In Defence Of Porn…

In Defence Of Porn...

By MistressLolaRuin July 21, 2017

I recently read this article, and have been inspired (/incensed?) to respond here on My blog...

Porn warps culture. I hope credit-card checks nudge adults out of the habit
by Christina Patterson

Firstly, let Me say that although I (currently) only make non-nude, fetish/FemDom content, I stand in solidarity with ALL porn performers. I very much class Myself as both a sex worker and a pornographer. All of us in the industry are subject to a society which at once consumes the content we produce, whilst also criminalising us and decrying us for producing it. Let Me also say, that I have mixed feelings about the digital economy bill. For those unaware, the bill will require age proof of age *** on all pornographic content. Websites which refuse to comply will be blocked in the UK. This may well include My website, which you're reading this blog on right now.

I have yet to read any real, unbiased study stating that children are adversely affected by viewing pornography. But, I also don't believe that a lack of such evidence means porn is good for children to be viewing. If anyone can point Me in the direction of any such studies, then I would love to hear from you...

Although it will adversely impact Me and My business, I agree with the idea that porn should probably be less available to children. But... I also believe that blocking websites and other such censorship is a violation of liberty. As so eloquently put by activists such as Pandora Blake and Myles Jackson, porn is the 'canary in the coalmine' of free speech. Censorship of porn may well be the thin end of the wedge... What might our government decide we shouldn't be viewing next?

I feel somewhat personally 'protective' over porn. Not simply because I make it, but because I believe it has had a positive impact on Me and My sexuality. I have spent the majority of the past few years either single or in long distance relationships. Porn has helped Me explore and enjoy My sexuality without needing to resort to casual sex with near strangers. Porn helped Me to understand My body and how it responds to pleasure. It has taught Me how to make Myself orgasm more easily, and how to then better instruct My lovers. The sex I have with partners is better and healthier as a result of masturbation, which has been aided in part by pornography (and My hitachi wand 🙂 )

So, now you know a little more about My own outlook, let's dive into this terrible article together.

Christina Patterson makes sweeping statements that children copy what they see in porn. That porn teaches them to disregard consent. That children believe violence and screaming are a normal part of sex. That sexual harassment in schools is becoming ever more normalised by porn. That children are being stripped of their childhoods.

This is presented with NO evidence at all (unless you count those unnamed 'expert witnesses'), but I'll bite anyway.

It may well be that children are copying what they see in porn. That they now believe screaming or violence is a normal part of it. That they are disregarding consent as a result. But in the absence of any real sex education telling them otherwise, where else do you expect children to learn about this?

It's also worth noting, whilst on the topic of violence in pornography, that there's actually much than you might initially think. This article by Psychology Today (debunking a study claiming 88% of porn shows violence against women) looks across 5 peer review studies. They found violence against women in 2%-36% of porn. The disparity between these studies findings is generally a result of what the examiners class as 'violence'. That study that found only 2% of pornography showing violence against women? That was the only study which didn't class consensual BDSM as violence.

I was a female school child before the age of the internet, and I suffered sexual harassment at school. Most of My female friends did too... this is, sadly, hardly a new phenomenon. I don't want to make light of a serious issue, and I accept perhaps porn is now adding to a hyper sexualised culture, but this problem already existed long before hardcore pornography was so readily available. Blaming porn entirely is just scapegoating.

For Me, it's clear that there is a huge failure in our education system. For some reason entirely unknown to Me, there seems to be a moral outrage at giving our children anything more than the bare minimum in reproductive biology. God forbid they might go on to make informed choices about their bodies, their sex lives or their relationships in the future...

Patterson quite boldly claims that 'porn warps'. She states that PornHubs most popular search terms of 'crying in pain', 'extreme brutal gangbang', 'sleep assault', 'step mum' and 'teen' as her evidence.

Here are the actual most searched terms reported by PornHub in the UK last year...

This is taken from PornHubs 2016 Year in Review, which I highly recommend you take the time to browse over yourself, it's fascinating...

'Step Mum' comes in at #5, and 'Teen' is the second most popular category. The far more offensive and violent search terms of 'crying in pain', 'extreme brutal gangbang' and 'sleep assault' are funnily enough nowhere to be seen. I guess reporting the truth (that people like watching sexy videos of massages and british chavs) just doesn't quite paint the panicked picture Patterson would like.

Under the digital economy bill, you may to need to jump through a few hoops to get your porn. They may ask for credit card details and charge a small fee. You'll be leaving a bigger 'porn footprint' as a result. Patterson especially relishes in how this might show up on bank accounts and be seen 'by wives'.

Not only does this insinuate that only men consume pornography, but it also ignores some more dangerous personal implications. Imagine how homophobic parents of a 19 year old teen might react if they see a bank statement with a payment to a gay pornography website? Or how highly traditional parents might react to their adult child's donation to a kink or trans website?

Just under 1/4 of PornHubs visits are by women. Men are clearly not the only ones who consume pornography...

Patterson claims that she doubts people who consume porn remain loving partners and pillars of society. I am both a producer and consumer of pornography. By Pattersons standards, that probably makes Me the lowest of the low. The reality is a different picture. I am a very loving partner, not only in My personal life, but to My paying slaves. Open communication and consent is at the forefront of every interaction I have, sexual or paid. I educate about consent at every chance I get.

Perhaps there aren't many people would class Me as a 'pillar of society', but I am certainly not a menace to it. I was able to financially, physically and emotionally support My parents through My dads illness thanks to My work. I've also supported past partners/friends through tough times when they might have otherwise fallen through the cracks of this 'society' Patterson cares so much about. I get lots of free time, and I spend some of that giving my time to a charity which works to support some of the most at risk women in My city. Maybe it's irrelevant, but I also paid more taxes in 2014 than Facebook (like many Pro-Dommes I imagine). But hey, fuck all that, because every now and again I like to watch sexy videos.

I don't say any of that to win any accolades. Almost everyone I know, including My own fans, are loving, kind and generous people. They care deeply about the people around them and about society as a whole. The fact they like to get their rocks off to porn on occasion doesn't make them monsters. To shame the viewers of pornography and paint them as demons to society is both wrong and disgusting.

Patterson says the internet inventor Tim-Berners-Lee probably didn't dream of a wild west that would do us so much harm, and that she can't wait for the day when we're all a little bit less free. Funnily enough, when the 'porn filters' came out back in 2013, they didn't just block adult content. They also blocked helpful sex education websites aimed at teenagers, such as the charity Brook. Blocked websites also include support forums for lesbians, gays, trans, queer and intersex people. They even blocked NHS pages aimed at providing teenagers with sexual health education. That doesn't much sound to Me like the 'open platform that would allow everyone, everywhere, to share information, access opportunities, and collaborate across geographic and cultural boundaries' that Tim Berners-Lee imagined either.

What Patterson handily misses out from the NSPCC report is...

"Children and young people want information, advice and support about porn that is suitable for different ages and genders. They want to be able to easily get safe, reliable and private information that is fun and relevant to them"

My advice to those with Christina Pattersons view is this... how about instead of spending all that time and energy blaming pornography, and decrying all porn producers and porn consumers as deviants, you start canvassing for real, innovative and comprehensive sex education to be mandatory in our schools? Because honestly, without that, what other frame of reference have children got for sex other than porn? The digital economy bill may well stop kids stumbling across porn by mistake. But it won't stop them searching for it using VPN's because they have no other information about sex to learn from.

I imagine we would all be much happier and healthier if we have gotten real sex education at school.

Imagine sex education classes for our children which don't just teach about biology, but help children to learn about their relationships to other people and to their own bodies. How important it is to recognise and set your own boundaries, and to respect other peoples. Teach them all about the nuances of consent, and give them tools on how to navigate it.

Certainly teach them about the risks of STI/STD's, but also teach them about the unfair stigma attached to many of them. Give them advice about contraception which will protect them, and the importance of regular STI testing and cervical screenings. Teach young women they shouldn't feel shame about their sexual desires or their bodies. Teach young men to respect women, and to embrace and vocalise their emotions. Have them learn about the entire spectrum of alternative sexuality. Teach them that falling under the LBTQIA+ umbrella is both normal and natural. Give them resources for further support if they need it.

Most crucially, teach children that porn is a fantasy made by and for adults. That sometimes, what we see in porn is not what is most enjoyable. It's about what looks best for the camera. That porn often bears as little likeness to real life sex as the latest Quentin Tarantino film bears to real life in general. I know for a fact how much I would have personally benefited from such an education.

I am hopeful, but sadly I think we are a long way off this being the reality.
Advocating for proper sex education, instead of inciting moral panic, just wouldn't get as many clicks through to the Guardians website...

(Image credit for this beauty goes to John Jonik)

Until next time…

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Locked up for Lola Ruin, Part 3…

Locked up for Lola Ruin - Part 3...

By MistressLolaRuin | March 26, 2019

Manchester Mistress Lola Ruin loves to sensually Dominate her subs.
Delve deeper, and learn more about a Chastity slaves experience under her expert lock and key...

Chastity Diary
Day 8

As I write this about halfway through the 25th of December, with carols still ringing about the house, I can say that being locked up for Christmas by Mistress Lola is everything I thought it would be. Without any bit of obsequiousness I can say that every picture of Herself – and I do mean every picture – that She posts on Twitter is enough to have me bulging inside my cage. I'm wondering if this is the start of a wonderful seasonal tradition, albeit one that doesn't lend itself very well to sharing with others. I'm even wondering if I deserve a smaller cage, but that's a conversation I need to have with my Mistress. Well, “conversation" implies perhaps too much negotiating power on my part, but you take my meaning.

I woke up this morning thinking about Mistress Lola leading me around in public by a leash attached to my cage, which feels a thematically appropriate fantasy, as well as a good place to leave this diary entry.

Chastity Diary
Day 9

I decided to capitalise on some early morning frustration today and watch Mistress Lola’s video clip right after waking up. Having also watched it just before I went to bed last night, I can say without risk of exaggeration that worshipping Mistress Lola was the last thing I thought about last night and the first thing this morning.

I don’t know if the distraction from my chastity cage of being around other people all the time is a welcome one. There have been plenty of times today where I’ve craved a couple of hours’ isolation just to think quietly about my last session and anticipate O/our next one. I’ll be home in a couple of days, so I’ll soon be able to devote as much time as I like to this sort of rumination.

Chastity Diary
Day 10

I keep expecting my sense of pent-up frustration to subside, but it seems merely to have plateaued. Although I have long since learned to ignore the instinct to have an orgasm whenever the desire takes me, and in that sense being in chastity is becoming somewhat easier, the constant frustration is impossible to ignore. Unable even to have a full erection, I can derive a little pleasure from straining inside my cage, feeling the plastic pressing against my cock, but it’s a long way from a satisfying substitute. All I want to think about is Mistress Lola’s fingertips running over my thighs and chest, feeling Her gorgeous bottom pressing against my face, looking up into Her eyes…

Chastity Diary
Day 11

At last I’m home after being away for Christmas. Of course it’s always nice to spend some time around the rest of my family – I travel too much for work to see them as much as I’d like – but having got used to the serenity of living alone it’s always nice to relax and unwind on my own.

This year being locked in chastity has added something extra to that, of course. By way of some self-indulgence I’ve just spent an hour or so relaxing with some coffee and, sitting in only my chastity cage, watching some of Mistress Lola’s video clips. With another week in chastity to go until I see Her this may not have been an entirely wise thing to do, but it was certainly emotionally satisfying even if it was physically frustrating.

Chastity Diary
Day 12

Yesterday Mistress Lola decided to increase my daily dose of frustration ahead of O/our session. She has instructed me to watch a video clip at least three times a day: straight after waking up, just before bed and at any other point in between. I’ll be bookending my day with the chastity tease clip She filmed specifically for session preparation and choosing another of Her clips to go between them.

If I weren’t already thinking about Mistress Lola holding the keys to my cock cage constantly, I expect this extra homework will make sure of it. It already feels like my cock has been bulging inside the cage all day. I’m about to take myself off to bed, already frustrated, to watch Mistress Lola’s video clip again.

Chastity Diary
Day 13

I must have spent about half an hour last night trying to get to sleep lying on top of my hard, plastic-covered cock, thinking about pressing my face into Mistress Lola’s bottom. After waking up and watching Mistress Lola’s video clip first thing this morning I spent about another hour or so in bed thinking about Her again. I like to think about Her dangling the key to my cock in front of me, about Her showing off my locked-up cock to others – that’s the exhibitionist in me talking again – or about Her sitting on my chest while Her fingertips drum on my plastic cage…

I’m really grateful that Mistress Lola is holding the keys to the cage, and there’s no hope of escape without Her permission. It means I can spend the whole day thinking about what Her bestowing an orgasm, even a ruined one, would feel like while I’m sure in the understanding that I cannot have one without Her.


To be continued...

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Locked up for Lola Ruin, Part 2…

Locked up for Lola Ruin - Part 2...

By MistressLolaRuin | January 15, 2019

The ultimate Chastity experience in Manchester,
Mistress Lola Ruin loves to keep Her slaves under Her lock and key...

Chastity Diary
Day 4

Another morning of frustrated desire. Because today was one of complete leisure it meant I could spend a couple of hours restlessly in bed, thinking about Mistress Lola and O/our session a few days ago. My bruises are no longer painful, but I still have a few healing cuts to remind me of my caning. I press my face into the pillow and think of worshipping Her bottom. None of this is particularly helpful in dealing with my cock straining inside its cage, but of course this is the perverse joy and the challenge of chastity.

Chastity Diary
Day 5

Other than when travelling home from O/our session this was the first day I’ve worn the cage out in public during this stint of chastity. As always this feels a little perilous, although that might be just a bit of an exhibitionist fantasy talking.

When being caned it’s difficult to ignore the impulse to keep track of what proportion of my allotted strokes Mistress Lola has given me (halfway there, three fifths of the way there…). I’m now a third of the way through my time locked up, or at least a third of the way towards my next session with Mistress; since She holds the keys literally and figuratively I should not perhaps be so sure…


Chastity Diary
Day 6

I’m writing this on my last morning at home before travelling away for Christmas this afternoon. It’s been another pretty sleepless night of high frustration, and it’ll be interesting to see how that carries through into dealing with constant company. This will be not only my longest time locked up in chastity but also the first time I’ve been locked up for Christmas, and right now I imagine it could be something of a relief when I get home and I can deal with my frustration in private, but it might also be that all the festivity acts as a distraction from this predicament to which I’ve submitted.

I was reflecting yesterday that my time in chastity so far seems to have gone quite quickly, but for some reason right now it feels like the (minimum) time I have left locked up is stretching away ahead of me. For all that, I’m struck by no doubt highly irrational but predictable and understandable thoughts like how wonderful it would be to be kept under lock and key by Mistress Lola permanently, only permitted any kind of release in Her presence, and so on. I couldn’t offer an explanation for this, but it doesn’t seem important to provide one, other than to relay the pleasure I’m getting from something as submissive as chastity.

Manchester Mistress Lola Ruin loves to torment you by holding the key to your caged up cock...

Chastity Diary
Day 7

Today is Christmas Eve, and despite the distraction of company to keep me from reflecting exclusively on being locked up for my Mistress – combatted somewhat, of course, by fulfilling my nightly responsibility of watching Mistress Lola's teasing video clip – the frustration has been difficult to ignore and quick and easy to trigger.

This being the first time I will have worn my cage for an extended period in such constant proximity to other people, I've had to take the preventative step of taping down the padlock on the cage to prevent it audibly rattling around. It's the sort of Christmas surprise I'd sooner keep un-sprung...

To be continued...

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Locked up for Lola Ruin, Part 1…

Locked up for Lola Ruin - Part 1...

By MistressLolaRuin | January 5, 2019

The Queen of Orgasm Control, Manchester Mistress Lola Ruin is about
to lock up Her slave for his longest stint in chastity to date...

Chastity Diary
Day 0

Like all O/our sessions this one started with me kneeling naked on the floor of Her chambers, waiting for Mistress Lola. Within a few moments of Her having entered the room I was crouched in front of Her, worshipping Her feet as W/we talked about O/our last session together, and what I’d been thinking about since then.

It’s difficult to describe how much I’ve come to feel at home – as Mistress observed – while kissing Her feet. I can never help exhibiting transparent relish as I get to run my lips over Her instep, Her delicate toes… It always feels so far removed from my time outside O/our sessions, and yet always feels so natural. Even as I write this I can feel my chest swelling with helpless desire.

After a time Mistress stood and beckoned me over Her spanking bench. She was dressed in a purple latex skirt, a section at the back cut out to display Her bottom. I truly can’t describe it or my feelings about it in a way that does justice to either, so it will have to suffice to say that being allowed to worship Mistress Lola’s bottom is perhaps the part of O/our time together I long for and recall most powerfully between sessions, and that skirt in particular is a familiar object of fascination for a reason that I’ll explain in a later entry.

In order to earn the privilege of getting to worship Her, however, as usual I was going to have to go through a cold caning first. One hundred strokes was the minimum target for today, but despite knowing what was ahead of me I couldn’t help my cock stiffening as Mistress strapped me to the bench, her hair brushing over my back as she pulled the straps tight.

As normal the first couple of dozen strokes were by far the hardest, and before long Mistress was already commenting that I was marking up well (as I sit here I can still feel the throbbing pain of those strokes quite acutely…). As the number of the strokes started to climb I began to melt into that mental space with which other slaves will be familiar, losing all track of time and remaining aware only of Mistress Lola and the metronomic thud of Her cane against my flesh.

Once my caning and its aftercare were finished Mistress released me and bade me worship Her feet and legs, up to the hem of Her latex skirt, until I had recovered from my punishment. My shoulders and arms were still shaking with adrenaline when I started, but after a while it subsided and Mistress instructed me to lie down on a flat, leather bench. Within a few seconds I was again strapped down, this time face up, and blindfolded.

I couldn’t say how long Mistress teased my naked body for, caressing me and running her fingertips over me, until I heard the humming and felt the throbbing of Her vibrator on my erect cock. I could feel myself coming close to the edge when Mistress switched it off, and when She pulled off my blindfold I found Her perched over me, Her exposed bottom tantalisingly close to my face.

Instructing me to play with my cock, She began to lower Herself towards me, finally sitting over my face, my eager lips and nose buried beneath her skin. Again and again She smothered me under Her bottom, sometimes perching so that I had to strain against my straps to kiss Her, only to lower Herself again on top of me. Whenever my mind wanders from what I’m doing during any waking hour this is what I think about, and although I think Mistress Lola knows how much I relish these moments at the time and cherish them afterwards, it’s impossible to communicate it here.

Eventually Mistress stood and told me that O/our session had finished. As W/we had planned she instructed me to put on the chastity cage I had brought with me and, frustrated, denied a last release, I did so. I handed over the keys to my lock for Mistress’s safekeeping, still flushed with all the sensations from the session, and looking forward (I think) to all the sensations of the weeks to come…


Chastity Diary
Day 1

I’m writing this quite late at night. I woke up with my cage on this morning, and although as normal I became at once aware of my cock pressing inside it, it didn’t feel as alien and out-of-place as it sometimes has in the past. It perhaps helps in that regard that my bottom is still very sore from its caning yesterday (with plenty of lovely marks!), so that the sensation of the plastic cage is scarcely uppermost in my mind.

However, Mistress has devised a cure for that: I am about to lie in bed and watch a custom video clip She filmed for me for these occasions, reminding me that She holds the keys to my cage, as well as how excited I get about worshipping Her (featuring the purple latex skirt from O/our session yesterday…).

You can imagine how effective this is during even short stints in chastity, and with a bit less than three weeks of denial in front of me I suspect its effects will be quite acute, never mind anything else that Mistress Lola has in store for me…


The best experience of Orgasm Control and Chastity imaginable,
Manchester Dominatrix Lola Ruin will keep you locked up for as long as She pleases...


Chastity Diary
Day 2

I’ve spent practically the whole morning in a state of unassuageable desire. As the pain of my caning a couple of days ago has subsided, so has the feeling of confinement become harder to ignore. I had already resolved, therefore, to write today’s diary entry quite early in the day, and I’d just sat down to get to work when I decided to browse Mistress Lola’s fan’s site.

I can therefore report proudly (maybe a little too proudly) that as I write this I’m also fulfilling Mistress’s slave task for the day and wearing (if that’s the right verb) a rubber butt plug to go with my plastic chastity cage. I’m certain I would have been erect – or as close as I can get to it while inside the cage – without it, but with the plug inside me that’s assured.

Since it feels consistent with my position for the next couple of weeks or so, I’m going to put up with the plug for as long as I can, and go back through Mistress’s videos and find one in particular I’d been reserving to watch this week, knowing I’d be locked up for it. Time will tell if this is a good idea, but it feels like an appropriate one.


Chastity Diary
Day 3

This was the first morning so far that being in chastity seems to have cost me sleep, at least during this period of confinement: I woke up in the very early, dark hours of the morning and couldn’t relax enough to get back to sleep. The cruel irony – although only in the mildest terms, of course – is that normally under these circumstances I could have treated myself to a really great orgasm, the sort that really only comes with that restless, primitive vigour of feeling so full of lust so early in the day. Obviously that won’t be an option for quite a few days yet…

To be continued...

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Diary of a Chastity slave…

Diary of a Chastity slave...

By MistressLolaRuin March 27, 2018

Chastity is one of My favourite ways to torment My adoring slaves. In fact, it was one of the first fetishes I really delved into as a young Domme, and I would often lock My boyfriend of the time up overnight. Seeing My partner wake up in agony next time Me as his CB6000 constricted his painful morning hard on was a satisfying power trip. Most of these mornings began with his begging to be unlocked... A hilarious way to start the day.

My love of it has evolved over the years as I have grown into the teasing, sensual Dominant I am today. It plays so well into all of My other favourite fetishes... Masturbation control, orgasm denial, edging, cuckolding, and of course ruined orgasm!

Not only do I like the obvious of having a denied cock in a cage, but I love how that experience seeps into everyday life for My submissives. Their cage serves as a constant reminder of their servitude, and the power I hold over them. Like a painful, frustrating collar they can't remove. Equal parts physical and psychological Domination... 🙂

I recently decided to lock up a regular serving slave of Mine for 7 days prior to his session with Me, and asked that he keep a diary of his experience under My lock and key. With his permission have published it below for you perverts to peruse over... Enjoy!

The Locking

There has become a strangely ritualistic method to locking myself in chastity, and tonight was no exception. I wash myself unconstrained by the device for the last time in what is usually but not always a pre-determined period leading up to a session (sometimes Mistress might choose to extend my time in chastity beyond O/our sessions, which tends to be even more frustrating than the prelude), I carefully wash the various bits of the device, and then try to close up the cage and lock it.
I say ‘try’ only because it can take both time and patience: the whole experience is obviously quite psychologically stimulating – anticipating the frustration to come, the satisfaction of subordinating my natural impulses to the command of my Mistress, and so on – but squeezing (quite literally) into the disassembled plastic cage has its own physiological thrill, so that becoming flaccid enough to fit inside often involves a bit of a wait.
An obvious solution would be to ‘relieve’ myself before trying to put on the cage, but that feels as though it would be flouting the spirit if not the letter of Mistress’s instructions about when I should be locked away. In any case, I think there could be a piece of me that quite enjoys a short period of voluntary forbearance before I use the cage, so that when I do finally lock it shut it feels like a relief not have to rely on willpower alone.
Anyway, the cage is now on, and although I know some of what to expect over the next week or so the experience is always a little different, and with a session with Mistress to look forward to it will certainly not be without frustration.

Day 1

This was my first morning waking up wearing the cage during this stint in chastity. Naturally the first sensation of which I became aware was the press of the plastic – smooth, but very constraining – against my flesh. One of the benefits of wearing it is that it ensures that Mistress is the first person I think of when I wake up; the drawback is that there is little to do with the emotional response that it provokes other than to look forward to seeing Her soon, and try to put out of mind the rather feverish desire to worship Her, feel Her tightening ropes and wrist cuffs, and so on… you can perhaps guess how successful that has been.

Day 2

Today I wore the cage in public for the first time in this period of chastity. I don’t think of myself as a particularly self-conscious person but it always feels as though any casual observer should be able to tell that I’m carrying something a little extra (with some frustrated emphasis on the ‘little’).
Mistress sometimes teases me with the thought of having to wear the cage through an airport security check. Just thinking about it now as I write this is making me blush a little, and I’m sure I’d be mortified if such a private thing were discovered in such a public way. As I observed to Mistress in one of O/our sessions, in the most optimistic scenario it might at least be an odd way to discover a shared interest with a kindred spirit, but much more likely is that the whole thing would just be deeply, deeply embarrassing.

Day 3

I find sexual longing quite an ineffable, chaotic thing, but I certainly felt that today was the most frustrating so far. I’m used to an initial difficulty right at the start of a period in chastity, when the habit of complete freedom still needs to be broken, followed by a frustration that tends to come in waves. Today was definitely the crest of a wave: even in company my mind tends to wander to my chastity cage, attractive female figures linger more in the imagination, and so on.
The worst part is when I forget about the cage, and the urge for a ‘release’ creeps in, only for me to realise that there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m starting mentally to count down the days remaining in chastity rather than the days I’ve gone through.

Day 4

Apparently the pent up desire from yesterday has not subsided: I woke up this morning absolutely straining against the confines of the chastity cage. I allowed myself a few minutes just staying in bed, thinking about worshipping Mistress (not a bad way to wake up, but it didn’t do anything for my sense of frustration). The aching and throbbing this sort of thing inspires is starting to get difficult to take, and I can definitely feel the urge for release growing.
At one point I actually felt an instinct to laugh. I reflected that it would be difficult to make anyone unfamiliar with this situation understand what I’m feeling, and even if I could I should think it would be unlikely I would inspire much sympathy.

Day 5

Once again the morning was characterised by easily provoked, difficult to contain desire. I don’t know if spending most of this week at home is a good thing from the point of view of putting up with this frustration: although it avoids some visual (public) stimulation, it certainly gives me plenty of time to dwell on the chastity, and to look forward to my session with Mistress at the end of the week (I’m not trying to exaggerate for effect, but the days do really seem to be passing more slowly than normal).
In the afternoon I had the distraction of quite a bit of work to do, however, and I thought it would be in the spirit of this enforced period of chastity if afterwards I were to watch a couple of Mistress’s video clips to remind me both of that I’m missing out on and what I can look forward to. Mistress knows that I have a particular weakness for ass worship, and that tends to dictate what I watch outside our sessions too, so you can imagine that – particularly in this state of heightened desire – I didn’t struggle to find a few clips to restore and sustain the sensation of painful confinement I’ve been describing for the past few days.

Day 6

Today was probably the first of this period of chastity that I felt a little bit of a lull in the urge for a release. I think partly it had to do – again – with having a fair amount of work to keep me distracted, but perhaps the expectation of freedom over when I can have an orgasm is starting to decline. If so that would be quite satisfying from the perspective of having subordinated that desire to Mistress’s command (on the other hand, I try to avoid giving myself too much credit, and it could be premature in any case).
I also think I’m starting to get quite used to wearing the cage. For at least the first few mornings there tends to be a moment of surprise and recollection to see and feel it in place, but now it’s starting to feel a bit more like a fixture. I could almost forget I was wearing it if it weren’t for the rattle of the padlock against the plastic; thinking it might reduce the visible profile of the cage, I’ve used a slightly smaller lock than I usually do, and as a result it has a bit more room to move about. I haven’t noticed it making a noise under clothing, but I’m sure it’s going to feel quite persistent and noticeable during my session with Mistress.

Day 7

Today marks the longest period for which I’ve been locked in chastity. At times it has felt difficult to sustain, although of course the cage means I haven’t had to rely on willpower alone. More importantly, tomorrow I will get to see Mistress; as you can imagine, by now just the thought of Her is enough to have me straining inside the cage. Just writing this is already provoking a reaction, which perhaps serves to demonstrate that my tentative suggestion of some shift in my desire for release was indeed premature. I should think that bodes well for a frustrating, exciting time tomorrow.


I’ve been trying for about half an hour to work out where to start this final update: after what seems to have been an interminable wait (or at least it would have seemed that way, if I hadn’t been chronicling it) today I had my session with Mistress. As I write this some hours later I’m still in a little bit of a daze about the whole thing, not to say physically and mentally spent, but I’ll fight against the inclination to make this merely a stream of consciousness account of the session as fragments of it surface and re-surface in my mind.
As always I was kneeling naked on the floor of the dungeon when Mistress entered. I was already bulging inside the chastity cage just from the sound of Her footsteps in the corridor outside, but when She opened the door dressed in a gorgeous, black latex leotard and wheeling a mysterious black case behind Her, I felt all the pent-up frustration of the past week or so come washing back over me. I kissed Her once on each foot and then, as She sat on Her throne and I knelt in front of Her, worshipping Her high-heeled leather shoes, W/we talked about how my week in chastity had gone, how I felt writing these updates, and so on.
With the cage still in place Mistress let me worship Her bottom, teasing me as I did so about how quickly and easily I was provoked into audible expressions of frustration and delight. Even with my cock throbbing incessantly inside the cage I could have knelt with Her gently rolling Her bottom across my face for an eternity. As it is I couldn’t reliably say how long this lasted, just that it felt over too soon!
Mistress then let me polish Her latex outfit – in my fevered and eager state it seemed like I mistakenly poured out half the bottle of polish into my hands – before instructing me that by way of payment for the pleasure She had already granted me, and that in order to earn my release from chastity, I was going to have to be restrained and caned.
I find I can never truly prepare for the stinging, pulsing pain of being caned: Mistress said that W/we would be aiming for at least forty strokes, and there was a moment – I find it always comes at some point – that I wondered if I would be able to make it, but with Mistress periodically letting me worship Her bottom, and running Her fingertips over my neck and back, W/we did. In fact I lost count of how many strokes W/we had got to as Mistress started to cane me on one cheek to even up the marks (Mistress also reminded me that I should be thankful for Her having taken my mind off the chastity cage…).

After a moment to let me have a look at my new stripes in the mirrored wall of the dungeon, Mistress instructed me to lay on the leather surface of the dungeon’s four-poster bed, telling me that although on this occasion She was not going to tie me down, She would do so if I bucked around too much (an ominous warning). She started by gently teasing my still caged cock with a magic wand, before She finally unlocked me, laughing as the cage sprung open the moment the lock was removed.
Alternating between the magic wand, Her Venus milking machine and the throbbing, lacerating pain of Her E-stim unit – the mysterious black case explained – She teased me for what seemed an age; after more than a week locked in the rather sterile, almost sensationless confines of the chastity cage, you can imagine how overwhelming all this sudden stimulation was.
Finally, perching Herself just over my face, Mistress instructed me to bring myself to orgasm. I would have considered it unthinkable beforehand to take more than a few seconds to manage it given this sort of provocation, but the unexpected relinquishing of self-control and the imperative to achieve the orgasm in the time allotted meant it took longer and more effort than I would have imagined. When it came, though, the orgasm was the most satisfying and the most exhausting one I’ve ever had. For at least a few seconds afterwards I couldn’t concentrate on anything but the sense of release, and my shallow, quivering breath and pounding chest.
Rather sub-spaced out, I showered – absent-mindedly taking what seemed like an indecently long time to do so – and was starting to get dressed when Mistress instructed me that I would be wearing the chastity cage home. She had prepared me for the possibility that She might decide to make me do so, but it wasn’t until that moment that the command was confirmed.

So here I am, writing this update and locked up again. For now I feel on too much of a high, with too much to process and reflect on, for the cage to really bother me, but I think the odds are that the morning will bring back the old, familiar frustration.


Until next time…

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