My Own Personal Playspace...

By MistressLolaRuin | July 9, 2018

Hello all,

It has been a while since My last blog. Hopefully, the following news will go some way to explaining why I have been too busy to write you all. Something incredibly special has been going on behind the scenes, and now I can finally announce it to you all. I will soon be opening My very own personal playspace!

Manchester Mistress Lola Ruin Personal PlaySpace
A sneak peek of My new dungeon in the making...

I have been toying with the idea of having My own dungeon for quite a long time. The time has finally come to take the plunge. As I type now, flooring is being laid, walls are being painted and dungeon furniture is being built. My dream is coming together.

I am so excited to welcome My slaves both old and new into a space which is completely My own vision. And I have so many ideas on how to make this space even more special for both Myself and My devotees.

Both Domestic and Dungeon Settings

The space itself will be separated into two distinct ‘domestic’ and ‘dungeon’ areas. A homely, seating area not dissimilar to a therapists office (oh the roleplay possibilities!), and a more hardcore, traditional dungeon area. After a very clever suggestion by a recent slave, I may also be able to convert a part of that into a ‘rubber clinic’, for those seeking medical play. Whilst this may sound like a mish mash, the entire space will reflect My own personal, sophisticated décor. All the areas will work just as well as one large space as they will separately.

Brand New Fetish Equipment

My collection of equipment is impressive after 7 years as a Professional Dominatrix. However, I am now reinvesting almost every penny into buying brand new toys and torments to subject you lot to! I have already invested in a brand new milking machine (yes, My Venus is still up and running, so I now have two machines to control you with!). Next on the list is a latex vacuum bed, a fucking machine, and an entire range of toys from the incomparable Babes n Horny.

Manchester Mistress Lola Ruin Personal PlaySpace
Currently, My new playspace is filled with far less exciting equipment...

Prolonged, Bespoke BDSM Sessions

However, what I am most excited about is the freedom I will now have in what sessions I can conduct. No longer financially constrained by an hourly rental, I will soon be able to offer creative prolonged play at a more affordable tribute. A few of the ideas I am currently toying with…

  • Prolonged Milking Experiences
  • Extended Confinement
  • Overnight Caging
  • Prolonged Bondage
  • All Day Toilet slavery
  • Extended ‘Servitude/Domestic’ slavery

And, perhaps most exciting of all…


Just as My playspace has yet to be fully revealed, so too are the details of the above sessions. But, I will soon be writing a brand new page of My website dedicated solely to ‘extended’ experiences. This will include full details and their respective tributes. So, keep your eyes peeled.

Lastly, in My excitement, I wish to also acknowledge the dedication of My regular slaves. Those who book sessions with Me, who tribute Me, who commission custom clips and experiences, and the fans who buy My videos. When I compare where I am now to where I was early this year, I feel as though My life and turned around. Your continued support of My career is what has made this all possible.


“The Mistress is not self-made by any means. With her submissive she creates,
she designs,
she imagines, she becomes. It’s a relationship; it’s an exchange.

Though the Mistress is all about power, confidence and control,
she still must give back to her clients who provide the very platform she stands on.”

― T. L. Stone

Manchester Mistress Lola Ruin Personal PlaySpace
A final preview. My boys over on OnlyFans have already been given a full tour of My new chambers. To see more, subscribe to

Should you wish to contribute to My new chambers, you can do so by sending a tribute to through either Amazon or DeliveryCode below.

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Until next time…

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