easy and natural progression for Me to go professional (with his support) and enjoy all the benefits of self-employment doing work I was passionate about.
What is the most bizarre thing you have ever done?
Bizarre is in the eye of the beholder. What is considered extreme, and where that line is drawn, differs from person to person. I usually say I have done all manner of unusual things but that most of My sessions revolve around more common, even vanilla fantasies, such as Domme/sub roleplay, shoe and foot worship, tease & denial and so on.
How much do you charge per hour?
I find this question the most offensive… not because I think it’s vulgar to talk about money, but because this is a polite way for someone to categorise Me as either an idiot or a smart business woman. I tend to tell them that I don’t work 9-5, and that a lot of My work is unpaid… administration, emails, promotion, accounts and book keeping (which answers another often asked question… ‘Does the taxman know?’), building and upkeeping My websites and much more. Whilst My hourly rate is impressive, it’s a smaller part of My work than most realise, and overall I come out with a ‘comfortable’ income.
What is your speciality?
If there is one question I am asked that makes Me blush (if at all) this is it. Especially if it’s by someone I am interested in dating… telling a hot guy/girl My talent lies in ruining orgasms is unlikely to be a conversational aphrodisiac*


*(unless of course, they're into that... fingers crossed!)

Occasionally, telling people I meet that I am a Dominatrix doesn't throw up more questions, but instead confessions... In fact, some of My closest friends are kinksters I’ve met at parties who upon hearing My admission have quickly made their own. Sharing kinky secrets quietly when surrounded by vanillas is always bonding, and the saying rings true... Birds of a feather… 🙂
Until next time…

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