Personal slave…

Personal slave...

By MistressLolaRuin | September 24, 2018

Finally, after many months of planning, blood sweat and tears, My own private playspace is open. As a result, I am now accepting applications to serve Me as My personal slave.

I have poured My heart into creating a space I love, and I am thrilled that all My sessions now take place in My own personal chambers. However, running My own playspace means even more responsibility. As a result, I am now busier than I have ever been before.

As such, I am now open to offers of servitude from slaves based in Manchester. This is a unique opportunity for those looking to explore a D/s relationship outside of 'pay for play' sessions.


In order to be considered as My slave, there are a few stipulations which if you do not meet you are unlikely to be considered seriously...

1. Owning a car

My ideal personal slave would not only be able to act as a chauffeur for Me, but would also be happy to run errands for Me. Consequently, slaves whom are at the mercy of public transport are likely not suitable.

2. Not be allergic to dogs

I currently live with a lovely little pug/chihuahua cross and 2 large, friendly huskies. Due to this, those who are either allergic or scared of dogs are almost certainly not suitable for the role of My personal slave.

3. Available at least once per week, between Monday and Friday

Beyond possible pet-sitting, I rarely have use for personal slaves over the weekend, which I often take off to spend with friends and family. As a result, slaves who are only available at the weekend are most likely unsuitable for the position.


Obviously, any play will be wholly at My discretion, and would only ever be given as a reward for good conduct. I have no interest in 'smart arsed subs', who are looking for punishment play and behave badly on purpose. Such slaves will be dismissed instantly. Equally, good s


I do not require a tribute for the position of personal slave, however I do expect you to make small contributions to My life as and when appropriate. This can be discussed and/or negotiated further with any suitable applicants.


If you wish to be considered, fill out the following form in full. An informal interview to discuss the role further will be the next step for any suitable applicants.

Until next time…

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My Love of Ruined Orgasm

My Love of Ruined Orgasm...

By MistressLolaRuin | August 1, 2018

Far and away, ruined orgasm is both My favourite way to torment, and what I am most famous for. Let this blog serve as an introduction to the ruining virgins amongst you loyal blog readers...

What is a ruined orgasm?

A ruined orgasm is achieved by taking away all stimulation at the ‘crucial moment’ of release. If done right, your orgasm will just trickle out. Whilst usually not painful physically, this is psychologically very tormenting. The usual pleasure you would receive from an orgasm is entirely missing. In fact, ruined orgasms tend to frustrate My submissives even more so. You can imagine how delighted this makes Me!

Ruined Orgasm Manchester Mistress Lola Ruin

Why do you love ruining orgasms so much?

There are numerous reasons why I find ruined orgasms so much fun to explore during My sessions. As a brief outline…

As a form of control and denial

Ruined orgasms are fairly tormenting, in the same way that chastity and edging are. It is serves to show you that your cock belongs to Me. That you will only receive pleasure when I decide so. Ruined orgasms are a teasing reminder of the control and power I have over you.

Ruined Orgasm Manchester Mistress Lola Ruin

Having a ruined orgasm is frustrating

I often find My slaves far more obedient when their orgasm hangs in the balance. Frustrated slaves tend to make better slaves, and there is nothing more frustrating than ruining your orgasm.

Having a ruined orgasm is a mind fuck

To see yourself orgasm, but feel no release at all, is quite the mind fuck. To watch your cum slowly seep out of your cock as it twitches for the attention it so badly wants. Nothing brings Me more enjoyment than the look of turmoil on a slaves face as he watches his ruining trickle out of him.

Ruined Orgasm Manchester Mistress Lola Ruin

My Venus 2000 Milking Machine

Ruined orgasm sessions are the perfect occasion for Me to play with My Venus 2000 machine. Far and away My favourite bit of kit, it allows Me to milk you dry with the turn of a dial.

My Venus is even for slaves who have trouble keeping an erection. My milking machine will no doubt drag a ruining out of you, regardless of that!

The cruel element of surprise

Unlike other forms of torment, ruined orgasms need no preparation. Although I like to play with My Venus 2000, I don’t need to in order to ruin you.

And so, I have the freedom to choose whether to ruin you or not right up to the very last second.

How very cruel to allow you to think you would earn a release, only to let go at the critical moment…

Ruined Orgasm Manchester Mistress Lola Ruin

Ruined Orgasm Sessions

Ruined orgasms can be included in almost any kind of play or scenario. I find it goes very well with other forms of orgasm control or sensual domination. These kind of scenes include all My favourite ways to play.

Edging, chastity control, tease and denial, ‘milking’ scenes and cuckolding all play perfectly into the fetish of ruined orgasms.

Ruined Orgasm Manchester Mistress Lola Ruin

As a bonus, having a ruined orgasm doesn't mean you can't then also be rewarded with a full orgasm (or indeed, punished with further ruinings!). Ruining is the secret key to unlocking multiple male orgasms. If that isn't enough to convince you to try Ruined Orgasm, then I am not sure what else will...

Until next time…

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My Own Personal Playspace…

My Own Personal Playspace...

By MistressLolaRuin | July 9, 2018

Hello all,

It has been a while since My last blog. Hopefully, the following news will go some way to explaining why I have been too busy to write you all. Something incredibly special has been going on behind the scenes, and now I can finally announce it to you all. I will soon be opening My very own personal playspace!

Manchester Mistress Lola Ruin Personal PlaySpace
A sneak peek of My new dungeon in the making...

I have been toying with the idea of having My own dungeon for quite a long time. The time has finally come to take the plunge. As I type now, flooring is being laid, walls are being painted and dungeon furniture is being built. My dream is coming together.

I am so excited to welcome My slaves both old and new into a space which is completely My own vision. And I have so many ideas on how to make this space even more special for both Myself and My devotees.

Both Domestic and Dungeon Settings

The space itself will be separated into two distinct ‘domestic’ and ‘dungeon’ areas. A homely, seating area not dissimilar to a therapists office (oh the roleplay possibilities!), and a more hardcore, traditional dungeon area. After a very clever suggestion by a recent slave, I may also be able to convert a part of that into a ‘rubber clinic’, for those seeking medical play. Whilst this may sound like a mish mash, the entire space will reflect My own personal, sophisticated décor. All the areas will work just as well as one large space as they will separately.

Brand New Fetish Equipment

My collection of equipment is impressive after 7 years as a Professional Dominatrix. However, I am now reinvesting almost every penny into buying brand new toys and torments to subject you lot to! I have already invested in a brand new milking machine (yes, My Venus is still up and running, so I now have two machines to control you with!). Next on the list is a latex vacuum bed, a fucking machine, and an entire range of toys from the incomparable Babes n Horny.

Manchester Mistress Lola Ruin Personal PlaySpace
Currently, My new playspace is filled with far less exciting equipment...

Prolonged, Bespoke BDSM Sessions

However, what I am most excited about is the freedom I will now have in what sessions I can conduct. No longer financially constrained by an hourly rental, I will soon be able to offer creative prolonged play at a more affordable tribute. A few of the ideas I am currently toying with…

  • Prolonged Milking Experiences
  • Extended Confinement
  • Overnight Caging
  • Prolonged Bondage
  • All Day Toilet slavery
  • Extended ‘Servitude/Domestic’ slavery

And, perhaps most exciting of all…


Just as My playspace has yet to be fully revealed, so too are the details of the above sessions. But, I will soon be writing a brand new page of My website dedicated solely to ‘extended’ experiences. This will include full details and their respective tributes. So, keep your eyes peeled.

Lastly, in My excitement, I wish to also acknowledge the dedication of My regular slaves. Those who book sessions with Me, who tribute Me, who commission custom clips and experiences, and the fans who buy My videos. When I compare where I am now to where I was early this year, I feel as though My life and turned around. Your continued support of My career is what has made this all possible.


“The Mistress is not self-made by any means. With her submissive she creates,
she designs,
she imagines, she becomes. It’s a relationship; it’s an exchange.

Though the Mistress is all about power, confidence and control,
she still must give back to her clients who provide the very platform she stands on.”

― T. L. Stone

Manchester Mistress Lola Ruin Personal PlaySpace
A final preview. My boys over on OnlyFans have already been given a full tour of My new chambers. To see more, subscribe to

Should you wish to contribute to My new chambers, you can do so by sending a tribute to through either Amazon or DeliveryCode below.

Amazon Giftcard

DeliveryCode Tribute

Until next time…

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The Perils of Dating as a Dominatrix…

The Perils of Dating as a Dominatrix...

By MistressLolaRuin May 8, 2018

Dating as a Dominatrix can throw a lot of odd challenges your way. I know, because I've been doing it for the past 4 years.
My ex-boyfriend was submissive. He was wonderful in so many ways, but I believe this put an extra strain on our relationship. Our D/s dynamic often burned Me out, and (somewhat understandably), jealousy of My work crept in.

When we broke up, I decided there were two things I needed for Myself in My future relationships. Firstly, to not date anyone who identities solely as submissive. Secondly, to explore non-monogamy.
I hoped that sticking to these rules would stop any burn out and jealousy from creeping back into My relationships. Thankfully, it seems to have worked.
I date non-monogamously less so for an affinity to polyamory and more so because I don't believe in monogamy. I care more about honesty than fidelity, and I don't think W/we are naturally monogamous creatures.
Over half a decade of Topping (mostly) married men for cash has only confirmed this. Plus, it's a safe bet that partner who is down with Me fucking other people for fun is probably going to be chill with Me Domming guys for money.
I  hold pretty high standards when it comes to who I spend My time with. My job is such a source of pleasure for Me, that more often than not I would rather spend time working than dating.  So many times I have been on awful dates, and the thought crosses My mind on how much more I would prefer to be at home, editing clips or rinsing My subbies.
As I already have a few lovely connections in My life, I'm in no rush to find another. I feel more fulfilled being productive than on a lack lustre date. That's still the case even when I am single, as being brought up as an only child means I am fairly content in My own company. As a result, I don't date all that often.

Coming Out as a Sex Worker
Occasionally though, I do get the urge to get dressed up and be wined and dined. Choosing who I’d like to indulge in that with can be, at times, disheartening. Dating as a Dominatrix can throw a lot of odd challenges your way. Such an unsuaul line of work tends to attract unusual responses. Thankfully, it can also be a blessing…
I am incredibly open about what I do for a living. Sex work is an understandable deal breaker, and I have no desire to waste anyone's time (least of all My own). If they’re not cool with My passion, then it’s really a no starter. I have no energy for men who are jealous or intimidated or ignorant about what I do.
So, I tell everyone pretty much straight away. It’s fairly easy, as ‘What do you do?’ is often one of the first questions asked. After My confession, prospective lovers need to tread a thin line when it comes to their response, and a lot lose My interest immediately…
The Secret Submissive
I guess if you're a submissive looking for a kinky girlfriend, it can be exciting seeing a Domme in the dating wild.  Finally, someone who understands My kinks! They get so carried away with the thrill of seeing someone so openly perverted, they forget I'm an actual human.
Often I receive a frantically typed out a message in awe of what I do for a living. An essay detailing all of their deepest darkest kinks, peppered with highly intimate questions about My own sexuality.
Of course, women in vanilla jobs have to put up with their fair share of sexually charged messages. However, when you out yourself as a sex worker it almost always changes the tone of the conversation. I am no longer a girl they are chatting to on a dating website. I’m an object for them to project their fantasies onto. They tend to sexualise Me even more than My paying subs... What a turn off.
The upside of this is how easily they weed themselves out. After I’ve ignored all the hyper sexualised messages, I tend to only have curious, kink friendly, open-minded people left. My ideal would be someone who finds My job intellectually interesting but not particularly arousing (at least at first…).
I love to discuss the psychology of fetishes. How a formative moment in early childhood has the potential to alter someones sexuality throughout their adult life. Someone equally interested in the psychology of BDSM usually makes for great conversation over dinner and drinks.
Judgemental ‘Whorearchy’
Although I am upfront about how I have no interest in dating someone who isn’t down with sex work, I also get messages from these exact people. How they couldn’t possibly date Me because of the work I do. Asking Me why I have such low self respect (honestly laughable considering My hourly rate…!). How they don’t understand BDSM or how someone charge for it, even less so pay for it.
These overtly moralistic messages get deleted immediately. Engaging and/or educating them is too draining.
Of all these kind of judgemental messages, there is one kind that irks Me more than any other. Those who pretend to be progressive, whilst denigrating other forms of sex work. ‘I’m cool with the fact you’re a Dominatrix, but I could never date someone who *escorts/erotic massages/strips/etc*’.
Talking shit about My fellow sex workers with an undertone of ‘doing Me a favour by considering dating Me’ is a sure fire way to offend Me. I am not one of these Dommes who likes to kid themselves into thinking what I do isn't sexual. Plus, I have far too many friends who work as escorts and I don't want a partner who judges them. I also don't want someone who is going to become all weird and jealous should I decide to branch out into another form of sex work in the future. 
As with the horny submissives, judgemental folks reveal themselves fairly quickly, leaving behind only the real progressives. So many others have confessed how their previous (or current) partners have engaged in sex work. To this day, My favourite ever response to My work was a guy who immediately dove into his (well informed) knowledge of the sex worker rights movement.

I guess it’s pretty clear what I want from My prospective dates. Someone intellectually stimulating, and who finds My work as interesting as any other interesting job. At the very least someone who has no problem with the fact I am a Domme, and at best, an ally to sex workers, and aware of the oppression We face and that I care about.
Thankfully, the dealbreakers I have seem to be self confessed within the first couple of messages, leaving only wonderfully progressive, kinky, open-minded folks left over. Despite the pitfalls, being a Domme is a blessing in disguise...
Plus, I could always enlist a cuckold slave to take care of all My dating admin for Me should I get bored of dealing with the secret subbies or judgemental pricks... 🙂
Until next time…
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Foot Worship 101…

Foot Worship 101...

By MistressLolaRuin March 5, 2018

Foot worship is probably the most common fetish. Especially so for Me, as it seems the foot fetishists particularly like tiny little size 2 feet.

Almost every slave who crawls through My dungeon door spends some of his time at My feet. Some will only give each one a small peck to each as a 'Hello', as My protocol dictates. Others may spend hours smothered underneath them.

Regardless, I believe that every serious slave learn how to properly worship the feet of his Dominant. It's a skill which will serve you well in serving Me.

It's no surprise so many people love to worship feet. Even less of a surprise that others love to receive foot worship. The 'somatosenory cortex' of the brain maps out your nerves, with a little section devoted to each body part, and their size relative to how sensitive that body part is. Sometimes, these sections overlap. Look at the right hand side of this image... Notice how in the image above, feet and genitals are right next to each other, overlapping? The science of kink!

I'll let you in on a little secret which may encourage you to improve your 'podolingus'... when a slave is good at worshipping feet, it generally bodes well for what else he may be good at worshipping.

I bet your mind has already wandered, thinking about what you can't have. You can forget it... no amount of toe sucking will elevate you to the role of My sex slave. But now you know, isn't that the thought you want running through My head? That as your tongue runs along My arch, I'm silently making a bet with Myself that you would be great at going down on women? Of course you do. And I promise you, I am not the only Domme who thinks that.

So, before I bestow upon you My top tips for foot worship, let's delve into what you should steer clear of.

  1. No Teeth
    I am rolling My eyes that I even have to say this, but it's true. At no point, ever, do I want to feel your teeth on My feet. I don't care if you manage to cram all 10 of My perfect little toes into your mouth... you better open that jaw wide. Think back to a time when a woman may have used her teeth on your dick. Unless you're a CBT masochist you probably squirmed like crazy, because teeth feel awful. Same goes for My feet. Don't. Do. It.
  2. No Slobber
    Unlike blowjobs, copious amounts of saliva is not hot. I want you to worship respectfully, and that means not drenching Me in your slobber. Of course, a dry mouth is no fun, so you're gonna have to use your brain to figure out the middle ground (good luck!).
  3. No Stubble
    Make your face soft before burying it in My arches. Coarse stubble is at best tickly, at worst scratchy and always distracting.

Those are My own three biggest bugbears when it comes to sloppy foot worship. Now, onto how you can improve...

  1. Start gently
    I drew the comparison between foot worship and pussy eating earlier for good reason... Most men know that diving straight into aggressive cunnilingus is not the best way to please a woman. You want to ease into it, and foot worship is no different. What do you imagine might feel best... someone who immediately crams My entire foot in his mouth, OR someone who traces every curve of them with kisses... then his tongue... then sucks on each of My toes...
    See the difference?
  2. Hands
    Don't let your mouth do all the work. I for one love when My slave also massages My feet whilst worshipping. Always be gentle. Never tug My feet towards you. Remember you are here to please Me, and utilising all you have to do that (including both your mouth and hands) is best!
  3. Worship Equally
    Don't let My other foot get jealous. You have one mouth, and two hands, and so there's plenty to make sure each of My feet are kept happy. Switch between the two regularly. Plant kisses all over one foot, then repeat on the other. I like symmetry 🙂
  4. Pay attention to each of My toes
    Usually slaves are good at this, however it bears repeating. Just as I have 2 feet, I also have 10 toes! Be sure to give every little piggy the attention it rightly deserves. Also, don't neglect that space between them. I love to feel a willing slaves tongue exploring betwixt My toes.
  5. Follow My instructions
    I am vocal about what I like. If I give you any guidance on how best to worship My feet, listen and act accordingly. Do not make Me repeat Myself.
  6. Communicate
    Ask Me what I like, if it feels good, what might feel better. I like when My slaves are willing to learn. Also, whilst I believe some of this blog may be true for other Dommes (no teeth is a universal dislike I imagine), these are only My own personal preferences. Every Domme is different, and you would do well to remember that. Always ask what feels best and what they like. Different strokes for different folks!

Lastly, My biggest tip for foot fetish subs...

Dedicate some time to learning massage techniques!

You wouldn't even have to pay (although you could if you wanted to!). YouTube is full of tutorials. A quick search on 'foot massage' has thrown up over 852,000 results for Me. Some of them are as short as 3 minutes, others go on for nearly an hour.

Take some time to learn foot anatomy and massage technique. Although massage is mostly about hands, I guarantee you such knowledge would improve any worship you do with your mouth too. If you are a foot fetishist, I highly doubt watching these videos would be more of a chore than they would excitable... so you really have no excuse do you?

A slave knowledgeable in reflexology or Thai or Swedish foot massage would impress Me no end. In fact, I don't know of a single Domme who wouldn't love to have a trained foot masseuse at Her beck and call. I am no exception.

Until next time…

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