Extended Experiences...

By MistressLolaRuin | October 1, 2018

Imagine: A beautiful, dominant Woman escorts you into Her brand new playspace, and locks you within. Just as She is about to leave, looks you up and down, and smiles wickedly.

From this moment, you will be contained under Her complete control, and only She decides when your time is up. Once that door closes, your ability to make decisions for yourself have ended. All decisions are Hers, Hers alone—And they are final.

This experience can be yours.

Extended Sessions

The opening of My own personal playspace means I am now able to be entertained by slaves for longer than ever before. To celebrate, I am now offering 'Extended Experiences' for those brave enough to pursue them.

Are you that special type of slave who craves a taste of real life control in a D/s environment? Perhaps you want to steal a glimpse into what 24/7 might look and feel like? Have you always strived to turn over decision-making to a beautiful woman who knows exactly what to do with that opportunity?

This is a unique, one-time experience that you can fantasise about over a lifetime... or, you can experience it for real.

Torment and Isolation

During these extended sessions, I will toy and torment you at My leisure, before leaving you abandoned and isolated. Between the delights of My torment, you will be left with nothing to do but to meditate on how fortunate you are to be in such a predicament.

You will savour every moment I bestow upon you, and each will leave your mind and body begging for more. Your isolation will only serve to heighten how blessed you will feel by each scrap of attention you receive from Me.

Whilst you are alone, I may bind your hands in glove mitts, to further prove to you just how hopeless and helpless you are in my care. I may leave erotic films playing that will only serve to further frustrate you and leave you in discomfort.

For those attending My overnight and 24 hour sessions, you will be stowed away in a cage directly underneath My bed. Just imagine your frustration as you are completely starved of attention, laying on the cold floor beneath Me. Then, your ears prick as you hear Me pleasuring Myself to sleep above you, just outside of sight and touch...

Pick your Poison

Experiences I am currently indulging My submissives in range from 6 hour daytime, 12 hour extended daytime, 12 hour overnight and a 24 hour full day experience. They include…

Orgasm Control Experience

My all time favourite activity and obvious speciality. Placed into solitary confinement, I will visit you once every hour to either edge you, milk you, or ruin you.

6, 12, or 24 hours
Tribute beginning at £500

Caging & Confinement Experience

Your sentence is to be caged, ignored, teased and tormented by whatever means I decide. But isn’t that how it should be?

6, 12, or 24 hours
Tribute beginning at £350

Bondage Slavery Experience

Ideal for those who need more restraint than others. You will experience a variety of bondage, including caging, rope bondage, mummification and more!

6 or 12 hours
Tribute beginning at £500

All Day Toilet Experience

Used as My personal piss bucket. This is the perfect opportunity for slaves who desire the taste of Mistress’s vintage.

6 or 12 hours
Tribute beginning at £300

Servitude Slavery Experience

A unique opportunity for service-oriented slaves. Trained in high protocol and set to work as I oversee your servitude. A rare glimpse into 24/7 personal slavery.

6, 12, or 24 hours
Tribute beginning at £450

Cuckolding Experiences

I am now able to offer incredibly exclusive cuckolding sessions, which are joined by My wonderfully well endowed partner! I understand if you are already feeling jealous…

Two hour minimum, mailing list only. 
Tribute beginning at £300 per hour

Customise your Experience

Above are just a few of the ways I have dreamed up. But perhaps you greedily wish to experience more than one of these torments? I am open to hearing from slaves who desire to 'mix and match' from the above, or indeed customise an entire experience.

Provided your fantasy follows the same format of isolation injected with hourly play, then you have permission to approach Me with further details.

Apply for your Extended Experience today...

So, when searching for a truly unique experience with a beautiful, exotic Manchester Mistress, an extended session with Me is definitely one you don’t want to pass up...

For more details, and to apply for an experience...

Until next time…

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