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By MistressLolaRuin | September 24, 2018

Finally, after many months of planning, blood sweat and tears, My own private playspace is open. As a result, I am now accepting applications to serve Me as My personal slave.

I have poured My heart into creating a space I love, and I am thrilled that all My sessions now take place in My own personal chambers. However, running My own playspace means even more responsibility. As a result, I am now busier than I have ever been before.

As such, I am now open to offers of servitude from slaves based in Manchester. This is a unique opportunity for those looking to explore a D/s relationship outside of 'pay for play' sessions.


In order to be considered as My slave, there are a few stipulations which if you do not meet you are unlikely to be considered seriously...

1. Owning a car

My ideal personal slave would not only be able to act as a chauffeur for Me, but would also be happy to run errands for Me. Consequently, slaves whom are at the mercy of public transport are likely not suitable.

2. Not be allergic to dogs

I currently live with a lovely little pug/chihuahua cross and 2 large, friendly huskies. Due to this, those who are either allergic or scared of dogs are almost certainly not suitable for the role of My personal slave.

3. Available at least once per week, between Monday and Friday

Beyond possible pet-sitting, I rarely have use for personal slaves over the weekend, which I often take off to spend with friends and family. As a result, slaves who are only available at the weekend are most likely unsuitable for the position.


Obviously, any play will be wholly at My discretion, and would only ever be given as a reward for good conduct. I have no interest in 'smart arsed subs', who are looking for punishment play and behave badly on purpose. Such slaves will be dismissed instantly. Equally, good s


I do not require a tribute for the position of personal slave, however I do expect you to make small contributions to My life as and when appropriate. This can be discussed and/or negotiated further with any suitable applicants.


If you wish to be considered, fill out the following form in full. An informal interview to discuss the role further will be the next step for any suitable applicants.

Until next time…

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