Orgasm Control, Edging Tips and Enjoyment

Orgasm Control, Edging Tips and Enjoyment...

By MistressLolaRuin | Jan 30, 2021

On the joys of Orgasm Control…

My Manchester Playspace - The Perfect FemDom Edging Tease

Just imagine being strapped down tightly in my playspace. Naked on my leather bench, your body pulled taunt by the rope I’ve laced you into. Blindfolded and vulnerable, all you can hear is the gentle tapping of my high heels, circling you like prey. You feel some cold, liquid lubricant slowly drip on your cock. You hear my evil laugh pierce the silence as I watch you squirm from the shock of it. Then, you feel something slide onto you, and rhythmically start stroking you. I tell you its my favourite toy, The Venus 2000.

‘This allows me to control your pleasure with just the touch of a dial...’

I demonstrate by turning it up, and you arch upwards and deeper into it as you’re flooded with the sensation. Then, I begin to toy with you. The Venus fluctuates it speed up and down and I turn the dial. Grindingly, teasingly slow all the way up to furious pumping. You sink deeper into a submissive bliss, losing all control to me as you begin inching ever closer to that incredible explosion of pleasure you crave so much. And then, just as you reach the very edge, right on the cusp of what you know will be a mind blowing orgasm…. I STOP. Your body freezes, suspended in frustration for me.

‘My poor little submissive… you didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you? You need to remember, I own your cock now. Let’s start right from the beginning, all over again…’

You are at once totally deflated by this denial, and indescribably excited for me to continue. You hope that maybe this time, I might allow you some release, but you also know you won’t find out what my intentions are until the very last second…

…This, dear readers, is why I love Orgasm Control.
It is the ultimate mind fuck.

Of course, the ways in which I can control that orgasm are varied, ranging from total, repeated denial right through to multiple forced orgasms, milking you under you are completely dry. Each one serves it own purpose in training you to be the very best toy for me you can possibly be.

Types of Orgasm Control, Denial and Edging

Chastity Play

So much of BDSM is about memory. The anticipation as you apply for a session. Your imagination running wild about what might happen after I have accepted you. Then comes the day itself, the nervous butterflies and the experience of being totally present in your body, thoughtless whilst in my company. The weeks after you spend replaying it whilst masturbating furiously. The memories slowly fade, as do whatever marks I may have bestowed upon you…

Chastity is an wonderful way to prolong this. Not only do I decide what you experience when in my playspace, but now I also own your cock 24/7. Unlike those marks that may fade away, or the memories that become blurrier with time, the tight cage encasing you will serve as a constant reminder of your servitude. A constant reminder that your pleasure belongs to me now, your orgasm is totally under my control. Only when I decide to unlock you will you be free again.

Edging and Orgasm Denial

Repeatedly denying your pleasure is another form of orgasm control I use in most of my sessions. Not only will it make total denial even more unbearable, or any eventual orgasm I allow much more powerful (unless of course I decide to ruin… more on that later), but for many of you it seems to push you even deeper into submission for me. As a Domme, I find this both useful, and endlessly entertaining.

Occasionally, I like to begin my sessions by instructing you to edge yourselves a few times right away whilst at my feet. Let’s start as we mean to go on. With each edging, I can see your headspace deepening even more, watching you falling further under my spell. And of course, frustrated boys are always more obedient. So many of you beg me, saying you will do literally anything for a pay off. It’s constantly amusing to me how much more subservient you become when your pleasure is literally hanging in the balance.

Ruined Orgasm

I’ve spoken at length about ruined orgasms before, and it is truly the ultimate mind fuck. To build your excitement up and up, pushing you further and further towards release before withdrawing all stimulation at the very last second… laughing as you watch the sad, unsatisfying orgasm pathetically dribble out of your cock whilst experiencing none of the usual release. Such sweet psychological torment.

I especially love mixing this in with other forms of orgasm control. Just imagine spending a long month in chastity for me. That cage growing tighter everyday as your desire grows to serve me. Then, I unlock you and edge you 20 times in a row, each one even more teasing than the last. Then finally, I say I will allow you a pay off. You have taken orgasm control so well, I will allow you release… only to abandon it at the last second. So delightfully cruel.

And best of all, we can do it over and over again. The secret to the male multiple orgasm is in repeatedly ruining you at just the right moment…

Forced Orgasm and Milking

Dare I say, my least favourite of all forms of orgasm control, for obvious reasons. I much prefer denying your pleasure than allowing you any at all. I enjoy watching you squirm and beg. But, occasionally, I do like to reward my boys should they have done enough to earn it.

Though I may allow you such pleasure, this is naturally still totally under my control. You will only experience this pleasure should I so decide, and as you know I could change my mind at the very last second and still ruin you (teasing you about that throughout the entire build up, lest you forget). Or, even worst…

Post Orgasm Torment

You know how everything becomes ultra-sensitive right after you orgasm? That makes it exactly the perfect moment to inflict some pain upon you. Whether that be as punishment for earlier infractions, or maybe just to immediately pay for the pleasure you enjoyed… nothing stings more than some post orgasm torment.

This could just be as simple and continuing to stroke, the exact same stroking that just gave you so much pleasure now melting away and feeling painfully intense. Or maybe a few little well times flicks of my stiletto nails right into those extra sensitive balls? Or a few strikes of a whip across your cock to help it deflate even faster… Watching you switch immediately from pleasure to pain is always hysterical in the cruellest way possible.

I wonder, dear reader, if you love orgasm control as much as I do? It doesn’t really matter either way, because you will learn to love it if you wish to please me. And the best way to please me is to practise yourself.

I want you pick one of the above, and do it to yourself the next time you masturbate. Whether that be a month in chastity, 10 edgings in a row, a few ruined orgasms spread throughout the day or inflicting some pain on yourself as soon as you release. All the time remembering that I control your orgasms now.

I know it’s not quite the same when you do it to yourself. But, you can just imagine you’re strapped down tightly in my playspace instead…

Until next time,

Manchester Mistress Dominatrix BDSM Ashton Under Lyne Playspace Chambers Dungeon Fetish FemDom Kinky - 484
Manchester Mistress Expert Dominatrix Lola Ruin

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How Much Does It Cost To Make High Quality Dominatrix Porn

How Much Does It Cost To Make High Quality Dominatrix Porn...

By MistressLolaRuin December 20, 2020

Hello all,

Today I want to write you all a blog about what exactly goes into creating FemDom Porn... and why you should be paying for it.

PornHub and its Legacy

Quite a few of you have probably noticed PornHub hitting the headlines again recently, after an expose into abusive and non-consensual content in The New York Times. This article quickly lead to Visa/Mastercard pulling their payment processing. In response, Pornhub did a sweeping reform of their website. Now, only verified accounts are allowed to upload content (really good!), but as yet Visa and Mastercard have yet to reinstate payment processing (really bad, especially for performers who rely on this income, during a winter pandemic, 2 weeks before Christmas...)

FemDom Porn on YouTube and Pornhub

Pornhub has a long and torrid history when it comes to sex workers. If you want to learn more, I highly recommend Jon Ronsons Audible series 'The Butterfly Effect'. But, a quick rundown was the spark of an idea to create 'YouTube for Porn', way back in 2007. They allowed anyone to upload content, with no verification of who the uploaders were or where that content came from. Soon enough, they were quickly averaging 1 million hits a month, and the content was being uploaded far faster than DMCA notices from the owners of that content could take it down. Copycat websites popped up all over, and porn became readily and freely available for everyone with an internet connection. These days, PornHub is estimated to be the 10th most visited website in the world (shooting up to 9th during lockdown). It has trillions of monthly visits, with more hits than Amazon, Netflix or Reddit.

Tube sites like PornHub fundamentally changed the way our industry works. Many porn studios closed, as a pleathora of free content made it much more difficult for performers and producers to earn a living (especially true for 'vanilla' porn as opposed to more niche 'FemDom Porn'). But, these sites changed the way most people even think about porn. The vast majority of porn consumers will never pay for it, crying... 'Why should I pay when I can get it for free?'

Of course, therein lies the problem... most porn ISNT free. Most porn, unless a verified model uploaded it, is stolen. And this Tube site model directly takes money out of the hands of sex workers... an already disempowered, marginalised and criminalised group of people.

In today's blog I am hoping I can convince you to pay for your content, by allowing you a peek behind what goes into it's production. This is especially pertinent right now during a pandemic. Porn use has skyrocketed during lockdowns, whilst sex workers have been left scrambling for new income revenues. If ever there was a time to start paying for your porn, it is now.

The Cost of 'Free' FemDom, The Equipment Required to Record Dominatrix Porn

Whilst you can easily find porn that is free to watch, porn is far from free to actually create. Even more than that, I suspect that most people vastly underestimate just how much money it takes to create quality content.

Take the following screengrab of a recent clip as an example. Looking at this clip, it isn't all that fancy. It's just a simple POV with a simple, skimpy outfit and a single prop. This clip is around 10 minutes long, and I would sell it for $10.99. Take a moment to really just look at this image before reading ahead. Take a wild guess at how much money you think it cost for all the equipment to produce this.

Just how much does FemDom porn cost to produce?

Cost Calculation of Superior Quality Dominatrix Porn Audio and Visual Equipment

I posed this same question on twitter, and guesses ranged from £200 to £3000. Most people seemed to settle around £1000-£2000 range. But, not a single person actually managed to guess the correct amount. So, let me break it down into cold, hard figures...

  1. Video: My DSLR Camera, with a specialist lens, a good tripod, stills remote and SD card : £1250
  2. Lighting: A 4 point lighting set up, with assorted stands and light modifiers : £1500
  3. Audio: My microphone, boomstand and extension lead to record off camera : £400
  4. Setting: A plain background, backdrop stands, chasie and props : £350
  5. Model: My outfit/hair/makeup (including the Louboutin shoes you can't actually see in this shot) : £800
  6. Editing: A specialist creators laptop, which I use ONLY for editing, and software : £2200

Total Cost of Recording Equipment and Time Creating FemDom Porn = £6500

How close was your guess? If you guessed less (which I am almost certain you did), by how much did you underestimate it? Does knowing the true cost make you question the idea of 'free' pornography?

Bear in mind, this is only for the equipment I used for this specific clip. I actually have lots more equipment I swap out for different clips. More backdrops, more lighting and modifiers, different lenses, MUCH more expensive outfits/BDSM toys/props and so on. The total above doesn't include any of that extra equipment I also use regularly. Of course, I use all this equipment over and over again. It's not a one off cost, but an investment into a wider business of content creation. It certainly doesn't cost me this much money every time I make a clip (I would be out of business FAST if that were the case!). But, the point I want to make is, when £6500 worth of equipment goes into making a clip... surely the purchase price of $10.99 seems more than reasonable, right?

FemDom Porn not only takes extensive equipment, but also time and expertise

Making FemDom pornography is not only an expensive business, but a time consuming one. And of course, that £6500 figure above doesn't include my time or my expertise. Creating content is a full time job, which many of us do on top of other forms of sex work. Most of us also do real time, phone and webcam sessions, as well as create content. Not only is it a full time job, but we actually do the job of what many different people would do on a 'traditional' film set. So, let me also break down my time...

You're not just paying for my time, you're paying for a decade of experience too

For this clip, I only spent 10 minutes in front of the camera. But before I filmed this clip, I spent time really planning it out. Coming up with the idea/concept, and writing out a rough (or detailed) script. Deciding how I want to set it up, light it, and shoot it. Picking and polishing my outfit and props. And of course, a couple of hours to perfect my make up and hair (sorry to burst your bubble, I did not wake up like this!)

Once I've finished actually filming, then I'll move onto editing. This can sometimes be fairly quick and straightforward. Occasionally, it might include long tangents on Google and/or YouTube, learning new editing techniques to hone the vision I have for it. I may also spend some time searching through stock footage/music to include (which I will also pay a fee to use). Then, more hours spent writing descriptions, creating previews and video GIFs, and uploading them all to the various clip websites in the correct categories and keywords to make sure you can find them.

I couldn't estimate the sheer amount of time (or actual money) I have spent on different editing, lighting and photography courses learning exactly how to do all of this. Add to that, I have close to a decade of personal and professional play experience. All of which get's distilled into that little 10 minute monologue in my clip. Suffice to say, I have sunk hours upon hours upon hours finetuning my craft. I pour my heart into creating content which I love, and that I sincerely hope you will love too.

And once all that knowledge, money, expertise and creativity is crafted into a clip, uploaded and sold online? Well, then I will also spend hours upon hours trawling Tube sites and shitty forums, finding the pirated copies of it (if I find them at all), and then writing and submitting DMCA takedown notices to those websites, which they may or may not ever take notice of, and which even IF it gets taken down, will likely get uploaded again a few days later...

...Are you tearing your hair out on my behalf yet?

The takeaway from this is... Porn is a luxury, to produce AND to buy. But if you ask me, you are getting a shit-hot deal even when you do buy it, considering all that we pour into making it. The only reason you think you don't is because you have bought into a culture of 'porn is, and should, be free'. Which again... is not and has never been true.

Have another £6500 shot, might as well make the most of it!

'Most FemDom Porn Performers Are Loaded, They Dont Need Me To Pay!'

Here, I want to let you into a real secret... MOST sex workers are not FemDoms answer to Jeff Bezos. Of course, some make great money, but some make very little. Most of us fall somewhere on the spectrum in between. However... pretty much ALL of us market ourselves in an expensive, polished and glamourous way. This is especially true of Dominatrices, and FinDoms in particular.

Sex work is Class Drag. Most of us brand ourselves just as carefully as we produce our content. We present a honed aesthetic which is not a reflection of our true selves, but a creation we have made specifically to titillate you. We are walking fantasies, and we project our most polished versions. Those screenshots you see of us dripping in jewellery surrounded by mounds of cash? They are a reflection of our branding and marketing, and whilst they can contain some truth, they are also creations we have made for the sole purpose of your viewing pleasure.

In the same way most of my twitter followers guessed that above clip cost a lot less to produce than it actually did, I'd be willing to bet most of them would also guess my yearly wage is considerably higher than it is. So, when you make the assumption we are all loaded, that is based on carefully curated images we create of us looking polished as fuck, you are confusing reality with the 'fantasy' of our branding.

Make no mistake, that many sex workers, especially during this pandemic, are struggling to get by. But of course, not many of us are going to reveal personal struggles publicly.

I'd like to share one of my own experiences to illustrate this point. Years ago, I took a break from work in order to look after my mental health after a difficult couple of years. As I couldn't accept sessions or film, I took out a credit card to support myself. At this same time this happened, I found a bunch of my pirated content. The combined views totalled close to $500,000 worth of revenue. I truly cannot describe how sad I felt, to run into debt just to survive as SO MANY people enjoyed my content, but refused to actually compensate me for that labour. Just think if 1% of those people had bought that clip instead. I could have comfortably looked after myself in my time of need.

(Side note: Those of you who bought my content during that time? THANK YOU. You have no idea how much I appreciated it)

Many sex workers are in that same, barely surviving position right now. That is a direct result of the culture of free porn, which simultaneously consumes their content, and yet refuses to support them.

The Rise of the FanClubs

Finally, I want to say that with the rise of fanclubs such as OnlyFans and AVNStars, I don't believe there is any excuse not to pay for porn anymore (if there ever was one). You can get a monthly subscription to your favourite models even more easily and cheaply than before. The amount of content available on most FanClubs is incredible. Plus, you know that you are directly supporting that model you love. It's a win-win situation!

Just as lots of us are becoming more conscious about all of our purchases, I'm going to encourage you to apply those same ethics to the pornography you consume. Recognise that lots of time, money and expertise went into creating that for you. Behind every clip you watch, that there are people relying on your purchase of it to survive.

Just like we pay our monthly subscriptions to Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime... why should our pornography be any different? Especially when it's arguable that sex workers need our collective support more than massive corporations. Right now, creating content is the only safe way for sex workers to keep a roof over our heads until we are the other side of COVID. Our careers are deeply stigmatised during the best of times, and the pandemic has only made our lives harder. Actually buying our content is not only fair, but the moral and ethical thing to do.

In a world that routinely fucks us over, you can actively choose instead to support us. Buy our clips, sign up to our fanclubs. Tweet your praise, and encourage others to do the same. Request your own Custom Clip (seriously, custom clips are so special, and are a great way to support your favourite producers). And, if you see any of our pirated content, let us know so we can have it removed.

One last shot, as a reward for reading so far!

Now... let's say you've made it all the way to the end of my blog. And... you still don't want to pay for your porn. If thats the case, I'd like to invite you to reflect on the following questions...
Why do you feel entitled to the free sexual labour of strangers? Why do you expect a marginalised group of people, who have been some of the hardest hit by 2020, to not be compensated for the work they lovingly created that you enjoyed? And, is a person who values their momentary physical pleasure over the ability of a criminalised group of people to survive, really the kind of person you want to be?

Seriously, pay for your fucking porn.
I promise you, ethical orgasms feel even better 😉

Until next time,

Manchester Mistress Dominatrix BDSM Ashton Under Lyne Playspace Chambers Dungeon Fetish FemDom Kinky - 484
Manchester Mistress
Expert Dominatrix Lola Ruin

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Tameside Sex Dungeon Dominatrix Playspace Manchester

Tameside Sex Dungeon Dominatrix Playspace Manchester

By MistressLolaRuin June 16, 2020

I spent many years working in shared Dungeon premises, but opening my own personal playspace was a dream for a long time. To have the freedom to create premises which reflected my own taste and was constructed especially for my own slaves... Finally, that dream became a reality in 2017.

Just a few minutes walk from Ashton Under Lyne centre, my personal playspace is a portal into another world... a gorgeous and bespoke space created entirely to serve as the setting for your deepest and darkest fantasies.

A conversion of an industrial unit, the white brick are adorned with candles and coloured lights, allowing to change the ambience to suit even the most demanding scenes. Filled with heavy steel and black leather furniture, and packed to the brim with every piece of kinky equipment imaginable (more on that below), here your expectations will be exceeded. The walls are embellished with two of my favourite Artists, the delightfully erotic Carolyn Weltman and the incomparable Sardax. Of course, a loud sound system will both fill the room with whatever music I deem best for your scene, and will help to drown out your squeals.

Manchester Mistress Dominatrix BDSM Ashton Under Lyne Playspace Chambers Dungeon Fetish FemDom Kinky - 630

Dominatrix Submission - Slave Application

Every last detail of my dungeon has been meticulously curated with my submissives pain and pleasure in mind... begin your deliciously deep experince and Apply Today to join me in my exlusive playspace.

My chambers are incredibly well served by all Manchester transport links, with the Railway Station, Bus Station and Metrolink all only a 5 minute walk away, and just short 15 minute journey from Manchester city centre. For submissives who drive, my playspace is surrounded by ample free parking in an industrial area. You will enter my realm through a door tucked away in a private courtyard... keeping the most timid amongst you safe in the knowledge there will be no nosey curtain twitching neighbours clocking you entering or leaving my playspace.

Of course, most exciting of all in my playspace is the equipment!

Manchester Mistress Dominatrix BDSM Ashton Under Lyne Playspace Chambers Dungeon Fetish FemDom Kinky - 626

My playroom is packed to the brim with every piece of kinky kit you could dream of. Alongside the standard heavier furniture such as bondage bed, A Frame, Cage an so on, I have all the smaller implements you crave... whips, gags and clamps galore! A more extensive list of my equipment can be found here, but for now, allow me to give you a deeper introduction to 3 of my favourite toys...

Venus Milking Machine
This is my absolute favourite toy bar none. With variable settings and recievers to get exactly the right fit for your milking, the sensation can range from achingly slow to making you cum within seconds! Just imagine me being able to control your pleasure and frustration with a turn of the dial...

F-Machine Gigolo Fucking Machine
One of the top rated machines available, the Gigolo is totally customisable to suit everyone, from the nervous beginner to the experienced strap on sluts! Perhaps we can introduce you with a sensual start before cranking it up to it's impressive top speeds... Best of all, an adaptor means I can use ANY of my extensive dildo collection, and the remote control allows me to subject you to even more forms of torment whilst this Fuck Machine works its magic...

MasterMindCrafts Smother Box
For the facesitting aficinados amongst you, this can smother you like never before. Head clamps allow me to lock you exactly into place, and an inflatable pillow means I can pump you up to exactly the right height to be totally at my mercy, buried between my cheeks...

Manchester Mistress Dominatrix BDSM Ashton Under Lyne Playspace Chambers Dungeon Fetish FemDom Kinky - 627

Alongside my dedicated playroom, my premises also boast...

A Large, 'Art Deco' Reception Room
The perfect space for those of you seeking either a more 'domestic' or homely setting for your fantasies, this is also the perfect place to wind down with a cup of coffee after our play time. This room is home to a large sofa adorned with velvet cushions, candles, mood lighting and a widescreen TV.

A Small Bathroom
With toilet and a shower, plus an abundance of freshly laundered towels and all the toiletries you could possibly want, such as shampoo, condition, shower gel, toothpaste and brushes, deoderant and mouthwash.

A Kitchenette
Always stocked with a selection of different coffees, teas, small snacks and juices, along with kettle, toaster, fridge, freezer. Perfect for my extended experiences!

Manchester Mistress : Dominatrix Lola Ruin

Manchester Mistress : Dominatrix Lola Ruin...

By MistressLolaRuin Mar 9, 2020

For those searching for a Manchester Mistress, there is no better Dominatrix than Mistress Lola Ruin. She is truly a world class Domina, who revels in teasing and tormenting her slaves. A femme fatale who is educated, glamorous and feminine. If you crave to be trained under the guise of a sophisticated woman, then your journey can begin right here...

Dominatrix Domme - Ashton Under Lyne Tameside

Where do we begin? Lola Ruin first began her journey as a Domme almost a decade ago, just a year after graduating from a Psychology University degree, with a focus on feminism and human sexuality... the perfect education for a Dominatrix! She was soon taking her first training sessions at the infamous Manchester Dungeon in Bury. Here she was under the guidance of some of the best Manchester Mistresses, many of whom still session today.

Since then, Lola Ruin has cultivated a wealth of kinky experience and expertise. After 9 years full time as a Professional Dominatrix, she is a master at getting into the minds of her slaves.

Manchester Mistress Dominatrix BDSM Ashton Under Lyne Playspace Chambers Dungeon Fetish FemDom Kinky - 69

Manchester Dungeon Playspace - Personal Chambers

After 7 years renting a dungeon room in shared chambers, Domina Lola decided to pour all her passions into her own personal playspace two years ago. Since then, she has curated her space into the most incredible, atmospheric dungeon, the perfect setting to help you float away in submissive bliss... Her sessions are often described as cathartic, transcendental and above all else, fun!

Her Tameside dungeon is easily accessible by both car and public transport. Only a 5 minute walk from the local train station, metrolink tram stop and bus station. There will be no last minute parking panic for those who drive to see her, as her chambers are surrounded with an abundance of free parking.

Bespoke Equipment in a Discreet Location - Sole Ownership

As well as being a reflection of her own personal taste and decor, a personal playspace allows Lola Ruin complete freedom over her sessions. Mistress Lola is the only one who uses any of the equipment. As a result, there is a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. A private dungeon allows a level of discretion unmatched by shared chambers. As one of the only Manchester Mistresses to boast their own private playroom, this is a testament to her professionalism and success.

Manchester Mistress Dominatrix BDSM Ashton Under Lyne Playspace Chambers Dungeon Fetish FemDom Kinky - 630

Dominatrix Philosophy - Healing power of BEDM

Unlike many Dominatrices, Lola Ruin does not enjoy cruelly beating her slaves into submission. Rather, she prefers to lull you into a false sense of security. To seduce you into revealing your fantasies to her. She will train you to the utmost standards, whilst tormenting you mercilessly along the way. Above all, Manchester Mistress Lola believe in the healing power of BDSM. Ultimately, she wants her slaves to feel transformed by their time serving under her tutelage. A short browse over her testimonials will demonstrate that she cares deeply about her submissives.

Domination - A Sensual Domme in Orgasm Control

Although Lola Ruin loves to enjoy in a plethora of kinky activities, her forte is Sensual Domination. Lola Ruin offers the best orgasm control sessions, ruined orgasms and extended milking experiences. If you are looking for a sensual Dominatrix in Manchester, Mistress Lola Ruin is the best Domme to serve.

To Toy and Torment Exploiting Your Weaknesses

Lola Ruin is a devilishly kinky Domme with almost a decade of both technical and psychological experience under her belt. She is truly one of the very best Mistresses in Manchester. She will toy with you and tease you, she will torment you to her hearts content, and she will use your arousal as a weakness to exploit for her own pleasure.

Manchester Mistress Dominatrix BDSM Ashton Under Lyne Playspace Chambers Dungeon Fetish FemDom Kinky - 72

London Sessions and UK Nationwide Travel

Although predominantly a Manchester Mistress, Lola Ruin also takes regular tours to London. Here she undertakes all manner of kinky play in a private, excellently equipped dungeon in Central London. Mistress Lola will also consider outcall requests to anywhere in Manchester, or further afield in the UK. For the most generous admirers, she will even consider international travel.

Fetish Filming and Films For Sale

Alongside sessions, Mistress Lola Ruin loves to film fetish content! Having previously visited The English Mansion many times, they host some incredible content including Virtual Reality experiences! Her own content is also available for sales on Clips4Sale, IWantClips and OnlyFans, for those too timid to serve her at her Manchester Dungeon.

Manchester Mistress Dominatrix BDSM Ashton Under Lyne Playspace Chambers Dungeon Fetish FemDom Kinky - 75

Locked Up for Lola Ruin – Part 4…

Locked Up for Lola Ruin - Part 4...

By MistressLolaRuin May 10, 2019

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Lola Ruin loves to sensually Dominate her subs, and especially to control their pleasure... learn more about a Chastity slaves experience under her expert lock and key!

Chastity Diary
Day 14

It’s getting towards evening on New Year’s Eve. I’m spending it quietly, and I’ve used it as an opportunity to spend almost the whole day walking around in just my chastity cage. It’s not only more comfortable that way, it also helps to remind me of the state I’ll be in during my session with Mistress Lola (although I haven’t been crawling around on the floor to complete the picture).

There are only three days left before O/our session and apart from dwelling on the frustration of having been denied an orgasm for so long I can also start wondering whether Mistress Lola will allow me to have one, and what price (probably measured in can strokes!) I will have to pay for it. Right now it feels like She wouldn’t even have to remove the cage to provoke me into having a ruined orgasm…

Chastity Diary
Day 15

Having stayed awake to see in the new year last night, and having woken up at more or less a normal time this morning, only a few hours seemed to have passed from watching Mistress Lola’s video when settling into bed to watching it again before getting up. It’s been an easy routine to get used to. Maybe I’m just feeling quite compliant; I’m certainly feeling very attentive.

Chastity Diary
Day 16

I’ve just spent the day thinking about my session with Mistress Lola constantly. I actually watched more than my mandated three video clips today (and I still haven’t watched the clip for this evening!). I still have the compulsion to seek out that sort of stimulation even though I know I cannot do much with the energy it fosters. I suppose that’s the emotional paradox at the centre of chastity training: having to constrain a desire that it becomes harder and harder to ignore over time.

As much as I think I’m possessed of a good store of willpower under most circumstances, I think one thing has become clear to me over the last couple of weeks or so: without being locked in this cage I’m not sure I would have coped with the demands of the experience. I hardly notice it now, and I imagine (I know) it will feel a little strange not to wear it.

Chastity Diary
Day 17

I’m writing this very late in the day on my last day locked in chastity before I see Mistress Lola. I didn’t sleep too well last night, waking up early (again!) thinking about the session and wondering what Mistress Lola has in store for me. All I know for sure is that I will start the session where I belong, worshipping Her feet. Having in the past been let out of chastity during a session only to be locked up again after it, I can’t know for sure whether Mistress Lola will unlock me, whether She will allow me an orgasm, or anything else.

I can’t express how much I love being under Her control, though, whatever She intends to do to me tomorrow, and that feels like an appropriate sentiment on which to leave this diary entry: the best, most definitive part about being locked in chastity is giving up control to the Mistress I adore.

To be continued...

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